Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Million Jobs in Central Government


Dt:  15/6/22


Million Jobs in Central Government

-          Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The decision  of the Union Government  to fill up / create a million  jobs in the  next 18 months  will be harmful to India’s economic  health. It  means a minimum additional  annual expenditure of Rs. 40,000 cr  !  Government  officials are not  producers of wealth;  they are mostly consumers of tax payers’ money and  a necessary officialdom to regulate and safeguard citizens engaged in creation of wealth. They should only be  in sufficient  numbers in the armed forces, police, education, health and  judiciary  services.


2. Prime Minister  has often spoken eloquently about minimum government and maximum governance. That is becoming possible by digitalization and   extensive and intensive use of  Information & Communication Technologies (ICTs)  in every function of government  of the Union and States. Simply creating and filling up posts in government is not for work waiting to be done but is response to populist  demands to engage the unemployed . Unemployment and  unemployability are consequences of uncontrolled growth in population, especially  among the  poor and sectarian  segments ;   poor quality of  education; “we feed; you breed” policy  of  politicians engaged in acquisition of  power and pelf .


3. By adding to the already  bloated numbers of government employees we will be choosing temporary relief  and pleasure to the detriment of lasting  welfare; preferring preya to sreya.


4. Further, is it not the  common experience of ordinary citizens that government  officials are rarely helpful  and guiding to the distressed and wronged citizens  seeking  relief to their problems?


5. Wisdom suggests that we should keep government  employment to the barest minimum especially in digitalizing ( ICT using) societies and use  the nation’s financial resources  to enable people   to be engaged in wealth creating  pursuits and enterprises. (285 words)