Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


BJP in Telangana – A Critical Appraisal

 (Not for circulation but for real consideration)

Dt:  20/2/24

BJP in Telangana – A Critical Appraisal

-          Dr T H Chowdary*

 ( Chairman, Pragna Bharati; A Constituent of  Sangh Parivar)


·         Existing representation - 4 Lok Sabha MPs ;  1 Rajya Sabha MP

·         MLAs went up from 2 to 8 after Dec 2023

·         2  BJP MLAs Sri Raghunandan Rao and  Sri Etela Rajender  who won in bye-election lost their seats  in the  Dec 2023 MLA election .

·         Party in Telangana is mainly   dependent upon  Prime Minister  Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah’s visits and  meetings in Telangana

·          Only Sanjay  as the President  of the Telangana unit  was lone wolf;  was on the  daily intensive  attacks on BRS in public  meeting after public  meeting  mainly in north Telangana , rest were silent, showing their presence on the  dais when Modiji and Amit Shah address public meetings in the state

·          In village and town   level no activists ;  no party meetings ;  in the state no review and direction

·          The leaders in-charge of the  state like Sri Prakash  Javadekar , Sri Chug , Sri Sunil Bansal  had been of  little value ;  were a burden  carried by Telangana unit ; they are of no caliber to  guide or command the locals


Ø  What to do:


·         Assign  territories as charges of designated   leaders

·         Organize  street plays , songs , burrakatha, chindu , voggu, chekka bhajans – tour villages …. Recruit artists and writers  to provide scripts

·         Expose Congress  as a stooge of Indo-Italian alien company of  mother-son-daughter, an unlimited private company

·         Congress as anti-Hindu, pro-Muslim, Bharat-betraying  DNA

·         Congress  and regional  parties as surrogates of  Muslim / Christian, anti-Hindu  people ; dynastic ( like Mother-Son-Daughter click, corrupt, looting parties) 

·         TRS / BRS  as father -son-daughter and nephew company

·         BJP is all peoples party ; BCs at the helm  (recently replaced by FC caste minister MP )

·         Inspiration Hindutva and  Bharat civilization and   culture of  freedom to inquire debate  -personal elevation

·         Enablers Mahabharat, Ramayana, folk literature, story and song

·         Make temples and their assets to supplement school / college education through congregational prayers, discourses and celebrations  and TTD schools in every Mandal to start with

·         Man-making, self-motivated , exerting, aspiring, enterprising youth  create wealth , employment and rise higher and higher economically and culturally

·         Encourage MSMEs, in Taluka / Mandal level

·         National Population Policy – 1 or 2 child families only to get welfare

·         Cease welfare with second / third child

·         Wind up Minority Welfare  Department and Commissions ; subsidies  to Mecca and Jerusalem pilgrimages, madrasas,  Urdu   Ghars, Shadi Khanas

·         Liberate Hindu temples from government management

·         No private schools upto and  including SSC no teacher unions

·         Children of government teachers / officers only in government schools ; if not no help, no favour , no LTC etc.

·         Government borrow money only for  development projects and not  to  meet current expenditure

·         Don’t expand government employment; government’s  officials are consumers of wealth  and not  its creators

·         Over government leads to under development

·         Digitalisation ; AI  reduce man power use to govern and administer

·         In Central government  there are more   pensioners ( 6 mln) than acting workers ( 4.8 mln)

·         BJP : no service to people in reaching welfare to the poor and resourceless  - contrast YSRCP volunteers