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Liberahan, Babri structure and Ram Mandir

Dt:  1/12/09


Liberahan, Babri structure and  Ram Mandir


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



The Liberhan Commission will go down as the  most infamous in the history of Commissions  whether  of the states or the  union government in this country.  Tasked  in Dec 1992  to submit  its report within 150 days the Justice took 48 extensions stretching over a period of 17 years, incurring expenditure about Rs. 80 mln. It produced a report of about 1000 pages which revealed nothing  not spoken of and some times, believed by the  people of India.  Js. Shah Commission which went into the  excesses of  the   Emergency declared  by Smt.Indira Gandhi in 1975 submitted its report within the  stipulated  18 months. It brought out evidence  -based facts and recommended specific actions and  passed strictures against many of the guilty as for example  Sri Navin Chawla  (who is currently the  Chief Election Commissioner at the   Center). The Shah report categorically held that  Chawla was unfit for any government  job, requiring rectitude and  integrity and obedience to laws of the  land.  The Liberahan Commission did not examine Sri Atal Behari Vajpayee and yet  held him to be complicit in the pulling down of  the   Babri structure. It did not hear the  then Governor of  UP, Sri Satyanrayana Reddy who was witnessed (though from long distnacea) to the happenings at the Babri  structure on the  6th of  Dec 1992. It did not examine  Sri PVRK Prasad (IAS Retd.), the Special Officer on duty with the then Prime Minister Sri P V Narasimha Rao and who was specially tasked to co-ordinate efforts to resolve the  Babri structure  issue.  With such  serious flaws and  such long delays stretching over the  Prime Ministership of  five  persons and many Home Ministers,   the Commissions  report has put none  any





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the wiser.  Its observation that with  responsible Muslim leadership could not wise  steps for preventing the  pulling down of the  Babri structure,  despite definite indications  preparatory to it for quite  some time  seems to be an incitement for Direct Action of the type on 16 Aug 1946 called by  the Muslim League  to enforce the  partition of India and  creation of the Islamic state of Pakistan.  The Liberation Commission  in its 17 -year so labours did not go into the   history of how the Babri structure came into existence or the   Babri structure was erected for its or the  records kept by the scribes accompanying and following the Islamist  invaders like Md. of Ghazni and rulers  like Aurangazeb  describing the  desecration and destruction of mandirs   and conversion of many ( about 3000) into masjids on the  very places .   


3. This Report coming  after 17 years will   only reinforce to resolve  of the  parties involved  to persist in their  agendas . Is this to  be expected of a learned judge?  How greatly does it   contrast with the Allahabad High Court sitting on the  report  of professional archaeologists it commissioned to investigate whether any temple  structures lie under the  Ramajanmabhoomi in Ayodhya. The contents of that  report will surely reignite the passions and the various repeated struggles by Hindus for its repossession, resolves  of the  parties  involved. That could be the reason why the Allahabad  High Court is sitting on the report  of the archaeologists who used depenetration radar and such modern  equipment to investigate  what lies under the floor of  the   Babri  structure.( It appears that the  radar pictures show remnants of  temple structures)


4. The great furore in the Parliament about the  leak of this report (before it was forced to be placed  before  the  Parliament) was uncalled for. Hundreds of reports  have been leaking, some deliberately and some by the  efforts of  investigative journals and news papers. If this report is of very  serious and important  nature,  then responsibility for the   leakage ought to be fixed.  Decades ago,  when Sri Lal Bahadur  Sastry was Minister for  Railways   a train crashed into the river  as a bridge over it near  Ariyalur in Tamilnadu  collapsed. The noble Lalbahadur Sastry resigned despite Nehru's advice and instruction. Sastriji  owned up  moral responsibility  for the  train disaster.  Of course we have come a long way since then; now criminals themselves are becoming  ministers even they are, charge sheeted and investigated and yet they are sticking to   their ministership  under a newly evolved “coalition dharma by the  UPA”.


5. It is no wonder  that three stalwarts namely  Atal Behari Vajpayee, Sri L.K.  Advani and  Sri Murali Manohar Joshi have been held  responsible for planning the  “destruction” of the Babri structure.  By expectedly and rightly  Sri Advanji has said, like others, that he is proud to be advocating and  working  for the reconstruction and restoration of  a grand  mandir for Rama at his  Janmasthan. Each and every karsevak who was there at the Babri site at that time publicly asserts his pride at seeing the  pulling down of the  Babri structure and  the construction of  Ram's temple, though so small, at the Janmasthan. What they wish for and what every true Bharatiya  looks for is  the  construction of a grand temple for the  Maryada Purusha, the dharma vigraha, Sri Rama at his  janmasthan.


6. It will be appropriate to recall   what happen to the   Somanath  temple in Prabhas Pattan near Dwaraka in  Saurastra region  of Gujarat. Somanath was revered and held dear and sacred  by hundreds of millions of   people  for ages and for that very reason, Sultan Muhammed  of Ghazni invaded and pulled down Somanatha   temple; broke the Siva Lingam into pieces,  took some of them for use as steps leading to a mosque so that the faithfuls will tread on them.  The last destruction was on   Aurangazeb's order when not only was the  linga pulled down but the  garbhagudi  itself was converted into a  mosque. Soon after India  gained independence and   the  Nawab of Junagadh in whose  state  Prabhasa  was flood to Pakistan. A Government of India  at the instance of  Sardar Patel, N.V.Gadgil and  Sri K.M. Munshi all Ministers in the Nehru cabinet decided to  remove the mosque  to a different  place and reconstruct the  Somanatha  temple with funds from the  public, as per advice of Mahatma Gandhi.  It was consecrated by the   President of India in may 1951 with funds from the  public, as per advice of Mahatma Gandhi. There was not a word of  protest from any quarter then. It would therefore be  interesting to understand as to why  the  restoration of Ram's temple at  the  Janmabhoomi is being  obstructed  so stubbornly now and why the  governments are dragging their feet.  Babur was an invader. The structure that was fashioned as a mosque by Babur's general, Mir Baqui in the year 1528 A.D  was not needed there at the  time as there were hardly any Muslims in Ayodhya  then and even  later. Even now it is  in the near -by town, Faizabad that there are Muslims.  The Babri structure was a  standing   memorial to the  victory of  a  Muslim invader from a foreign  country and to the  defeat and  the helplessness and impotence of Hindus then and later. No self-respecting people can suffer memorials for invaders. Suppose the  British had put up in Amritsar, a statue of Gen. Dwyer   at whose orders  scores of  unarmed Indians gathered in Jelianwalabagh  were gunned down to death. Would  independent India  have allowed that statue to stand ?  There are many more reasons as to why that  Babri structure which ceased to  be a mosque about  six decades ago would be pulled down and for the  Ram temple to come up  at the  place where for thousands of  years Hindus belief Rama was born. The  faith and  believe  of Hindus are no less sacrosanct than that of any other people.