Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Election to the Legislative Assembly in the Telangana State 30 -11-23 Reasons for the debacle of the BJP

Dt:  1-12-23

Election to the  Legislative Assembly in the Telangana State 30 -11-23

Reasons for the  debacle of the BJP


Dr T H Chowdary*


·         In Telangana there is no largely respected BJP leader who can speak and articulate  the philosophy and  issues and agenda of the   BJP .

·         There are  four BJP MPs in Lok Sabha one of whom is a Minister  and another person is a Member of the  Rajya Sabha

·         There are three MLAs, two of  whom were elected in the  bye-elections 

·         Between these 8 people there has been  no co-ordination and each one appears to be  an independent  leader within his limited following.

·         Only  Sri Bandi Sanjay from Karim Nagar as the  President  of the Telangana BJP was carrying on  a very well articulated, punching  campaign  against the mis-rule of the  TRS in all his meetings which was very many and were well attended. He was the only speaker. The rest  did  not appear on the  platform. Sri Sanjay  was addressing meetings almost every day all over the state despite the others  not presenting themselves in almost all the  meetings.

·         There were no committed and active  BJP karyakarthas in  villages nor in the  towns  (contrast  volunteers  pressed into service  paid honorarium of Rs. 8000 per month, delivery of welfare services  in AP , all working for the  Jagan’s Congress Party  . Each one was given Rs. 300 per month for reading the   party’s Telugu news daily, Sakshi – about  5 lakhs of government paid party workers   )

·         At the village level  there is no BJP worker  informing , instructing , inspiring  the villagers about BJP programs,  the numerous welfare grants  on projects that the  central government  is funding but  the state governments and the ruling party  propagating  that all the payments are   by the  TRS government.



·         The BJP  has no newspaper in Telangana . At  least  6 months before elections it must have a daily in Telugu. The Jagruti Weekly in Telugu is of the  RSS though  it is always propagating the BJP views,  programs and  agendas .  Its circulation is limited - generally unknown to the  bulk of the voters.

·         Nearly 55% of  the population of  Telangana is BCs . Sri Etela Rajender ( BC) formerly  of TRS who  resigned that party and won the  bye-election  on the BJP ticket  in Telangana is the  most acceptable  leader . He  is very articulate and  reasonably clean.  He should have been  projected as the BJP Chief Minister-face .

·         Sri Sanjay,  president of the Telangana  BJP unit  and who was  almost every day addressing  very aggressively public meetings was abruptly  replaced by a  forward caste  person, Sri Kishen Reddy . He is no match  to Sanjay.  And this replacement happened only a few months before the election.  It has  seriously disappointed the active  fighting BJP cadres.

·         Most importantly,  Smt.  Kavitha  d/o the CM KCR was involved in the Delhi liquor case and was interrogated  by the  ED but  she was not arrested . The non-arrest of Kavita made people to believe that there was a deal between KCR and the BJP involving  Rs. 500 cr for the  non-arrest  of the lady.  This is a most damaging to BJP’s credibility.  If Kavita was arrested,  50% of the battle would have been won.

·          The PM Sri Modi and  the Home Minister Sri Amit Shah  have invested  lot of   their  time canvassing  for the BJP in Telangana.  They were taken as powerful campaigning visitors,  very welcome and popular  BJP visitors to the  state.

·         Students and youth should have been mobilized to visit villages in groups and do the propaganda    for BJP especially  highlighting  unemployment and corruption. The TRS had deployed and supported tens of thousands  of students  to do propaganda  for the  separate state of Telangana ,  the BJP had used the  ABVP in a like- manner to expose the corruption  of the KCR family  and their party  as well as the mother-son-daughter Indo-Italian leadership of the Congress, things should have been different.

·         Sri Revanth Reddy , President of the Telangana  Congress Unit  has carried on a most vigorous articulate and  devastating  campaign against KCR and his family members  and their corruption  and amassing of wealth and so on day after day with great effect. There was no person in the BJP to match his vigorous   and day and night propaganda for the Congress  and against the  KCR family rule and their corruptions.  (706 words)