Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Better Temple Management & Avoidance of Communal Polarisation in AP


Better Temple Management


Avoidance of  Communal Polarisation in AP


Dr T H Chowdary*


The burning of the  temple  Ratha (Chariot)  in Antharvedi, East Godavari District, desecration of the temple East Godavari District, the disappearance of two silver  statues of  lions from the Kanakadurga temple in Vijayawada, the doing away with  the age old traditional practice of  non-Hindus wishing to see  Venkateswara in Tirumala Tirupati temple  signing  a declaration that they have faith in Lord Venkateswara and the  intensified   visitation of the  proselytizers into the homes of Hindus  are causing  great concern among Hindus.  The increasing aggressiveness of the proselytization activity and desecration of  temples are being noticed since several years before . Simultaneously, we are noticing a strange fact:  the population as well as the proportion of the Christians  as  enumerated in the successive censuses has been going down as given in the  table below.

Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh (undivided)









Total population  mln






Christians  mln






% of Christian population






Source:  Census of India


2. Even as the  census shows that declining Christin  population and its proportion to the total, the number of churches has been going up phenomenally .  Several denominations of Christians  are planting  churches  in the villages. The Joshua program of evangelization in India involves the planting of churches, first within cycling distance (10 kmt), then within walking distance ( 5 km) and finally within  hearing distance;  that means in the middle of the village itself.  By now in AP  the first two phases had been completed and the third phase is being implement.


3. Where does the money come from ? Is the church building or flat  which is used as church having  approval from the local authority; that is, the  panchayat or the  municipality ? ; in whose name the plot and the building  are  registered.  are not generally known. They are not being   disclosed. 


4. The SCs who are converted are   advised not to disclose the  fact  in and for  any government record. That is the  reason why census  after census, as  the indoctrination is intensified  and fraud has become extensive, the  Christian  population  is recorded as diminishing .  The purpose of not disclosing conversion is to avail of reservations for SCs .  Almost  all persons elected  from reserved SC  constituencies, including  MLAs  and  , MPs are  converts to Christianity. They  submit- false S.C certificates.  If any questions are  raised about the  fraud, then  organised  effort  is made to  foist an atrocity case upon the  complainant.  


5. In the villages in the evening churches of different denominations  play Christian  songs loudly to the great annoyance of the  non-Christians   disturbing their quiet and even  sleep in the  night.   It is not uncommon  to see that the number of churches in a villages is  totally outnumbering the temples . While the   number  of  temples  is generally not  increasing, the number of  churches is increasing  phenominally. For eg: in  the  village,  Angaluru in Gudlavalleru Mandal of Krishna district while  there are only  3 to 4  Hindu temples , there are 12 churches, all of which had  come in the last 15 -20 years. The census shows there are no Christian  in the village and this fact is confirmed  by the information obtained from the local Panchayat under the Right to Information Act.


6.  After the  change of the  government from TDP to YSRCP  in May 2019  there is a intensification of proselytization and confrontation between the proselytizers and  Hindus.   In East Godavari district a church functionary had gone to the extent of  demanding the  division of the district  to create a Christian  majority district, just like Muslim majority district   Malappuram in Kerala and  Mewat in Haryana had been carved out . Under  intense  protest from the public the gentleman  has apologized for  his intemperate  demand. 


7. The situation with regard to temples  in contrast to churches and mosques in AP is very disturbing .  During  the regime (2014-19) of the  TDP Chief Minister,  government  subsidy for   constriction of churches  was increased from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs; the subsidy to Christians  for their Jerusalem pilgrimage had been increased from Rs. 25,000 to Rs.50,000  to  Rs. 75,000 just before  the 2019 elections! Proposal was taken up to pay monthly salaries to Imams and muezzins, followed by pastors . GOAP has been funding the construction of Urdu Ghars and Shadi Khanas for the exclusive use of Muslims. During the rule of the TDP Chief Minister, about 30 temples were demolished  in Vijayawada for beautification  of the  town preparatory to the   Krishna Pushkarams in 2018. The Chief Minister  promised to rebuild them but did not . On the  other hand, he laid the  foundation stone for  a Rs. 80 cr  multistoreyed  Haj House  in Vijayawada and promised  to construct one, more   Haj House in Kadapa/ Kurnool  at a cost of Rs. 10 cr! He gave Rs. 10 cr for the  Muslims’ Tablighi conference   in Nov 2018, in Kurnool.  During the period when the TDP and BJP  were in the ruling alliance  in AP (2014-18) ,  with the   TTD Devasthanam  money a programs of building  Rama temples  in Harijana wadas, tribal villages and fishermen colonies ;  Divya Darshan  in which 1000 SCs,  STs and poor Hindus from each district  were  shown seven temples from Simhachalam  in the north to  Tirumala in the  South;  deployment of trained Dharma Pracharaks in each Mandal were undertaken. The TDP CM discontinued all these programs  when he broke with the  BJP in 2018.  He launched an offensive  called Dharma Poratam,  denouncing Modi and the  BJP almost every day from different district towns.  The Dharma Prachar Trust of the  TTD  was placed under a flattering Hindu astrologer who gratefully justified the  discontinuance of all activities of TTD with its own money, in defence,  preservation and  promotion of Hindu dharma.


