Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Appeal Of Concerned Hindus To The Nation

 Dt: 20/9/2018


Appeal Of Concerned Hindus To The  Nation


( Intellectuals, Legislators, Members of Parliament, Leaders of Political Parties 

And All Bharateeyaas  / Indians )



We have a noble Constitution which among others, has secularism, equality of  all citizens  before law and  freedom of  expression and  belief for every citizen as basic  features.  However, over time  the implementation of the  Constitutions’ provision has resulted in severe  discrimination against the  majority community called Hindu and increasing privileges and special benefits to religious  minorities; both of which are  denied /  withheld  -unavailable to Hindus. Through this appeal we are seeking  justice to Hindus and equal treatment for them as for religious minorities; we are appealing to the government to implement  true  secularism in regard to laws, rules, programs of welfare and development   without  favouring  some religions and their  followers while discriminating against  Hindus and their institutions.   Listed below are the  issues that require  immediate  remedial actions.


Ø  Hindus’ temples to be freed from government administration and  management:


In several States especially in South India  only Hindus’ temples   are under government administration and  management . The Churches of Christians and the Mosques of Muslims are totally left free to  be managed by the  followers of those  religions.  This is an adverse  discrimination again Hindus  with evil consequences  like their  Trust  Boards becoming  the rehabilitation  centers  or as rewards for the  ruling  party members supporters and financiers. Some of the  members of the  trust board as well as  employees like Executive  Officers are non-Hindus. An attempt is  made to identify the non-Hindus and  transfer them or remove them from employment for giving  false certificates, they have gone to the  courts with the plea that since it




is the  secular government which is managing  the temples  every citizen irrespective of their religion is entitled to be employed as Executive Officers and in other ranks.  These are  acting as subversives facilitating  the diversion  of immovable and movable properties and  resources to organisations and individuals of  predatory religions engaged in the conversion of Hindus to their religions. Governments  divert the rich resources of temples like those in Tirumala  for non-Hindu purposes. The government takeover only such  temples which have got  good income leaving the  rest uncared. Thousands of them  are  languishing and collapsing.


 We therefore  demand that the governments should  disengage themselves  from administering and managing Hindus  temples  and  for this  purpose  a law on the lines of the  Sikh Gurudwara  Prabandhak Committees Act with due  changes may be enacted. The governments should announce  a sunset data ( like  the British  government announcing that they would  handover India  to Indians by 15th of Aug 1947) and invite  Hindus and their organisations to come out with suggestions  for the  proposed Act.


State funds for the  sustenance and promotion of Islam and  Christianity Institutions / Practices :


Some state  governments are  paying salaries to Imams and Muezzins.  The funds may be  channelled through  the Minority Welfare  Department   which itself  get the amount from the  budget of the  government.  The madrasas which are  purely religious schools  teaching   Arabic and Koran primarily are also  funded by some state governments,  possibly through the Minority  Welfare  Department .  State governments are funding the maintenance and  repair of  mosques.  Like   the  undivided A.P and now A.P are  constructing  Haj Houses ( the  latest is in Andhra Pradesh  in Vijayawada  at a cost of Rs. 80 cr and a second one in Kadapa in A.P ), Shadi Khanas and Urdu  Ghars  meant for  Muslims separately are  also from government funds.


            Till recently Government of India has been subsidising  Muslims Haj pilgrimage from government  funds to the extent of hundreds of crores of rupees .  Incompliance with the Supreme Court’s ruling  such funding  is getting wound down.  State governments in undivided A.P and now in Telangana , Andhra Pradesh are funding the  construction of Churches  and subsidising Christians pilgrimage to Jerusalem and the  Holy Land again through the State Christian Minority Finance Corporation .  It appears that some state governments  like Madhya Pradesh are  subsidising Hindu pilgrimages. Using funds from the  budgets of governments supporting religion and religious activities and  institutions is violation of Article -27  of the  Constitution.  Although the Article -27 says that no   citizen should be compelled to pay a specific tax to support  any religion,  it is difficult to establish  the source  of    the funds  mentioned  above  to any specific  tax but the amounts  being  considerable  and are  included in the  overall tax revenues of the  government .  We demand that either  all the funding mentioned above  should cease  or   Hindus’ institutions and pilgrimages  should also be  funded the amounts  to be  proportion to the  population  vis-à-vis that of the   Muslims and  Christians .