Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Plaintive Submission From A Nationalist And BJP-Supporting And Defending Very Sr. Citizen (92 Years) & Padma Sree Awardee

Dt:  17/8/23

Plaintive Submission From A Nationalist And BJP-Supporting And Defending

Very Sr. Citizen (92 Years) & Padma Sree Awardee

-Dr T.H.Chowdary*


1. Economic, Social And Ethical Devastation of A.P Under The Chief Ministership of

Sri  Jaganmohan Reddy (2019---) and Giveaways in AP : A large number of giveaway  schemes styled Navaratna as comprehensive welfare , all named after his father or himself  by Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh are causing  devastation of AP.   The debt  of the state is over  Rs. 8 lakh cr including  the state guarantees for the debt incurred by the state- owned  corporations.  About 80% of the homes in AP are receiving  about Rs. 48,000  per year through direct bank transfer (DBT) .  There is no development of  infrastructure (roads, electricity,   hospitals….).  People  have largely given up  work ethic  which is substituted by welfare   receipts.    People are not worried about repayments of the debt incurred or the burden of interest payment by the state because they will not be personally called upon to pay it from their  own  resources. It is the state that will have to repay and service the debt.



2. Write offs of the Debt :  Sri Jagan can plead for the write off of all the loans incurred by the state  on the analogy  that if the  state owned banks  can write off more than Rs. 10 lakh cr  loans  not repaid by individuals  who have defrauded the banks,  the debt  incurred by the state is only for the welfare of the  poor and therefore  has got every  justification to be written off.



3. Caste  related welfare corporations: Sri Chandra Babu Naidu during  his rule (2014-19) created three caste based  state welfare  corporations for Brahmins, Vysyas and Kapus.  Sri Jagan   Mohan Reddy has created about  40 of them for as many caste groups. This is leading to inter caste strife  among Hindus, each group claiming   more  welfare  money   on the strength of  inflated  population figures for its  caste.  Apart from the evil effects of the state incurred debt , these corporations   promote strife among Hindus .


4. BJP Complicit with Jagan: There is widespread belief  among  thinking people in AP and elsewhere that  the BJP  government and the  BJP leaders are complicit in the   extravagance of populism in AP  to get votes for the   YSRCP. It is held that  there is  absolutely no chance for the  BJP ever getting into power in AP except in  alliance with  and as  a gift from one of the  strong regional parties .  Therefore the BJP  is held  to be happy  with the support of  the YSRCP MPs in the Parliament for the BJP.  Worse; it is   widely  believed that  Sri Jagan  is  giving hundreds of  crores of  rupees periodically to the BJP. So these two reasons that is, support in the  parliament and cash  gifts to BJP are  what are  keeping the BJP government is silent about the  misgovernance and misdeeds of Sri Jagan .


5. Amaravati was hailed  to be  the capital of AP. The foundation stone for it was laid by no less a person than Sri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India  himself . While in the opposition,  Sri Jagan fully supported the  choice  of Amaravati as capital. But  after getting into power,  he abandoned  Amaravati for his obsessive scheme of three capitals for the  state Visakhapatnam, Amaravati and Kurnool.  Visakhapatnam in the north- east corner  of the state is  very expensive to reach  for the  people of Rayalaseema in the   down south of the  state.  They are opposed to   the three capitals. Just a High Court in Kurnool is not  going to satisfy them.  The BJP  while giving over -all support to the   afflicted  Amaravati farmers  who had surrendered  40,000 acres  for the capital to come, appears to be not serious about holding  Jagan strictly to the single  capital Amaravati.  It appears that since Naidu’s  real estate ( benami ) men benefit by Amaravati,  Jagan’s men are for Visakhapatnam where they are heavily  investing  in acquisition of land.


6. Amaravati as Slum: In order to preempt  Amaravati as a full-fledged capital, the highly valuable and priced agricultural lands that were made over by the  farmers  are now being  built upon  for housing the poor   with 48 sq.yd for each poor person not from  Amaravati but from areas  outside Amaravati . That means  a slum will come up instead  of  a glorious   capital in Amaravati.  The Telugu people are not  forgiving   only the YSRCP but they denounce the  BJP also for the   betrayal.


7. Thousands of  Churches are  Planted : No worthwhile  industry  or investment has  come  in all the years of Sri Jagan’s rule in AP.  Christian propaganda and the  planting of churches in  government  lands   has been  going on with the silent support of the Christian Chief Minister and Christian  government officers, especially in the police department encouraging such illegal construction.  

 Five years ago I sensed that there would be  Hindu – Christian riots in AP and wrote an article on  this  subject (attached). It is coming  true  now. One district is carved out   for them   - Dr Ambedkar Konaseema district with Amalapuram  as its chief  town in the  East Godavari district. This is just like  Malappuram carved out of  Malabar as  a Muslim majority district -  like  Mewat / Nus out of Gurgaon in Haryana and   Malerkotla in Punjab. In fact,  Christians in AP are saying that if there could be a Muslim First program ( launched by the  UPA government in 2004-‘14) why  could there  not be a Christian minority first development program in pockets of certain districts.


8. The criticism of the  BJP in AP in regard to  Sri Jagan and his government is  widely believed to be  absolutely  insincere  and proforma. They believe  that the central leadership is  complicit with the Jagan  government  for his money. In Telangana  the widely  held belief that BJP is a  serious  contender  for dislodging the TRS from power is waning .  The central BJP has criticized Telangana  Chief Minister and his party but never  criticized the Jagan  government and Jagan in AP.  This supports the view of the  people in AP that the BJP   is  complicit in the misdeds and the mis-governance of  Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy. 


