Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Mother Teresa NGO


Dt:  28/12/21

Mother Teresa NGO

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The Mother Teresa -founded Missionaries of Charity’s  application for renewal of license to receive funds from donors  abroad was turned down by the  Government of  India (GOI). Susri Mamata Banerjee  Chief  Minister  of West Bengal faults the GOI  for this act.  It is  good to know  the true facts  about Mother Teresa  transformed from “Living Saint to Saint” in the shortest time in the history of  the Popes elevating a Christian to Saint-hood .


2. Intrigued and surprised by  the tributes paid to Mother Teresa  and the  speed with which she was getting  beatified and canonised   Dr Aroup Chatterjee, a Calcutta based doctor researched her life and activities and found that she was not a saintly person and that her motives and actions for charity  are  primarily to convert the destitutes, especially those in Calcutta to Christianity.   His findings  including  testimonies he gave before those who are beatifying and  canonizing her are  recorded in his  book, “Mother Teresa : The Untold Story   published in 2016 by  Prakash Books India Pvt Ltd.


3. Mother Teresa  not  only  accepted foreign monies  from  reputable sources but even from  criminals, fraudsters and terrible evil doers . She even wrote to a Governor of a  State in United States to free a criminal from jail , the criminal who gave a  huge donation to her. Convinced that  the Saint-hood to be conferred on Mother Teresa was wrong Dr Chatterjee appeared before the prescribed  Board carrying out the beatification and canonization  procedure . His testimony against Mother Teresa’s  canonization  is recorded in  Chapter -14, “ From Living Saint To Saint”.



4. Dr Aroup Chatterjee was born and brought up in Calcutta . He emigrated to UK  and worked as a physician in London.  While in Calcutta,  he read all the eulogies for Mother Teresa  . When he went and lived  in London he was appalled at the Teresan mythology.  He researched Mother Teresa and her activities for over 25 years.  He is the  world’s foremost authority on the late Nun.   He appeared numerous times on BBC and other world media to discuss  this subject.  It is my humble submission that  those who are still believing in the  legend  of Mother Teresa and her charity should read this  book, “Mother Teresa : The Untold Story”.


5. The monies that are coming from abroad to various Christian- founded and managed  charitable institutions are  mainly used for converting  the beneficiaries of the  charities.  And the conversions  are total fraud because the converted  are instructed  not to  disclose the fact of conversion to any government  record like the census. That is the reason  for   the percentage  of  Christians in India’s  population from 1951 till today as recorded in the census after census has been remaining at 2.3% despite the humongous  efforts and  monies  spent for evangelization and conversion . In fact,  in the two Telugu states the  fraud is too obvious.  The percentage of the Christians  as recorded in the census is given in the table below.

Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh (undivided)









Total population  mln






Christians  mln






% of Christian population






Source:  Census of India

6. Further, during  the COVID period the  GOAP invited applications  from Priests working in places of worship.   29,841 Pastors, 31,017 Archakas  and 7000 Imams/Muezzins applied  for this welfare payout.  This shows   that there are nearly  as many Pastors  as Archakas !     It works out to  one Pastor for 37 Christians  and one Archaka for 3686 Hindus.  The real population of Christians in AP seems to be 15% – 20% ; most MLAs , MPs , elected members of local bodies from constituencies  reserved for SCs are converts to Christianity with fake SC Hindu  caste certificates. The per capita spend  in shelter homes  for the   destitutes by Christian organisations in AP was found to be several times more than that in government run shelter homes. The inflated spend is to cover up the  diversion of funds for conversion. In the light of these facts the decision of  GOI not to renew the permission to  Missionaries of Charity’s  to receive foreign funds  is right. (658 words)