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No Go Areas / Mini Pakistans In India’s Towns

Dt:  13/4/23

No Go Areas  /  Mini Pakistans In India’s Towns

Dr T H Chowdary*


In too many  cities, too frequently  the police authorities in non-BJP ruled states  are imposing several restrictions  on Hindus’ processions in celebration of festivals like Ram Navami  as to which routes they can march on  and   around which places they should not sing any song or raise slogan or play  any music. These places  are usually mosques  and large  areas around them.  Is it not  shameful and derogatory  to  Hindu citizens of this country that  they cannot  celebrate their  festivals  and that  their programs  should avoid   where Muslims predominate? Are these no -go -areas for Hindus ; are they mini Pakistans ?  In one town  in Telangana police put the condition that within  200 meters of  every  mosque, there should be no singing or sloganeering or any music played in by the  Hindu processionists. But the aazans, the calls to prayer  by  muezzins from all the mosques in the cities  are  permissible;  that is, Muslims have  freedom to  make any sound  at any time while  Hindus have to keep off where Muslims are predominate. 


2. The non-BJP governments  have been carving out Muslim majority districts in Kerala in Haryana and in Punjab and  some districts in Bihar and  West Bengal and Kerala and Uttar Pradesh have already become Muslim- majority.  It is quite  possible that the local  bodies of these  Muslim majority districts will form an all India association  in the name of   Islam being implemented properly and  slowly  raise the ante to call these districts as a federation and finally declare autonomy or independence . We will then have  scores of  Muslim districts  agitating for autonomy for their federation.  We had 565 princely states. There was indeed a move by the  Chamber of Princes under the presidentship  of the  Nawab of Bhopal to form Princesthan  in addition to Pakistan and Hindustan  in 1947. The move was nipped  by Sardar Patel  using the Vice Roy , Lord Mountbatten as the instrument.


3. In the way that  non-BJP parties are fraternizing and appeasing  Muslims , it appears that India is  dangerously poised for fragmentation . This fear is confirmed by the  leaders of regional parties saying that India is a federation and the states have to be more powerful . It is, precisely  this possibility that was foreseen by great men like Dr Ambedkar and  Dr Rajendra Prasad had in their  speeches at the   concluding session of the   Consembly on 26 Nov 1949 warned the country about regionalism imperiling India’s integrity.


4. Nationalists and patriotic parties  and  intelligentsia should   take note of the  disintegrationist tendencies occasioned by the  behavior of  groups of Muslims  just as in the  1940s which led to communal riots and partition  of the country .   Indian leaders made the fatal mistake by not heeding to Dr Ambedkar’s suggestion that there should be a total  exchange of minorities between Pakistan  and India  and allowing  the   Muslims who rioted and voted  for the division of the country and creation of  Pakistan as Islamic state, to remain in India.  Indian leaders  did not heed to another  advice from Sir C.P Ramaswami Iyer that the Muslims who  despite rioting and voting for the division of the country   have not gone to Pakistan, the state of their  creation should be declared as foreigners in India.  By a series of mistakes,  blunders amounting to criminal negligence the  Congress and likeminded groups are responsible for the emergence of the Muslims movement as by PFI  to create  further divisions . The proposition of  the late Omar Khalidi reproduced below clearly indicates what the Muslims in India are  working for and how  in the  bid to get  their votes, the regional parties are    partners  in the onsetting crime of  further divisions of India.


That such Muslim districts( like Malappuram in Kerala, Mewat in Haryana)    are absolutely necessary for Islam to thrive has been  publicly propagated by Dr. Omar Khalidi  a Hyderabadi in Harvard University in the USA  in the year  2005  ( a post graduate of Harvard  University and Ph.D  from University of Wales)  wrote in the   Jamat-e-Islami ‘s weekly, “Radiance”: “  we need Muslim districts for three reasons. First , concentrated areas provide security; second, to provide an environment that is conducive to our cultural independence; third, to provide a political base through which our people can be elected ……at present…our numbers don’t add up to elect adequate  legislators. Hyderabad & Rangareddy in Andhra and Gulbarga (Karnataka) and certain Thlaukas  could be  merged to create Deccan province ( with Muslim majority) similarly  in Bihar, Bengal & UP.. where Muslims  can be in majority…”. 


Well before Khalidi, Prof. Samar Abbas another  Muslim intellectual wrote in the leftist Economic Political Weekly of Dec 2000 that India should be  partitioned  further  to provide a Muslim state Mughalistan comprising of   the Western  districts of Assam northern districts  of  West Bengal, Bihar  and UP  and Punjab to  form a continuous  belt   adjoining Pakistan  on the  West and Bangladesh  on the  East.   This reminds  us of Md Ali Jinnah wanting  corridor  across  Northern  India  to link up  West  and East  Pakistan (Bangladesh).

            Dr B.R. Ambedkar  opined that separatism and  Pakisaniat have become DNA like in Muslims.  He wrote:


 “I do not  think the  demand  for Pakistan is  the  result of mere  political distemper, which will pass away with the  efflux of time.  As I read the  situation, it seems to me that it is a characteristic in the  biological sense of the  term which  the  Muslim body politic has developed in the   same  manner as an  organism develops a characteristic. Whether it will survive or not, in the  process of natural  selection, must  depend upon the  forces that may become  operative in the  struggle for  existence  between Hindus and Musalmans .

- Dr. Ambedkar  in the  book, “Pakistan or  the Partition of India”


5. Will Hindus  awake to the emerging danger of militant, divisionist Islamism/ Pakistaniat among Muslims of India, helped by patronage of regional, vote-hunting Dynasts? Unless  nationalist parties like the BJP win the  2024 elections to the  Lok Sabha and form a strong  Central Government and governments in a majority of large states , the prospects for the  survival of the  civilizational State of  Bharat will be bleak.  (1,029 words)