Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.

National Security

Self-criticism by Communists

Dt:  26/12/17


Self-criticism by Communists


The CPI  is celebrating its 92nd Jayanti.  It would be  proper  for  it to indulge in self-criticism,  a  hallowed practice in the communist parties.   


2. The  RSS was also founded round about  the same time  as the CPI.  The  offshoot of RSS, the Jana Sangh / Bharatiya Janata Party is in power in 19 States and  at the  Center in Delhi.  Why is it  that    the Communist Party is  in power  alternately BJP in Kerala and  for long in the  tiny state of  Tripura only ?  Did the more than 30-year rule of the  Communist  Parties  make any difference  to the  poverty of people in West Bengal? Why is it that the  BJP and its  allies got 39% of the popular vote in  the 2014 elections to the   Parliament and how is it  that all  Communist Parties together got no more than  3% to 4 % ? Why is it  that there is not  one Communist Party but there are 8 of them above ground and quite a few  underground  waging war against the State of India ?


3. Why is it  that   communism is totally extinct  in the former Soviet Union and East European countries  wherein the aftermath of the  Second World War  Communist Party seized power ?  Why is it   that   even China and  Vietnam have abandoned  the Communist  economy  and are   satisfied with  a single  party rule in the  name of the  Communist Party?  Why  is it that in North Korea   there is the most obnoxious dynastic rule in the name of communism ? 


4. Why is it  that the Communist Parties  partner  with  the Muslim League and the casteist  regional parties. Why is it that  they go on issuing statements   in the name of people and claim to have launched so many movements almost everyone against the government of the party in power  but inspite of  their  claims of  day and  night serving the people, people don’t  vote for them.


5. The reason is only one . The Communist  Party’s record of  anti-Hindu, anti-Indian polices and programs . Some of these  are  :


·         Support to the two-nation theory ( Muslims & Hindus  are two separate nations) of the  Muslim League and its demand for  partition of India and the creation of  Pakistan ; waging war against   the newly independent  Nehru government  during  1949-‘51; denouncing  Subhash Chandra Bose as a running dog of  Japanese fascism ; the CPI’s support to Indira Gandhi  for and during the Emergency (1975-‘77) ;  finding fault with India and  not with China  in the latter’s war against India  in 1962; the Communist Party’s support  to every demand of  the Muslim League and  Muslims in their  separatism and special rights and privileges; the CPIs support to Nizam in 1947 in the Nizam’s   declaration that he would not accede to Indian Union.

5.  Communists in India are getting splintered into more and more parties  as they get less and less  peoples  support.  But their only success has been in occupying prestigious  position in some Central   Universities   like the JNU, thanks to the gift they were given  by Indira Gandhi in return for their support  to her in 1969 when she split the Congress and was looking for street support. The Communist Party   in fact, infiltrated  its prestigious members like Mohan Kumara Mangalam,  a  Central  Committee  Member into Indira Congress.  (555 words)