Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


India’s Constitution and Governments Are Not Secular

Dt:  19/9/23

India’s Constitution and Governments Are Not Secular

Dr T H Chowdary*


The word “secular” was smuggled into our Constitution  into the preamble during the  Indira Gandhi  promulgated Emergency  in 1975 –‘77. Also the word “socialism” was  smuggled into the Constitution. Even without this specific  word secularism  in the  Preamble of our Constitution there  are enough articles  which guarantee certain privileges to two minorities “  based upon religion.


2. Article - 25 : Right to  freedom of Religion :  Says, “all citizens shall have the right to profess, practise  and propagate  religion”.  Hinduism does not  propagate and convert people  from other religions to it. Using this article,  Christian missionaries and their  other  organizations have been indulging in extensive proselytization and  conversion of  most vulnerable and ill-informed  sections of  Hindu society.   When the word’ “propagate’ was used in this article some  eminent  members like Sri Loknath Misra of  Constituent Assembly objected to this and said this is an  invitation to enslave the Hindus and wipe out Hinduism.  It was also observed that in no constitution  of any country in the  word “propagation” of a religion  is  a fundamental right. So this Article – 25 with the word militates against the secular  nature of the Constitution  and the Government of India .


3. Article-26: is about “freedom to manage religious affairs”. This  freedom is allowed to be exercised by Muslims &  Christians and not Hindus.  The places of worship that is, temples of   Hindus  are managed and administered by governments’  Endowment Departments  and  Trust Boards constituted by the  governments.  Every time the party that forms the  government in a State changes after elections,  the Trust Boards are  dissolved and  the ruling  party’s funders and persons  unaccommodated as Ministers are put into the Trust Boards.  Smugglers,  those involved in criminal  cases,  those who funded   the ruling  party   find a place in  such Trust Boards. The  assets of the temples are misused . For eg: the lands belonging to them  are allotted to Christian missionaries  for   establishing  educational institutions and even for  construction of churches………   .  Therefore this Article-26  is worked by the  governments  in favour of Islam and Christianity  the proselytizing religions and against  Hindus who don’t proselytize and convert. Therefore this is also  anti-secularism .


4. Article -27:  Says that “no person shall be compelled to pay any taxes, the proceeds of which are  specifically appropriated in payment of  expenses for the promotion or maintenance of any particular  religion of  religious  denomination .


The requirement  of specificity  of taxes  to promote and support religions  is overcome by  the  Union and state governments  utilizing the general revenues raised through taxes on income etc., for supporting Islam and Christianity.  Governments  have created Minority Welfare Departments and  State- owned  Minority Finance Corporations . These are funded from the   general  tax revenues of  the Union and State governments. These monies are utilized for subsidizing Muslims’ Haz pilgrimage and Christians’  pilgrimage to Jerusalem and holy land around it.  These funds  are  utilized for construction of  mosques , Urdu Ghars, Shadi Khanas and churches . When the courts were  approached also they ruled that since  no taxes denominated in terms of Christianity or Islam are levied,   the state funding of  Muslim & Christian  pilgrimages and their places of worship  etc., are not ultra vires of the  Constitution.


5. Article-30: Religious minorities  are given  absolute right “to establish and administer educational institutions  of their  choice”. Such a  right is not given to  Hindus and therefore  this  Article  in the Constitution detracts from the secular  nature  of the   Indian state and hence its  governments  in the states.

Utilizing this article,  Christians and Muslims formed societies and have been establishing  engineering, medical, Business Administration  and such colleges  which have  nothing to do  with religion . Since   they don’t have  enough candidates of those  religion for admission,   seats are sold to Hindus. Thus this article is  not only unsecular but  helps the religious minorities  to exploit the majority community .


6. Thus the often repeated word ”secularism” used by  all parties excepting the  BJP  is practised by  governments  to favour  Islam and Christianity and  work against Hindus.  The “left, liberal, secular, independent intellectuals and  Marxists in different   communist parties accuse BJP as  communal while all of them  protect communalism  and  discriminate  against  Hinduism, in the name of  secularism. 


Secularism  as a  concept and practice arose  in Europe where to free the governments from the control of the  Pope of Christianity  intellectuals  waged struggles to separate  religions from the  state and  won  the campaign to free the State organs from control and direction  by  the Christian church, from the Pope, Bishops and such administrators of religion. In Bharat kings endowed temples but did not administer them. There never was a state religion except during Ashoka’s rule when it was Buddhism, it was necessary to amend the Constitution to ensure the Union and state governments don’t directly or indirectly favour and fund some religions and  lord over Hinduism, its places of worship and  their assets and functions. (820 words)