Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.

National Security

All -free Praja Parties of India

Dt:  24/1/17

All -free Praja Parties of India


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



A fierce  electoral struggle is  going  on  between regional and  all-India parties in Uttar Pradesh and  four other  states ( and earlier in the  Telugu States)  to get into   power and form   governments.  In addition to spending huge  quantities of  money publicly and more clandestinely, parties are competitively  promising  so many freebies that one wonders where the  money  would  come from. 


Here is a partial list of  freebies  and privileges  that may  competitively promised and more that are not yet promised but will be given as rewards while celebrating victory.  


·         All the loans outstanding  from  farmers, students, DWACRA groups and SCs, STs & minorities will be waived.

·         Full fee reimbursements  for backwards from UG to PG studies.

·         150 units of  power for Rs. 100 to the  poor.

·         In addition to the  subsidy already  available  for  LPG refills,  Rs. 100 more  will be given as subsidy. 

·         30 Kgs of rice, 3Kg of sugar; 15 ltrs of milk; 5 ltrs of  cooking oil  one liter ghee; will be  given to the  poor every month.

·         SSC certificates  will be given to all.

·         Promises  of reservation for Muslims are made – 4.5%; 12% and 18%

·         The right to pension, right to entertainment, right to health, right to  2 BHK house and , right to  wife will be implemented by ordinance first and legislated later.

·         The demands of  50 castes to be included in the  SC category; 20 in the  ST category and 200 in the BC category will be conceded. BC will be subdivided into MBC (most  backward);  EBC( extraordinarily backward)  and UBC (utterly and totally backward).  The Constitution will be got amended to over- ride the decision of Supreme Court limiting  reservations to 50%.

·         Reservations for SCs, STs, BCs, minorities  and others will be made  in the  private sector companies also.

·         In every village one langar ( free food service)  will be   opened for providing  two meals and  one breakfast for all  poor people  every day.

·         Every unemployed person will be given Rs. 5000 per month.


·         Marriages  will be performed at  government expense for all   poor people.   Upto  Rs.50,000 will be given  for jewellery for the  bride.

·         The kitchens of  minorities,  SCs, STs  will be given a gas cylinder, stove, mixture microwave and fridge .

·         Persons  of  among minorities, SCs and  STs will be given every year a pair of shoes ;  3 Pairs of pants and shirts, 3 sarees and a bicycle and  smart phones.

·         Those females will be given coupons for 10 litre petro/diesel per month . They will be given state  dinners  like Iftar and Christmas .

·         Age limit for  entry to government service will be  raised to 45; retirement will be at 75.

·         One  member in each family will be  entitled to  a B.Tech degree and one for an MBBS degree. The rest will be given B.Com,  MBA or MCA degree

·         In order to  promote  freedom of  religion,  those who  convert  to the minority religions  will be given   one time  grant   of  Rs. 5,00,000. 

·         Those high  caste families who give their  daughters in marriage to  lower caste people will be honoured and rewarded with a onetime grant of Rs. 5 lakhs.

·         5 districts  in UP will be designated as  Christian and 28 districts  will be declared as Muslim districts (25 in UP; 3 in Uttarakhand). Intensive development  will be  carried  out.

·         Free flow of   foreign currency into various  organisations devoted to the welfare of the  weaker  sections and  minorities  will be allowed .

·         Separate  universities, banks, courts and financial institutions will be established for minorities. 

·         There will be no property, professional and service etc. taxes for SCs, STs, BCs and minorities.

·         10 Muslim and 5 Christian universities will be established.

·         Separate Boards will be constituted for selection of  minorities, SCs, STs and  BCs for government jobs.  They will be given guaranteed and accelerated  promotions.

·         There will be quotas for different communities for state awards ( Padma series),sports teams, Doctorates ,Ph.Ds, MBAs etc.

·         Scholarships for foreign studies at Rs. 25 lakhs (per year per student will be given -  1000 for minorities, 500 each for BCs, SCs, STs.

·         International Institutes for Studies in Islam, Christianity and Communism; Haj and  Christian Houses will be established for benefit of minorities

·         Pilgrimages of minorities to their  Holy Cities/ Lands abroad will be fully funded by government

·         Minority Development Cess at 10% of property tax will be collected from non-minority holdings.

·         India-Darshan at government expense will be funded for  poor families.

·         The UN will be moved to declare  India as  a backward  country  of poor people and minorities; 17% reservation for Indians in all the jobs in the UN, World Bank and Asian  Development Bank and other  organs of UN will be demanded. Those  jobs  will be distributed among SCs, STs,   minorities, BCs within the  country for their  rapid  development.

·         In order to raise  resources, just as China leased Hong Kong and Macao for 100 years to Britain and Portugal respectively, in return for peace and  money Kashmir to Pakistan and   Arunachal Pradesh to China   would be  leased out. (834 words)