Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Is Inequality Unnatural


Dt:  31/5/22


Is Inequality Unnatural

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The Economic Advisory Council  to the Prime Minister expressed its alarm  at the growing  economic inequality  in the country and suggested  the desirability of introducing  Urban Employment Guarantee Scheme (UEGS) like what is there in rural  areas.  Left, liberals, Marxist and  “Garibi Hatao” sloganeers  Sonia family have also  been proclaiming their concern  for the poor  and alarm at the growing inequality , especially arising out of Modi -led BJP’s pro-rich  and pro-private sector policies. Are the saviors of the  poor have been pointing how  Adani , Ambani    having been  racing to  join the ranks of the world’s richest .


2.   Recently in May 2022 had come the news that Sri Rajesh Gopinathan, the  Chef Executive Officer of TCS gets  an annual huge package of several crores that is,  397 times the average emoluments of TCS employees. A further says that Sri Salil Parekh, CEO of   Infosys   gets a package of Rs. 79.75 cr ( Indian Express 25/7/22). Sri Mukhesh Ambani and Sri Adani may also be getting  similar  sized packages  as those of  TCS and Infosys.  The remuneration accrued  to these IT professionals may appear  to be  staggering ;  some say that they are vulgar in the light of the  poverty of Indian.


  3. But  these are  in globally competitive markets; Infosys gets  87% of its  revenues from America and Europe.  So does TCS. The remuneration of  these CEOs  of globally operating companies  which need Chef Executives of the  caliber of  Rajesh and  Salil is even more than that of our star performers. We should not cavil  at the  huge  annual packages  these men of mettle on the global stage get .


4. But we , their India brothers and sisters may have  legitimate expectations of  their contribution  in the uplift of millions of Indians.  Proper  and high quality of education and health together with population  stabilization can help people to quit poverty and prosper thereafter. The wealth creating  and wealth possessors like Ambani, Adani, Rajesh Gopinathan and Salil Parekh must use their  wealth for these three noble enabling attributes   -  education , health , population stabilization.  Sri Ajim Premji of Wipro   among the IT entrepreneurs has set an example   -  he donated the lion’s share of his wealth to promote quality education . So have done some others .  Birlas have been doing since  long.



The sage of the  esavaasya Upanishad  has said:

“…Tyaktena  bhunjithah, maa gridhah kasya swithdhanam”

by sacrifice ( gifting)  enjoy; don’t (merely) accumulate wealth…”


5. The poor had always been with us, everywhere  and among all nations.  Wealth creators are talented people. Men are  created  equal but become unequal by differences in nurture , education and  health.  These must eb reduced. The wealthy should put their  talents to achieve this. ( 455 words)