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Savarkar’s Tribute to Dr Ambedkar

Dt:  19/1/23

Savarkar’s Tribute to Dr Ambedkar

Dr T H Chowdary*


Swatantra Veer Savarkar is  denounced by Communists, secularists and Muslims  as  a Hindu fundamentalist who has  identified India  with Hindutva. Few people seem to know that  Dr Ambedkar and Savarkar  were mutually  respectful  ;  Dr Ambedkar used very harsh words  about  Gandhiji and Nehru  but was always  appreciative of Sri Savarkar  as  one person who genuinely and wholeheartedly and furiously worked  for reforms in Hindu society especially elimination of  untouchability and  elevation  of the  Dalits to social equality with  the rest of the  Hindus. On the occasion   of the Silver Jubilee ( 1941)  celebrations of  Dr Ambedkar   Veer Savarkar   paid the  following tribute to Dr Ambedkar.  Sri Dhananjay Keer reproduced this  ( P- 346 ) in his book,  Dr Ambedkar: Life and Mission.


2.  The most  important tribute  full of appreciation  and   estimation came from  Savarkar.  A political and social revolutionary was estimating the work of another revolutionary ! Offering his  hearty  felicitations  to Ambedkar on his Golden   Jubilee Savarkar observed: “  Ambedkar’s personality, erudition  and capacity to lead and organise would have by themselves  marked him out as  an outstanding asset to our nation.  But in addition to that inestimable  services he had  rendered to our Mother land in trying to stamp out untouchability and the results he has achieved  instilling  a manly spirit of self-confidence in millions of the  Depressed Classes  constitute an abiding , patriotic as well as humanitarian achievement. The very fact of the birth of such a towering   personality among the so called  untouchable  castes could not  but liberate their   souls  from self-depression and  animate them to challenge the supererogatory  claim of the so called “touchable”.


3. When Sri Savarkar  was implicated  in the crime of Mahatma  Gandhi’s assassination, Dr Ambedkar  was Minister for Law in Nehru’s Cabinet. He was convinced that Nehru was trying to  fix up  Savarkar in the conspiracy  to assassinate  Mahatma Gandhi. Sri Bhopatkar was defending Savarkar in the  case that  was foisted against  him. One day while in the guest house  of the Hindu Maha Sabha in Delhi   Bhopatkar received a telephone call . Caller did not announce  his name. He asked Bhopatkar  to come to  a particular place and at such and such a time  and meet him. 


4. Bhopatkar out of  curiosity went to that place specified as a Rendezvous. He was surprised to see Dr Ambedkar  in a non-governmental car.  That Ambedkar  told Mr. Bhopatkar that he had gone through case. It was all cooked up one and   it could be easily defended by Sri Bhopatkar for which purpose he gave  the arguments to be presented.  Such  is the regard and esteem that Dr Ambedkar   had  for Swatantra Veer Savarkar . Both  were neglected and relegated  by the Nehruvian  scribes. But truth has got the property of  never dying . Now the nation is paying its due tributes to both the  Swatantra Veer Savarkar and Dr Ambedkar.


5. The Nehruvian clan never had any respect to Dr Ambedkar and Savarker.  Nehru and Indira received the award Bharat Ratna during their  Prime MInistership in 1955 and 1971 respectively. Dr Ambedkar was awarded Bharat Ratna posthumously in 1990  when the Nehru clan was in power.  Savarkar  is not yet given . (531 words)