Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Piteous Plight of the Communist Parties in Telangana

Dt:  24/8/23


Piteous Plight  of the  Communist Parties in Telangana

Dr T H Chowdary*


In the Mahabharata epic there is the story of  Amba,  a Princes from Kasi.  She was rejected by her first love, Kind Shalva   and Saubha. And then by Bheeshma,  her abductor. She had her revenge  in her next birth by becoming Shikhandi, the cause of Bheeshma’s death in the  Bharata war.


2. This story is  briefly recalled in the  context of the  two  Communist Parties in Telangana. The  first hoped that  the TRS Chief Sri Chandrasekhar Rao  would take them into alliance  and  allot some seats  in the  elections to the  State Legislature.  They  canvased vigorously  for the  TRS candidate in the Munugodu bye-election and  claimed that the  victory of the TRS over  the BJP candidate was due to  the support of the communist parties.  They hoped  that they would be rewarded by  allotment  of  at least 4 seats to  the CPI & CPM in the elections to the  state legislature in Dec 2023.  Sri KCR  simply ignored them and announced  the list of the  candidates  of the  TRS  for all the seats in the legislature in Telangana .  The communist parties are dismayed  and disappointed  and are in a search of  new “lover”.


3. Just as Amba went from one person to another , offering herself  to marriage,   the communist parties are now approaching the Congress to take them as allies. They have also resolved that they would furiously  work for the defeat of the   TRS candidates even more furiously than they would work to defeat and destroy the BJP.  It is possible  that the Congress in desperation  to trounce the


TRS, not withstanding the fact that the Congress  lost deposits  in all the bye-elections in Telangana may accept  the offer of the  Communist Party’s  to work for it.  They may even  recall  and remind the Congress that  the  CPI   made available its  senior leaders like Mohan Kumar Mangalam  to Indira Gandhi’s Congress to defeat the   old guard. They even supported the Emergency declared by Indira  Gandhi. The  CPI  rendered  many services to Indira  Congress whose successor is the Sonia Congress  and beg the Congress in Telangana  to accept them and  as allies and allot a few  constituencies  in which they think they have a very great chance of winning .


4. What a  pity that the  communists are offering  to sell  themselves   and get rejected also .  It is quite  possible that if they approach  the AMIM’s leader  Sri Asaduddin Owaisi they may be accepted as allies . They should  recall that   the undivided Communist Party  supported  the Muslim League’s demand for the  partition  of India and the  creation of the Islamic state of  Pakistan.   Indeed they tasked  a communist  poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz  in Pakistan to  build  the Communist Party there.  A Pakistan government foisted  a conspiracy case on him, condemn  him to death and after a few years  in jail released him.


5. The Communists in India have been dis-lodged form power  in Bengal and Tripura . They are  a significant presence Kerala  only elsewhere they get less than one percent  of the popular vote . Though small  they have a big voice and are  reduced to the State of Statement Parties of India. (528 words)