Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


A Tribute to Dr Jaswanta Rao


Dt:  29/6/21

A Tribute to Dr Jaswanta Rao

Dr T H Chowdary*


·         Blessed are those who add to the sum total of happiness in the society

·         Blessed are those who help the weak and poor to become strong and self-reliant

·         Blessed are those who use their talents to build them in others


We must so live that dying we can say that I have given my best for the happiness of society

-  V Lenin

Only the actions of the just smell sweet and blossom in their dust.

-          James Shirley

“Purushulandu punya purushulu veraya”

(All are men; but the beneficent are different)


2 . These thoughts  come to my mind when I sat to write  my impressions  of Dr Veerapaneni Jawant Rao who born in a farmer’s family in a village in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, educated in a school in a nearby village, graduated in a college in a small town ; got a doctorate in veterinary  science and  dedicated himself to bring prosperity to rural families of  farmers by  organizing  them  into co-operative societies of milk producers and taught them thrift and measures to improve milk yields of their cattle  and established an  appealing and winning  brand name , Vijaya for the milk  the co-operatives produced and marketed.  This  has been Dr Jaswanta Rao’s spirited and dedicated life’s work.  He knew no fear. His beneficence extends to nearly 50 lakh milk producers, in 37,000 hamlets and villages, provides work to over 74,000 people who collect, process and distribute  over 12 lakh liters of  milk daily.  The cattle owner  -farm-dependent people are  Vijayies (victors), thanks to Dr Jaswant Rao.



3. I recall with pleasure and admiration my friendship with Dr Jaswant Rao.  The late Dr.B.Vasudeva Rao , a Padma Sree awardee, brought cheer and prosperity to  men and  women in villages by  evangelizing poultry farming among farmers and  poor households. He established the NECC – National Egg Coordination Committee so the egg farmer dictated the price for his produce.  So did Dr Jaswant Rao help the milk producers. It is to such inspired pioneers that the nation should be grateful. I succeeded through my decades-long work to change the telecom regime in our country from one of  Apply apply- no reply to  Hath Haath mein telephone and  gaon gaon mein Internet”. Dr Jaswan Rao’s and Dr Kurian’s pioneering work  helped India to become the  world’s largest producers of milk. Dr Jaswant Rao cheerfully and gratefully acknowledges the inspiration and encouragement, Indian Dairy titan, the late legendary Dr Kurian Varghese of Amul gave to him for his pioneering work. 


4.  I hope and believe that Dr Jaswant Rao would find honorable  memory and respect among our people, especially the rural folks and the country’s intelligentsia . (446 words)