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Rohingyas in India?

Dt: 11/9/17


Rohingyas in India?


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


A number  of Muslim  organisations in  Hyderabad and their traditional friends, the communist parties ( CPIM, CPI, CPML…)   left, liberal, human rights activists and fellow  travelling intellectuals and   even some   English  dailies  through their editorials  have been   urging upon the  Government of India  to provide asylum to the Bengali speaking Rohingyas  who infiltrated into Myanmar since the middle of  19th century and have since furiously proliferated to overwhelm the natives  but now are expelled from Myanmar. They are objecting to the Government of India’s action to identify  these illegal entrants into India and its direction to the states  to arrange for their deportation . The partisans of   Rohingyas are  ignoring the   most significant facts.


2. The British occupied  Myanmar ( Burma then) in the  1820s. They encouraged the Bengali- speaking Muslims of East Bengal   to cross into  Myanmar on the  east and to Assam in the  north east.  The British policy was to inject minorities  into majority  areas  so that  these minorities will be the bull work for the British  raj against the majorities who will be anti-British  occupying power, Sylhet district of Assam and   the Arakan  (now Rakhine) of Burma were special targets for  infiltration. In both  these districts the Bengali –speaking  Muslims of  East Bengal had become the majority .  Sylhet had to   be ceded to  Bangladesh.  Muslim Rohingyas had always been treated  even  during the British rule  in Burna as non- Burmese citizens.  They are  foreigners  living in Burma (now Myanmar). Finding that these Rohingyas  have, through large  families are  overwhelming the  natives even the mild Buddhists had turned  against them.  There was a movement for  expulsion of   Bangladeshi  Muslim infiltrates in Assam, there have been  agitations for   expulsion of  Rohingyas from Myanmar. While in India,  the 20 mln Bangladeshi Muslims are  sheltered by their  co-religionists  and many of them are used as vote banks  by the  communist and secular  parties,  Myanmar has no such secular parties  or vote bank politics . Both the  people and the   government are  of the same mind that illegal  settlers in their  land  should be  thrown out.


3. Bangladesh from  where the Rohingyas have entered Myanmar is not willing  to take them back and settle them   in the  land of their  ancestors.   A few of them are being settled  in an uninhabited  Island of Bangladesh in the Bay of Bengal .  If the mother country does not  take,  what compelling reason is there for Bharat to take these Muslim Rohingyas ?


4. There are over 50 Muslim countries  in the  Organisation of Islamic  Convention (OIC).  According to Islam Muslims all over the world  belong to one  transnational  Islamic Umma (Islamic nation) that is, one fraternal community. None of them   is  willing to  play host  to their Muslim brethren .  Malaysia,  a Muslim country hunted these infiltrators and threw them out of that country. Saudi Arabia, one of the richest fundamentally   Islamist country  which funds madrasas and Islamisation  all over the  world,  does not  take these Rohingyas. The density* of population of all  Muslim countries   except  Pakistan and Bangladesh  is less than that of  Myanmar   - in fact, only  a fraction  .  When  none of the  50 Muslims countries including the   neighbour  Malaysia nor the mother   country does  take  them , why should India  more than  170 mln Muslims already  and with a population  density of   393/ take these  Rohingyas.   West Bengal the border  state to Bangladesh have each having   more than  1000 persons per sq.kmt.,  Delhi had 50,000 Muslims  in 1951 . They are now 15 lakhs   ( a 30 times increased). Many of them  are Bangladeshi Muslims  who have managed, courtesy secular party governments, Indian  documents.  Is not the fact that millions of  Muslims fleeing  Iraq and Syria go to  Christian countries in Europe and not to any Muslim Umma country like S.Arabia or Iran or Algeria, ominous ?  Is such infiltration calculated to Islamise non-Muslim countries?


5. A few thousand  Rohingyas   are taken to  and settled  in and around Jammu a Hindu majority area of J&K state  and not in the by now 100% Muslims Kashmir valley.  All the   400,00 Hindus and Sikhs had been   expelled  from the Kashmir Valley and are living in tents in and around Jammu and other far off  places. Why are the  Muslim Rohingyas not settled  in the Muslim majority  Kashmir   but in the  Hindu  majority Jammu if not to bring down the  Hindu  proportion  and  increase the  Muslim  proportion?


6. In India that is Bharat, Hindus and Sikhs are discriminated against in J&K which is   repeatedly asserted by all parties and government as an  inalienable part of India.  In the wake of  partition and  communal  riots in 1947,  a few thousand  Hindus and Sikhs    entered  the Jammu province    of J&K adjoining the Punjab province of  Pakistan . Till today they are denied  citizenship of J&K. They cannot get  jobs,  cannot vote  for the state legislature and  the municipalities .  Why should  the Muslim    Rohingyas be settled  in the Hindu  majority  Jammu areas  while  Hindu and Sikh   refugees from treated as aliens?


7. Very pompously, the left,  fellow -travellers   and Muslims and some  Muslim  leader are saying that India  has given  refuge to Jews  and Parsis   and Buddhists  (  Chekmas who had been  kicked  out of   Muslim Bangladesh & Tibetans, Buddhists  who had to flee the terror of the occupying   Communist China)  and Tamils from Sri Lanka.  Sri Lankas’ Tamils are  our people and  so we took, them when native  Sri Lankans asked them to quit.   The Jews and Parsis had never said  that they are  not Indians , separate nation and  that India should be partitioned to create home -lands for them ; on the  other  hand they are  great  patriots; great  industrialists and   intellectuals, scientists  and  are  more  Bharatiya   than the other Bharatiyas . Unlike the   invaders   and their  miscegenated  progeny in this country. India  can be proud of them.  Certainly it can’t be proud of  those    who  cannot be integrated, who are separatist and who are demanding and getting  separate  districts wherever they are a majority.


8. The Muslim  Rohingyas of Bangladeshi  origin    are  certainly totally unlike   the Parsis  and the Jews and the Tibetan Buddhists.  They will add to the separatists     and     some of them    will join the ranks  of  jihadists  evidence for  which  is  already forthcoming. Government of India and  patriotic citizens of this country should not  be misled by the cacophony  of the traditionally anti-Indian, anti-Hindu  elements in our population.


9. Rohingyas and other   infiltrators  into this country    must be   deported  .  If countries of their  Umma (Islamic nation) with  rich oil resources do not care for them, poor India under siege  from within and outside cannot  afford  to  add to  its teaming  millions potential jihadists . 



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(196.8/sq mi) (125th)



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1,106/km2 (2,864.5/sq mi) (10th)



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393.5/km2 (1,019.2/sq mi) (31st)



(455.8/sq mi) (76th)



(633.0/sq mi) (56th)



(518.5/sq mi) (61st)



(38.8/sq mi) (216th)



(256.4/sq mi) (110th)




 (124.3/sq mi) (162nd)


400/km2 (1,000/sq mi)



(214.2/sq mi) (125th)

West Bengal


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1,102/km2 (2,850/sq mi)


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