Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


What was their role…

Dt:  21/9/22

What was their role…

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The illustrious  working president of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS)  statement giving communist leaders like   Naraynaa, Yechuri , Veerabhadram, Chada Venkat Reddy  have been of late asserting, tauntingly that the BJP  had no role   in the  liberation or integration of the  Nizam’s Hyderabad state  in  Sept 1948.   It is  wonderful rhetoric  and  assertion which absolutely  ridiculous .


·         What was the role  of the  TRS and the communists in First War of India’s independence in 1857. 

·         What was the role of the  TRS in the freedom struggle of India and in particular  the liberation  and integration of  Nizam’s Hyderabad  state with India.

·         What was the role of the  communists  in India’s Quit India movement in 1942? And their  contribution  to the struggle of  India’s  for freedom? In  particular can the communists  say that they  had not characterized Subhas Chandra Bose  and INA  as running dogs of Japanese militarism and  Anglo - American imperialism.

·         Did not the communist party welcome the Firman of the Nizam issued on   6 June 1947  that   on the   14/15 of Aug 1947 when  the paramountcy of the British over the  Indian  Princes’ States expires he would be an independent  sovereign king ?  

·         Did not since then the Razakars, led by Kasim Razvi, the President of the  Majlis Ittehadul Muslamin  (Ittehad) go soft with the communists  in  Telangana and  was not  Maqdoom Mohinuddin, the Communist leader contacted  by  Kasim Razvi?

·         Did not the communist party instruct its  cadres not to cooperate with the   Indian Army marching into   the Hyderabad state   on the  13th of   Sept  1948 ? 

·         Did not the Communists receive from the  Razakars their   weapons after the surrender  of the Hyderabad army  to Gen Chaudhry on the  17 Sept 1948?

·         Did not the  communist  guerrillas  who  liberated about 3000 villages in  Nalgonda  and Warangal  aspire  to defeat  the weak  independent  Nizam and his armies and convert Telangana into Yenan   of China and  depose  the Nizam establish a communist state  which would  expand all over India   finishing  the Nehru regime  which was characterized as  the running dog of Anglo-American imperialism ?

·         Did not  the communist  guerrillas in Telangana  fight with the Indian army and  the Malabar Special Police for 3 years from 1948 to 1951 ?

·         Did not a  delegation of Comrades Ajoy Ghosh , S.A Ddange,  Chandra Rajeswara Rao and  Makineni Basavapunnaiah secretly go to Moscow  and   have parleys with their  master Stalin ?

·         Were they  not advised by Stalin to stop fighting and sue  for peace  ?

·         Did not CPI call for peace talks  and was not their demand rejected outright  by   the then  Home Minister  of India  (Govind Vallabh Pant)?

·         As per  Stalin’s advice did they not  forge the   Peoples Democratic Front (PDF) headed by  Dr  N M Jaisurya, ( the son of  Sarojini Naidu) and contest the elections  to India’s parliament and Hyderabad State  Legislature in 1951 -52?

·         Is this record  of the communists  not  anti-Indian and  slavishly  Stalinist  COMINFORM


2. All  these  statement parties and “leaders” and worthies  in unison with  Asaduddin Oweisi of  AIMIM  are questioning the role  of the   BJP  in the    struggle against the  Nizam and Razakrs  before    Sept 1948


3. Don’t these worthies, habitual statement  givers  know   that  there was no BJP   in the  1940s in India?  The Jana Sangh  the fore- runner of the BJP was founded by Syama Prasad  Mukherji  in 1951. How  could    1951 party take part in any struggle against  the Nizam   before 1948 ? The Jana Sangh was dissolved to merge with the  Janata Dal forged by Dr Jaiprakash Narayan in 1977. The Janata Dal became Jhagada Dal  and disintegrated in 1979.  The Jana Sangh which earlier merged in the  Jhagda Dal was revived  in 1980  as  the Bharatiya  Janata party (BJP )


4. While this is the history of  the  communists who  now unsolicited serve the  TRS   are  astoundingly ahistorically  asking what was the  BJP’s part in the struggle against  Nizam’s Hyderabad. Intelligent  and inquisitive Indians  should be able to  judge  the   quality and  integrity   of those who are now  falsely asserting, “ the BJP had no part  in  the liberation  of Hyderabad or its integration with India”.

5.  Communist Party of India passed a resolution in 1942 that India was made up of multiple nations, a minimum of 16 nations. The CPI presented a proposal to the  Cabinet Mission in 1946 that India should be  divided into 17 separate sovereign nations.  In 1947 they characterized the Nehru government anti-labour and  bourgeoisie Stalin declared on Feb 9, 1951 . “We will not accept the present situation in India  till socialist revolution succeeds there”. The CPI in Telangana and some provinces, took to armed insurrection under  B.T Ranadive as Secretary of CPI. 


6. The latest  Communist and Congress exercise for suppression of  uncomplimentary facts is about the participation  of Rashtriya Sangh Sevaks ( RSS)  in the 1963  Republic Day parade in Delhi  at Nehru’s  invitation.  Senior (!) Congress leader Veerappa Moily says,  (Indian Express 21/9/22) that Nehru did not mention about this fact  of invitation to the RSS in his Autobiography !  He is  so ignorant as to believe and  say that  Nehru wrote ( or revised) his Autobiography in 1963 ! The Autobiography was written in 1936 and its  reprint was in  1942 . Obviously, Nehru could not have written in 1936 or 1942 about an event  in 1963.  (880  words)