Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Pitiable Desperate And Despicable Position Of The Communist Parties In Telangana

 Dt:  29/3/24

Pitiable Desperate And Despicable  Position Of The

 Communist Parties In Telangana

Dr T H Chowdary*


In the bye-election to  Munugodu constituency  in Telangana in 2022 the CPI  unconditionally and intensively  supported  the  TRS to defeat  the BJP candidate.   In the  subsequent election  to the  Telangana State legislature   in  Nov 2023 it requested the TRS to give a few seats  to it. The TRS  dismissed the request contemptuously . Then  the CPI approached    the  Congress  requesting for a few seats in Khammam district.  The Congress  gave just one seat  to the  CPI  in Kothagudem of  Khammam district.  It won thanks to Congress support. 


2. In the elections to the Lok Sabha in 2024, the CPI has again approached the Congress  suggesting  that it be given one of the  5 constituencies it has suggested . The Congress  is  not responding.


3. The CPM  is never getting accommodated by any . It puts up candidates who  loose their deposits.  Now  it has  already put up  a Muslim gentleman  Md Jahangir for the  Bhuvanagiri Parliament Constituency in Nalgonda.  It requested the Congress  to give one or  more  seats. The Congress is not obliging.  Therefore the CPM is now seriously considering  as to what to do, that is, to support  the Congress or the   TRS  or contest independently.  Similarly, the  CPI is also  considering as to  what it should  do if Congress refuses  to give  even a single  seat to it.


4. Both the CPI and CPM have been repeatedly   giving  statements that   their aim is to defeat the communal BJP . It never dares to call the  Muslim party AIMIM as communal showing  that it is  congenitally  anti-Hindu and accommodative to Hindus’ enemy, the Muslim parties.


5. The communist party since its birth in India in 1925 has always been against Hindus and Bharat. It has always been  supportive of  the   Islamists   in their  assertion that they are a separate nation deserving the partition of India for the  creation of the Islamic state of  Pakistan .  The communist party  has been splitting  since 1960s and now there are about half a dozen communist parties  in the country.  All of  them  are anti-Hindu and the BJP.  All of them are supportive of the Muslims’  demands more than the Congress. 


6. It is   significant to note that in no Muslim  majority country is any communist party  allowed to function.  It is obvious that   the communists  silence about the  communalism of the  Muslim parties  in India  is totally due to  its visceral  congenital anti-Bharat, anti-Hindu DNA injected into communist first by the former USSR and then communist China. 


7. They have turned the heavily funded JNU into  Marxist Madrasa.    (427 words)