Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


The NRC’s Aftermath

Dt:  10/8/18


The NRC’s Aftermath


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



One of  the  questions arising out of the  preparation of the National Register of  Citizens (NRC ) in Assam is  what to do with all those among the four mln who are  not in the  NRC.  Ignoring the obvious mistakes  like some former  Presidents’  kith and  kin  and   children of  parents not finding place in the  NRC, ( these are   few and  flukes; they can be solved easily)  the  case of the  rest seem to present  formidable  problems.  Assuming that  most of the  four mln will be held to be foreigners what to do and how to do with them is the question. The NRC is guided by  the Citizenship Act, whereas  those who are to be  deported will be governed by the  Foreigners Act.  The latter  has   many provisions which can help the   foreigners to gain Indian  citizenship. If millions  go to the  courts, how long  would  it take to decide  each individual case and what happens to such people  in the meantime and after the courts’ decision that they are  foreigners.


2. Firstly ,the foreigners (almost all of them from Bangladesh)   are to be  deported to Bangladesh . That  county will have its own procedure  to verify whether the deported  persons  had ever  been  Bangladesh’s  citizen. That will drag on for long.  How many millions  will Bangladesh accept is the  next question. And if  it does not  accept, what is to be done to such people ? Are they to be  put in camps; how many camps of what size and at what cost  will be built.   The existing camps are attachments to prisons. They  can’t hold more than a few thousand. One stand-alone camp recently  sanctioned by the government to accommodate  3000 detainees is costing Rs. 46cr. For millions, how much money would be required to construct the camps and can we afford to feed and look after them, and  for how long?


3. The infiltrators and illegally living foreigners are not confined to Assam only.  There are  more than  a million in  Delhi alone. And  many millions  are in West Bengal and Bihar and  even in far off  Hyderabad. And these have been living here for more than a decade. The local



people  are aware;  the governments are aware but the political parties  and their  infiltrators’ co-religionists have found  it  convent to keep them here. Some of them offer cheap labour  and most of them are used as vote banks by foul means  of getting them voter identity  cards. Many women are getting  married to their co-religionists and are  having  children , a process of Indianising the infiltrators .


4. It is obvious that the problem is created by the vote-hungry political parties starting with the communists in West Bengal and  the  Congress and of late the  Trunamul Congress and other  self-styled “secular”  parties. Now all the vote-hungry political parties  excepting  perhaps  the BJP  and Shiva Sena will be interested, if not openly but  silently,  to keep all of them here. Such  efforts will be supported  by the  do gooders, the human rights  wallahs, the left, liberal,  intellectuals and of course,   the Marxists in various academia. 


5. A remedy is  for  true nationalists  to become vigilantes to identify the foreigners  and  impose social  boycott and other  extreme  measures to force them out. Even that is  a very risky and   a problem creating job.  In view of these complexities, it is necessary that   nationalists  as vigilantes  should   prepare  lists of those who are  suspects and  expose new infiltrators  as and  when they are detected and identified.


6. One of  the  questions arising out of the  preparation of the National Register of  Citizens (NRC in Assam) is  what to do with all those among the four mln who are  not in the  NRC. 


7. The Hindu population of 30% of  Bangladesh’s has come  down to 7% . That means most Hindus have been fleeing to India ( mostly Assam) or  are converted to Islam.  Secondly, Bangladesh has not recorded the  usual high increase of its Moslem population, which means that many Bangladesh Muslims are infiltrating into Assam, West Bengal, Bihar, Delhi, Hyderabad  and of late Kerala too.


8. The situation of  the now two and more million Palestinian Moslem Arabs  who left  Israel as a  result of the  1948, 67 and 73 Arab-Israeli wars who are still  living as refugees in the West Bank  (of Jordan river )  area under  the Palestinian  Authority (PA) offers one parallel. These millions are  sheltered, fed and clothed and  looked after by the United Nations’ Refugee and Rehabilitation Authority (UNRRA). The member nations of the UN including India contribute annual sums towards  the upkeep of these   Palestinians.  India may approach the  UNRRA to take care of the  illegals in Assam.  UNRRA may  ask India  to accommodate these  four  and more millions  in Bengal,  Bihar, Delhi, Hyderabad and other places.  Another possibility is we, Bangladesh and the UN request the Organisation of  Islamic  Co-operation (OIC) of  about 60 Muslim countries to take these millions,  as Islam is said to be a frontier -less brotherhood  of believers.  For Hindus outside the NRC, as well as anywhere else in the  world  India is the  sole  country of ultimate refuge; besides they are  the fall-out of the  enforced  partition of India.  We must accept them as our citizens.  (882 words)