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January 22, 2024 – Reinvigorated Renaissance of Dharma



January 22, 2024 –

Reinvigorated Renaissance of  Dharma

Dr T H Chowdary*


Over 3000 temples  were desecrated , destroyed fully or partially  and mosques were constructed on these very sites during the thousand year (8th  to 18th centuries)  period of Islamic invasions, plunder, destruction  of temples , rule and forced and fraudulent conversion. The roll back   of Muslim rule in  Bharat started   with the rise of the  Maratha power  under Chatrapati Shivaji  in the later decades  of the 18th century.  Destruction  of temples  to end “idol worship” ,  apart from looting their  treasures  was an important mission  of the invaders and rulers  ordained by Islam’s theology,  as emphasized  by great historians  Will Durant and Arnold Toynbee  and scholar-statesman Dr B R Ambedkar, among others.


2. The Maratha princes Ahilyabai  Holkar (31 May 1725  - 13 Aug 1995) was the first Hindu ruler  who took up  the noble task  of restoring the temples  destroyed by Muslim  invader-rulers.  In Somnath as well as in Varanasi she did not pull down  the mosques over the  destroyed  Shiva  temples sites.  In Somnath and Varanasi but  built  new temples  adjacent to the  mosques vindication of  Hindu veneration  for all places of   worship.  Lists  of over  3000 temples  destroyed by Muslim invader-rulers  over  which  mosques were erected  ( some temples  were structurally  altered as mosques ) are given in  the two volume  publication, “Hindu Temples,  What Happened to Them  :The Islamic Evidence” authored by the intellectual warrior , the late Sri Sitaram Goel  for the  Voice of India, New Delhi Publishing House and in another book, “ Hindu Masjids” by Sri Praful Goradia, another  scholar and a former  Rajya Sabha Member.


3.  Rama Janmabhoomi  in Ayodhya  came under the   rule of  Babur, the first  Mughal King (14 Feb 1483   - 26 Dec 1530). His General , Mir Baqui Tashkendi  demolished the Rama temple  and converted it  into  a mosque in 1528. To get it back Hindus waged 77 unsuccessful  raids and battles since then .  In Nov 1949  an idol  of Rama Lalla  “appeared” in the mosque premises and it is being worshipped since then  in a restricted way . The mosque has been in non-use since before.  Rama Janma Bhoomi’s re-possession and construction  of a temple for  Sri Rama has become a celebrated cause  renascent  Hinduism . Sri Lal Krishna Advani ji’s Ratha Yatra from Somnath in 1990 electrified Hindu’s resolve to re-possess the Janma Bhoomi.  Irate Ram Bhaktas pulled down the Babri structure on 6 Dec 1992.  Karaseva in 1990  and the demolition on 6 Dec 1992  had seen over 200  Ram Bhaktas  shot dead  and about 200 deaths in the subsequent  riots.  The Allahabad High Court’s  verdict  in 2010  was  that the “mosque”  was over  a destroyed  Hindu temple . This verdict was confirmed by a  Five-Judge Bench  of the  Supreme Court in Nov 2019 and so  began the construction of the grand temple with people’s , not government funds  like  in Somanath in 1948-51.  The consecration   of the   Siva Linga  in Somnath temple in May 1951  was by Rashrapati  Dr Rajendra Prasad who over-ruled Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru who urged him  not to go to Somanath for the consecration.  The consecration  of the Ram Lalla idol  on 22 Jan 2024  is by the Bharat’s Pradhana Mantri , Sri Narendra  Modiji.


4. While the  people of Bharat are happy and jubilant for the triumph of truth  and Dharma,  the congenitally  ( since 1925)  anti-Hindu,  partition- supported,  Muslim-appeasing  Communist Parties  and their fellow travelers and the  Indo-Italian ,  Mother, Son, Daughter  - captured Congress, patron of minorities  (Muslims and  Christians) for  their votes  are boycotting  the function for which  they will be punished  in the election to the Lok Sabha in a few months hence.  I will end this brief survey  by  what the late Prime Minister Sri P V Narasimha Rao  said:

I can fight the  BJP . But  I cannot  fight Ram.”

5. Bharat must now  move to get all the  3000 temple sites  where mosques were built .   A Truth and  Reconciliation Commission  not only for Kashmir as suggested by the Supreme Court Js.Sanjay Kaul but for the whole of Bharat  must be  tasked to accomplish its overdue noble task  as  befitting  a civilizational state that Bharat is.


Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitaha”

Jai Sri Ram!



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