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All- free Praja Party (Secular) of Andhra Pradesh - Manifesto ( For Election to State Legislature and Lok Sabha)

Dt:  1/4/2024


All- free Praja Party (Secular) of  Andhra Pradesh  - Manifesto

( For Election to State Legislature and Lok Sabha)

(Drafted For adoption by parties/ individuals seeking peoples votes)


Dr T H Chowdary*



There are more than 400  political parties  registered with the   Election Commission  in Delhi . As some of the  all -India parties ( Congress and Communists) are becoming weaker and weaker, regional parties are proliferating. Many of them  are caste -based and are  also  becoming  proprietary; that is,  they are controlled and  managed by a family. They are becoming proprietary. They talk of social justice and empowerment  of the  deprived, poor, backward and discriminated people . They compete with national parties as well as  among themselves ( eg: the Dravidian parties in Tamilnadu, the BSP and Samajwadi in Utter Pradesh …)



2. Almost all of them believe that Muslims  vote as a block and  pleasing and appeasing them    would  bring them all their  votes and therefore  ensure  success for them . Their promises are aimed at the poor,  weaker  sections,  minorities, the physically disabled, mentally disturbed,   women,  even Hizras .  Since none of these parties are  able to please all the  people. Therefore adventurous persons have  formed   the All free Praja Party (Secular) of Andhra Pradesh   ( politicians in other states may follow the lead of  Andhra Pradesh). Here are the  main elements in this party’s  manifesto.


·         Separate budgets with  huge  amounts of money will be presented for the  welfare of  Muslims and Christians  ( the latter  because  they have become   a significant  proportion of the  electorate as a result of   extensive conversions obtained by inducements ).  There would be   separate   state-owned finance corporations and separate  welfare departments for these  two  minorities.  Separate minority commissions will be  established as the State  Human Rights Commission is not taking adequate  care of them. 



·         As many state-owned corporations will be created as required by accommodate every one of  our MLAs who cannot be inducted as Ministers or MLCs

·         Every poor family will be provided with a 2 BHK house / Flat free

·         Ladies of all ages and boys below 16 years can travel free in the State Road Transport Corporation buses. 

·         A separate State-owned bank will be established for Muslims and another for Christians. 

·         Muslim & Christian girls will be given Rs. 2,00,000  at the time of their marriage and 10gms of gold 

·         Minorities will be given   sites for building their houses ;  prayer halls ( mosques and churches) , cemeteries  and offices and schools

·         Imams, muezzins  and Pastors  will be paid  from the state exchequer. Madrasas and convents  will be  granted  adequate  money for increasing their presence and   capacity

·         In order to  compensate for humiliation and discrimination because of conversion, those who convert to minority  religions will be given  one time grant  of Rs. 100,000 each.

·         Langars to serve meals free will be established in every  village for  poor people; that is those  below poverty level. They will be given  three wholesome meals a day, guaranteeing proper  nutrition.

·         The homes of  all poor people will be fitted with  electric fans and lights,  a TV set, a grinder  & mixer. They will also be given  two cell phones  and one  laptop and one air conditioner

·         To meet with electricity bills, each poor family will be credited with  Rs 10,000 per year into their bank account.

·         Cycles,  clothes, shoes, books and cosmetics will be given to the children of the poor

·         Each poor family will be given  coupons which they can  exchange for   three cinemas in a year; rail travel for upto 5 members of the  family by Garib Rath for a distance of  500 kmts.

·         All poor men above the age of  50 and women above 40 years will be given Rs. 4000 p.m as pension

·         Every poor family will be given Rs. 10,000 for observance of  three festivals  of their choice in an year.

·         All unemployed youth above age 21 will be given   Rs. 4000 p.m

·         The children of poor people will be admitted into professional colleges ( engineering, medicine MBA, MCA, dentistry, law etc…). They will not have to pay any fees.  Attendance  required  will be only 50%

·         School going children of poor families will be given  free bus /rail passes to go to  school/colleges.

·         Poor people  will be given health card which entitles  them to free treatment and hospitalization  in a corporate hospital of their  choice, on two occasions in an year 

·         A Commission will be appointed to periodically review the   needs and  wants of poor families  with a view to provide for all of them

·         The state undertakes to  find a spouse for all  poor people above  the age of  25

·         Every poor family will be given one scooter and  interest –free loan of Rs. 100,000 repayable in 100 installments after 10 years to enable them to start a business.

·         All debts of poor will be written off

·         Every family will be given 50 Kg of rice, 15 Kg of Dal, 20 kgs sugar, 30 liters of milk, 15 liters of cooking oil, Rs. 2000 for vegetables and  gas cylinders of cooking gas, every month.

·         For poor people, cable TV will be free

·         We will provide reservations: 50% for BCs, 20% for SCs; 20% for Muslims, 10% for Christians , 10% for STs; 5% for physically disabled, 5% for sports persons, 2% for Hizras; 10% for the progeny of freedom fighters. We will bring a law to mean that cent is not 100 but stretchable

·         We will give five acres of irrigated land to every poor family

·         Every poor student will be given pocket money of  Rs. 500 per month

·         Rail  travel by 2AC for pilgrimages to 4 places of their  choice per year within India and one outside, for the  entire family, once in 3 years will be  paid for by the state.

·         State-owned (a) Marriages Corporation to facilitate and perform marriages (b) Surrogacy  Corporation for the benefit of  pregnant working women and (c) Fertility Corporation for women  unable to conceive  will be established.  The services of these state-owned corporations  will be free for SC, ST and Minorities  and easily  affordable for others.

·         To serve farmers , a State-owned  Farmer Services Corporation  will be established .  It will provide farm machinery services - ploughing, transplantation,  harvesting etc., services free for cultivating farmers.

·         Free meals service centers will be opened  in all bastes.

·         Finally, we assure voters that we will give more than  we promise. Give us a chance to win and form a government in Andhra Pradesh. We will transform you and the state.

·         Our flag and symbol is: green ballon with string in the hand of a child.



3. Our  All Free-Praja Party will extend support to  such party / coalition of parties that gives us such central funds as are required to implement all our welfare schemes.   (1,105  words)







1) Poor means BC, SC, ST, minority  (Muslims, Christians,  and whichever caste says that it is not Hindu

2) People are requested to send in suggestions for any additional services they want .