Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Truth & Reconciliation Commission in Place of National Integration Council


Dt:  26/5/22


Truth & Reconciliation Commission in Place of National Integration Council

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The National Integration Council (NIC) was established in 1961 with the lofty aim of  promoting  India’s nation-hood and nationalism in the people transcending  a religious  faiths and  beliefs and  regions .  It was hoped that the Muslim citizens of India who  were made to believe that they were  a different nation by dint of their religion and therefore they should have their  own  national state by  dividing India and creating  the   Islamic state of Pakistan could through the exertions of the NIC forget the two-nation theory and be part of one Indian Nation .   Muslims  rioted and voted  for the partition of India and creation of Pakistan . But 90% of them did not go to the state of their  creation.  Would  the  belief that they are a separate nation  distinct from the Hindu majority Indians go away or  remain as DNA . On this question, Dr B.R.Ambedkar’s opinion is:

Pakistaniat as DNA

 “I do not  think the  demand  for Pakistan is  the  result of mere  political distemper, which will pass away with the  efflux of time.  As I read the  situation, it seems to me that it is a characteristic in the  biological sense of the  term which  the  Muslim body politic has developed in the   same  manner as an  organism develops a characteristic. Whether it will survive or not, in the  process of natural  selection, must  depend upon the  forces that may become  operative in the  struggle for  existence  between Hindus and Musalmans ( Dr. Ambedkar  in the  book, “Pakistan or  the Partition of India” )


Christians  had misgivings that they would not have freedom not only  to profess and  practise but more importantly, to propagate Christianity  and convert Hindus in the Hindu majority Indian state. 


2. In order to allay the fears of these  minorities and to get them to identify with  the majority in a common nationhood though  having different faiths, the deliberations and   recommendations of the National Integration Council would help was  the hope . Unfortunately,  despite  60 years of  its existence integration has  not  taken place.  On the  other hand the disintegrative  tendencies and movements are  on the increase . 


3.  Once it was propagated that  the ruling British  were responsible for the Hindu -Muslim divide and communal riots.  The British had gone away from India  75 years ago but the number of communal riots and their virulence and  their extensiveness throughout the land since 1947 too  disprove the propaganda that it was the British who promoted dis-unity. The fact is, it is inherent  in the  Islamic theology and history .  Similarly, the Christian missions  are keeping up  their  separateness and propagating the lie  that they are not getting fair  treatment and their religious freedom and obligations to propagate Christianity   and convert Hindus are interfered with. It is evident that the National Integration Council has failed to achieve even a fraction of its  aims.


4. The main reason is  the negationism of  Muslims  aided by different communist  parties  in India  and  the de-racinated  so called seculars and left liberal intellectuals.  In the face of history and  fact,  Muslims deny  that Hindu temples had not been desecrated  and destroyed and in place of some of them  mosques were constructed.  This is  what is negationism in Indian history.   Opinions of two great  historians /philosophers Will Durant , and Arnold Toynbee are relevant to recall.

Bloodiest Conquests: "The Mohamedan conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history.  It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precarious thing, whose delicate complex of order and liberty, culture and peace may at any time be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within" ( Will Durant: Story of Civilization).


Aurangzeb: Kashi and Mathura:   “Aurangazeb’s purpose in building these mosques ( Kashi and Mathura) was the same  intentionally offensive political purpose that moved the Russians to build  their  Cathedral in the city center at Warsaw. I must say that Aurangazeb was a veritable genius for picking out provocative  sites.  Aurangez and Phillip –II  of Spain are a pair.  They are incarnations  of the gloomy fanatical vein in Christian, Muslim and Jewish family of religions………Perhaps  the Poles  were really  kinder in destroying the Russians’ self discrediting monuments in Warsaw than you (Indians) have been   in sparing Aurangazebs’s  mosques. ( Arnold  Toynbee,  The world famous historian and philosopher  in his  Azad Memorial Lecture at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai -1963).




5. It was not only in India the temples were looted and destroyed but even in the Christian lands of North Afrika, Spain, Levant (Syria and Lebanon) , Byzantium  (Turkey…). Churches were demolished by invading and  conquering Muslim armies.  Iconoclasm is an essential creed of Islam. 


6. As long as  mosques exist on the sites  where the Hindu temples had been  destroyed and mosques erected there will be unquenchable  feeling of humiliation and insult suffered  by Hindus due to Islamist vandalism. Such mosques  are called Hindu Masjids .  Sri Praful Goradia a one time Rajya Sabha member had written  and published  a book with the above title in the 1990s. These  mosques are described and historical and archeological  evidence   is described in that book.  The most important such ones are  those at Somnath, Ayodhya, Mathura, Kasi and so on. In respect of all of these the Muslim parties and their   Marxist  allies, “eminent” historians in JNU and the communist parties are denying desecration and destruction and  conversion into mosques. This negationism and  irrational denials  induce and  promote Hindus resolve  to get the   sites back and  re-construct the temples  that were once destroyed, some of them several times.  


7. There are  lists of temples destroyed  and mosques erected in Hindus’ towns  not on the sites of destroyed temples but elsewhere in the towns . There is another  variety of  mosques constructed  in the lands conquered and occupied   by  Muslims.  Until  the first variety namely,  mosques on the very site of  destroyed temples  are restored  to Hindus,  their resolve to get them will not disappear.  Depending upon whether they have  freedom to demand and be allowed to agitate or  not,  the wish and hope  to get them back will become militant over time.


8. Sri Sitaram Goel, a researcher  on the  record of Islamic invasions and Muslim rule  in India published  two volumes under the title ,

Hindu Temples

What happened to them

( the Islamic evidence)


These were published by Voice of  India in the  early 1990s and reprinted more than four times since then. 


Dr Koenraad Elst a Belgium Scholar corroborated  the widespread temple destruction by Islamic invader and rulers in India in his book, “ Negationism in Indian History”,  a Voice of India publication.  He exposes  the falsehoods  in the  narratives by Islamist and Marxist historians of Alighar Muslim University ( AMU) and Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Delhi.


9. It is  therefore prudent and necessary that  instead of the failed National Integration Council  we have  a National  Truth and Reconciliation Commission the precedent are  in South Africa  and  Peru ( South America) where  the indigenous people who were, though converted to Christianity  had been reduced to  serfdom and penury  by European Christian conqueror- settler-rulers after they  got freedom  from the  foreign  rule in South Africa and after the indigenous people had become the  majority in Peru  Truth and Reconciliation Commissions had been established and  the strife between the foreign settlers and  ex-rulers  and native people had been contained . We should  undertake  such an  exercise  to truthfully once for all  remove the  cause for strife namely,  the continued  existence  of  Hindu Masjids. (1,258 words)