9. BJP in Telangana:   In the sister Telugu state of Telangana  also the BJP is coming  into severe  criticism for not arresting Kavita  MLC  , the daughter of Chief Minister Sri  K Chandrasekhara  Rao in the Delhi  liquor case  after the ED had questioned her  a number of times .  It is  widely talked about that  about Rs. 5000 cr  had been paid by the TRS /the Chief Ministers family to the BJP to see that Kavita is not arrested.  A wave in favour of BJP was building up under Bandi Sanjay’s leadership but  all that collapsed with  the non-arrest of Smt. Kavita in the Delhi liquor scam  and later easing out Bandi Sanjay ji from Presidentship of the   BJP in Telangana.


10. The BJP’s  MLAs and  MPs in Telangana are  not a united lot.  If one of them  is active the rest of them are sullenly silent.  The Congress in Telangana which lost  deposits in the bye-election is now  on the up and up  especially after its success in the  Karnataka  Assembly polls.  With election to the Legislative Assembly only a few months  away  there is almost no  worthwhile  effort on the  BJP  in Telangana to take on the  TRS. 


11. Telangana’s Phenomenal Development:  Undoubtedly Telangana through many projects has  become  a prosperous  state. The PCI  at Rs.3,20,000  is perhaps the highest in the country. 9 years ago it was  lower than in many states  .  Telangana  also  borrowed just like AP but it invested most of it in irrigation and electricity projects.  It will be  able to service  the debt  because of the  huge agricultural and industrial  (software) output  . The software exports from the  state had increased from  about Rs. 55,000 cr in 2014 to about 2.2 lakh cr  in the year 2023.   One third of the persons recruited in the  software / IT companies in the  country are  in Hyderabad. Telangana  has become the  granary of India  overtaking Punjab and other states.  Thousands of labourers  from Bihar, Bengal , UP and Jharkhand  are working in Telangana in agricultural, industrial and real estate sectors. Once the  Palamuru that is, Mahaboobnagar district labour  was  migrated  to Bombay; now  no one goes out of Telangana  for a job outside the  state . There  are  plenty  of  jobs in the state itself.  In Telangana too there are  populist schemes like Dalita Bandhu and Minority Bandhu . The state  can afford  because of its affluence.


12. Cooking  Gas Cylinder Price:

Pradhanamanthri ji has  weaned  away  even the poor  house wives  from the use of  coal and wood and cow dung cakes in the  kitchen. The alternative of cooking gas cylinders at over Rs. 1,100 each  is pinching.  Millions  of  house holders   and millions  are   upset and angry . The  steep rise  in   onion prices brought down  BJP’s Sushma Swaraj’s  government in Delhi.   A huge money is  spent on subsidies  for fertilizers ,  farmers are pleased with loan waivers, DBTs;  can’t the   cooking gas price be subsidized , asks every house wife. Modi ji  may  please bring down   the cooking cylinder price well before  2024 elections to Lok Sabha. Lest, a wrath  of the house wives, even the poor among them  may adversely affect  the BJP’s chances  of wining the  Lok Sabha elections.


13. Government’s Raids on the Corrupt: E.D, CBI and It have raided and investigated the corrupt politicians including the ( Italian-origin) “Gandhi” clan, ministers of TMC, DMK, JMM, NCP, TRS , RJD and SP.  Plenty of cash had been confiscated.  But to what end?  To collect money, to expose corruption and  venality ?  Should they be arraigned in courts/  Why is the CBI Special Court, Hyderabad so  kind to Chief Minister   Jagan Mohan Reddy, accused in several corruption cases?  He is “exempted” from trial, courtesy a former CJ of Supreme Court and BJP government, as most people  in the Telugu states believe.  BJP is   decisively talked of as a washing machine because of the  corrupt join the BJP, they are  getting free from corruption charges and raids and investigation.  This affair of ED/ IT/ CBI raids / interrogation followed by inaction is getting bad name for the  BJP and  the integrity of its  supporters like me is being questioned.





14. The general situation is that there are few or no mass leaders for the  BJP in states.  The state units are depending only upon the Great leader, Sri Narendra Modi.  This is unhealthy and tends to build a personality cult with attendant risks and dangers . Jawaharlal Nehru  pseudonymous article (appended) “ Rashtrpati” by Chanakya in Nov 1937 may kindly be gone through .


15.  I have been and still an ardent supporter  of and voter  for the Jana Sangh /BJP since 1967.   I have written  thousands of articles and hundreds of  PPTs  about development  in Telangana, AP and India.  All are at my website :   . It will show how many articles  I have  written about what is happening   in the Telugu states in particular and India  in general for re-nationalising our people . I feel very sad that  the BJP is failing in  building upon the national upsurge that its victory in 2014 and 2019 for the Lok Sabha  had promised. May be it is  not too late for Sri Narendra Modi and the BJP to realise the causes  responsible for the party’s plight  in AP and Telangana  in particular  and  in South India  in general.  It is sad for me to hear that many people are now characterizing  the BJP  as  a North  Indian party. 


16.  I pray for the victory of BJP led by the phenomenal Sri Narendra Modi.  I request this long letter from a sincere super-senior ( 92 young to enter 93rd on 18 Oct 2023) Bharatiya be taken as mitra vaakyam and not an  abhyasooyakas’ bakwaash.