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Dr. Rajiv Malhotra’s Mission and Message

Dt: 6/3/23


Dr. Rajiv Malhotra’s Mission and Message

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


Even as India’s economy is growing and respect for and attention to the country’s rise in international affairs, a concerted campaign has been under- nurture by theological, ideological and hegemonist   foes to denationalize India’s  elites and intelligentsia  and incite its  social mal-contents to disrupt India’s rebirth  and rise as a Jagatguru and its recognition  as a civilizationally beneficent power with its  millennial epitomic values, conveyed by the inspiring words,

·         Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam 

( All peoples of the world are one family)

·         Ekam sat viprah bahudha vadanti 

(Truth is one, the wise express it in many ways)

·         Sarve santu niramayaah 

( May all be illness-free)

·         Maa kaschit dukh bhaag bhaveth 

( May no one be afflicted with sorrow)


O? sahanavavatu (May we protect mutually)

sahanau bhunaktu (may we enjoy together)

sahavirya? karavavahai (may we do valorous deeds together)

tejasvinavadhitamastu mavidvi?avahai (may our learning be brilliant; may we not war against

                                                one another)

o? santi? santi? santi? .. (peace, peace, peace there be)



2. The centers of activity for the  deracination of the  Indian intelligentsia are  certain Schools in Harvard University in the USA, certain professors there with perverse understanding and skewed scholarship of Indic / Vedic  literature, collaborated by Hindu- phobic, mostly Marxist / leftist Indian academicians in Harvard and  some other US Universities.  These are engaged in anti-Hindu, anti-India “academic”  pursuits.  They are  finding collaborators in certain private  Indian universities ( like Ashoka in Delhi)  who think that by flaunting their  collaboration with Harvard, they gain  academic and  financial value.

3. Newly rich Indian billionaires and  their  businesses are gifting millions of dollars to establish “Chairs”, pursue “researches” , initiate “studies” into various social, political, environmental, human rights , minority, religious,  gender relations, deprivation etc., and establish that Hindu society is reactionary, regressive and anti- every modern, progressive values of humanity.

4. Harvard is now in the  same role as  Oxford  was, buttressing   British colonial rule and mould    Indians who would  collaborate with the imperialists’ civilizing and modernizing role of Great Britain.

5.  Sri Rajiv Malhotra, an accomplished I.T professional and business- man who has made  a fortune in the USA, is appalled at the   anti-Hindu literature and  researches produced and  injected into  Indian “scholars” in various “schools” of Harvard, describing them as products of “South Asian Studies”,  Dr. Malhotra created the Infinity Foundation, endowed it with considerable sums  and has brought out  several tomes into which has gone huge labours for collection of data, study and chronicling the activities  and outputs of the Hindu – India   belittling  and calumniating Harvard  Schools.

6. India’s intelligentsia, especially nationalists should be aware of the evil exertions of those engaged in pompously  named “South Asian Studies” to present Hindu society, , Hindu Dharma and Bharat as reactionary racist and oppressive of some sections  of Indians  - Dalits,  religious minorities, women and the  poor. Their aim is to break India, disintegrate the society and reduce it to an intellectually colonized and economically enfeebled country .  They aim to create and promote an intellectually colonized comprador  class of “ secular, liberal, progressive,  “intellectuals” to dominate, direct and shape the nation’s policies and  government.

7.  India’s emerging billionaires and their trusts are  gifting tens of millions of dollars to create  Chairs, Schools, Centers in Harvard and such famed Universities.  But many Indians heading them seem to be  engaged in a mission to vilify dharma and  Bharatiyata and  Indian nationalism. They collect huge amount of data from every source, on every subject and event (like Kumbh Mela) and use it in pursuit of their  mission to widen fissures and strife in the  Hindu society to break India.  Various  Christian proselytizing missionary societies have also gathered mountains of data about castes and conflicts in Hindu society under Project Joshua  .  The data is used to plant churches and  launch Hinduism- undermining song, sermon and narratives.  The companies and  trusts of the Indian  billionaires who endowed the Harvard Business Schools are used as trojan horses to conduct surveys, collect data and  build up narratives and write papers to colonise Indian minds and eventually, disintegrate  India. While Chinese millionaires  fund US universities to conduct researches in science and  technology areas, Indian endowments are used for studies in sociology, politics, history and economics all with a view to undermine Hindu society, sow caste and  class conflict and thus weaken India.  

8. Dr Rajiv Malhotra has been studying the  aims and operations of several schools and  academicians  in  USA that are engaged in the   mission of breaking India  through Indian surrogates in US universities and even  in Indian universities, especially those founded by private companies.  His several books, especially Snakes in Ganga, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Power, build upon and  carry forward his alerts and  message to Bharat’s nationalist  intelligentsia to join the battle to expose and defeat the  India-breaking missions and  their willing and innocent Indian dupes and  of course, the  notorious “secular, liberal, left, Marxist and intellectual  eminents” ensconced in some universities ( like JNU, AMU, Jamia Millia, MAANU, Indian History Congress, ICSSR, ICHR, ICCR, Sahitya Academy, Nehru Museum) and even in some government departments. 

9.  It is apt to recall the wise words of the Irish-British statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797) :

All that is necessary  for evil to triumph is  for good men to do nothing”.

The same warning message was much earlier given in Mahabharatam .  In poet Nannaya’s Telugu freely translated  into English reads :


sarapu dharmamun, vimala satyamu, papamu cheta, bomkuche

paramu pomdaleka, chedabarinadaina yavastha dakshu lev-

vara lupeksha chesiradi varala chetagu gani, dharma nis-

taraka mayyu, satya subha dayakamayyunu daiva mumdedin


(When dharma and plain truth are in boundless distress overcome by evil intent and untruth, if those competent to prevent them keep quiet, unmoved ; they will surely come to grief and  calamity because there is God above.).

10. Taking note of these wise words, India’s intellectual class must be moved by the  exposure of purveyors of Harvard’s and  other  academies’ dishonest and ill-intentioned and  well camouflaged findings and prescriptions for improvement of  Indian people and society , gender justice, civil liberties, minority rights, caster-oppression and a variety of invented injustices.  We must be thankful to Dr Rajiv  Malhotra and his  Infinity Foundation for the  bold exposure of the  academic industry engaged to break India  by clever colonization of India’s elites, educationists, politicians, newly rich billionaires and especially young Indians who are   flocking to universities in the US.

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