8. As soon as the TDP was defeated in 2019 elections, all the    Trust Boards  of temples were dissolved. The new government headed by Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy filled up  the  Trust Boards as in the past  with  favoured politicians and  financiers  without any  regard for  their regard for Hinduism. Even pseudo Hindus ( converts with Hindu names)  were appointed as trustees as during the  TDP and Congress regimes. It is clear  that  while churches and  mosques are left  to be managed and administered by the people of  those faiths and their   organizations,  it is only the  Hindus temples  which  have revenues (devotees offerings and yield from their  immovable properties  including agricultural  land and  city sites )  above a certain sum, are under government management. The temple revenues and the resources  are now at the mercy of  Christian   organisations and their patrons in the government. The government  gave Covid relief to  Imams, muezzins, Pastors and Archakas (in  Hindus temples) . The  number of pastors who applied for this   help was 29,841  nearly equal to the 31,017 Archakas . And the Imams and muezzins together numbered 7,000. What is surprising is that   the Christian  Pastors ministering to 1.6% of the Christian  population  are nearly equal to  the Archakas who are catering to over 87% Hindu population.  Earlier the fraud,  namely converts not enumerating  as Christians but with false caste certificates  as Hindu SC, was  kept secret whereas now with the change in government headed by a Christian, facts are boldly coming out .   The large number of  Pastors  proves the truth of  Project Joshua, planting churches  everywhere .  A large number of  Christian  organised NGos  receive foreign funds which are used to   convert Hindus and plant churches.  Lists of villages  the number of churches / prayer halls and  known  Christian population in them were given to some District  Collectors with  request to investigate in regard to  sources of funds,  permission for buildings and actual  number of Christians and its  variance from census figures.  No action was taken by the  Collectors.


9.  Unless  temples are  freed from government  administration and management , Hindus   will be paying a type of zezia to support and advance  Christians  and  Muslims in the  state,  particularly  Christians. The regional parties are  competing with one another to appease  and please Christians  and  Muslims for their   votes .  Hindus are being divided  on the basis of castes and insentivised to fight one another for more state funds. The program started with the TDP government  headed by  Sri Naidu who created  caste -wise welfare  corporations  -   for Kapus, for Vaisyas and for Brahmins.  The present government of YSRCP  has increased this  caste-wise welfare   corporations  from 3 to 52.  Thus,   Hindus   will be incentived to quarrel  with one another to get more and more  welfare money to their corporations. 


10. The situation  is  slowly  radicalizing  Hindus.   Which way  this radicalization  moves ;   castes against castes and   all of them  against  people of  minority religions and what would be the   attitude of the  government, are to be seen.  So far, the country has been witnessing Hindu-Muslim divide and  riots; now AP is beginning to witness Hindu-Christian riots, ( of which I wrote as long as in 2016 & 2018 ).  In this troubling situation , Sri Asaduddin Oweisi  of All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslameen (AIMIM) is stridently courting SCs (and STs)   to forge a common front to  fight “Hindutva” forces – a repetition of the  pre-1947 Muslim League’s performance. 


11.  In conclusion, what are immediately need are:

·          Government should disengage itself form management and administration of Hindu temples, just as it does not  concern with churches and  mosques

·         Government should not  fund construction of churches , Urdu Ghars, Haj Houses , Shadi Khanas and pilgrimage to Israel and Makka.

·         Churches and other  Christian places of worship by whatever name they are called, may be enumerated, village and district -wise and source of funds and local authorities’  permissions should  be ascertained .

·         The dissonance  between the declining Christian population as shown in the census  on the one hand and  the huge number of churches that had come up on the other hand must be investigated so that the fraud can be brought to light.

·         The aggressive programs of proselytization and the  proselytizers invoking  the Prevention of Atrocities against  SCs Act must be stopped.

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