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Js. Rajender Sachar Report - Re-hash of the Muslim Leagues Pirpur Report (1938)

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Js. Rajender Sachar Report -

Re-hash of the  Muslim Leagues  Pirpur Report (1938)


Dr T.H.Chowdary*



In the  wake of  Second  World War all the Congress ministries  in the provinces resigned in 1939.   The event was celebrated on Friday, 22 December 1939 as Deliverance  Day, deliverance of Muslims from the   Hindu Congress rulers’ oppression and enslavement of Muslims during 1937-’39.


2. The All India Muslim League appointed a  Committee under the chairmanship of  the Raja of Pirpur (U.P).  Raja Syed Mohammed Mahdi,  a Mogul Scion.  The Pirpur Report was published towards the  end of  1938.


The Bihar Provincial Muslim League appointed another  committee of Inquiry under the  Chairmanship of S M Shareef. It produced in March 1939 a report of Congress Hindu atrocities on Muslims in Bihar.

A third Report on Muslim Sufferings  Under Congress Rule was produced by Fazlul Huq of Bengal, in Dec 1939.


The Pirpur report held that the use of the  Congress flag,  the use of the  National Song, Vendematarm,  the reverence paid to Mahatma Gandhi, the policy of cow protection and the use of Hindi etc., are  attacks on the civil and cultural  rights of the  Muslims .


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3. The atrocities committed by Congress (Hindus) Rule during 1937-’39, according to these reports were:

·         Hindi  is being foisted upon Muslims and their   language Urdu is being eliminated

·         Muslims are forced to sing  Vandemataram which is against their religion

·         The Congress ministers were favoring  Hindus and discriminating against  Muslims

·         Muslim culture  is  being eliminated

·         Muslims and Islam are insulted. Police forces are    baised in faovur  of Hindus  .

·         Recruitment  of  Muslims  to government jobs is being reduced

·         The Muslim religion is in danger of extinction by various  acts of commission and  omission by the  Congress Hindus governments.

·         Vidya Mandirs arr established. Mandir means temple. So Muslim children are forced to worship idols.

·         Wardha scheme of education, Nayee Taaleem  evolved by a committee headed by Dr. Zakir Hussain) is forced on Muslim children.  Dance and music are part of Nayee Taalim; they are  repugnant to Islam.  Muslim children are  being forcibly Hinduised.

·         Congress is banning cow-slaughter. But beef is Muslims favourite  food. So Hindus rule means denial of good food for Muslims .

·         Hindu governments are praising   Gandhi and non-violence. We cannot accept non-violence as a creed.

·         Under Hindu Congress rule, Muslims are  humiliated; Hindus are being arrogant towards Muslims.

·         Hindus are  taking processions in front of  mosques.

·         Aajaan ( Muezzin’s call to Muslims for prayer) is being objected ad  obstructed  


4. The Jamiat-ulama-i-Hind, an organization of  Muslim divines politically aligned to the  Congress (!) was critical of the  Congress ideology. It criticised the  Wardha  education  scheme of propagating that every religion of the world is true   on  the ground that this  is  un-Islamic. It further  said that it could not subscribe to the  Congress philosophy of non-violence as a creed  but only as a policy; it was of the view that non-violence could be contrary to the teachings of the Koran.  …It suggested that the Congress policy and the philosophy were likely to subvert  Muslims’ culture and thus indirectly supported  the  allegations of the Muslim League against the  Congress.  In Jan 1942…. Jinnah told   Mr. Lumley,  the Governor of Bombay that   Muslims had sampled the Congress rule  (1937-’39) and  were determined not to submit to any constitution which would install (Hindu) Congress domination over the whole  country. the  general feeling among the  Muslims of all classes was  that  the  Hindu Raj had arrived. They held that the Wardha scheme of education did not allow freedom of thought, expression and discussion. It encouraged  intolerance was creating uncertain future for urdu; …Hindi is an imposition  on Muslims”.


5. Even after Independence in Aug 1947, while India’s Constitution was being drafted, “nationalist” Moslems, including Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, were pleading for reservations for Muslims.  Sardar Patel was the  Chairman of the Minorities Commitee.  Under his leadership, this Committee and there after the  Consembly, unanimously decided to do away with reservations for Moslems and other religious minorities  (Is it not significant that Congress “nationalist” Muslims (like Maulana Azad in the past) Ghulam Nabi Azad,..Salman  Khurshid etc., are again asking for reservations for Muslims ! Sardar Patel very aptly quipped  that the  only nationalist Muslim in Congress was Jawaharlal Nehru)



6. The  Js. Sachar’s report is more or less  amplification and  updation of the  Pirpur Shareef and  Fazlul Huq’s reports of Hindu oppression of  Muslims. It has said that Muslims present in government jobs, their admission  to educational  institutions credit for Muslims  entrepreneurs  are all  reduced  ; Muslims are living  in fear for their life culture  & religion and so on. Almost all the charges against  the  1937-39 Congress governments  are with a change in language incorporated in Sachar report.  In the 1930s, the British  were there to recognize   Muslims’ grievances as facts and  help the  Muslim League  to gain   almost the  full r support  of  all Muslims in India. The  UPA-II government led by  the lady of  foreign origin and with a Prime Minister who has run away from Pakistan and taken refuge in India,  have launched the Muslims First  programs (to satisfy and uplift Muslims to parity with Hindus). What were done during the 11th Plan under Muslim First programs  are given in the Annexure.


7.  Now comes another recommendation to be   implemented. Prime Minister  Man Mohan Singh has written  to all the state governments  that in every police  station there should be at least one Muslim police man. This is damnation not only of the  secular  nature of the  state but of   Hindus in their entirety.  The Prime Minister and his government are  believing that the entire police  force is Hindu- biased and is oppressive of and insensitive to Muslims.  Very soon, the same   should be extended to   Christians also. Progressively,  Hindus will be depicted as murderers of Muslims & Christians; minorities.  That would be the  justification for passing the Prevention of Communal and  Targeted Violence Bill. The bill presumes that every riot is started only by Hindus; it  provides that whosoever is complained against  by the minorities should be immediately arrested.  The complaint could be  anonymous. Any speech or a song  alleged to be offensive to the minority (Muslims & Christians). Can be complained against as offending the  minorities. Police are obliged to act upon it. They should also take appropriate action against the person and inform the complainant  periodically.


8. The rot and offensive on Hindus began when Indira Gandhi was the Prime Minister.   Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed was the minister in the Congress government in Assam. He was facilitating the mass illegal influx of Bangladeshi Muslims into Assam.  On extensive complaints and agitations from “Communal” Hindus, Indira  Gandhi  brought Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed into her cabinet in Delhi to reduce his facilitation of the illegal influx of Bangladeshi Muslims into Assam. In Sept 25, 1969 there was the founding convention for Organisation of  Islmaic Conference (OIC) in Rabbat,  Morocco .  Indira Gandhi sent her Cabinet   minister, Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed with an application seeking India’s admission into the OIC. India, by its Constitution is a secular  state.  It did not  occur to Indira  as to  how  a secular state should  join the  Islamic Conference  as a Member country. The organizers of the  OIC were wiser. They did not admit   India   into their conference. They said that unless India  is declared  as  a Muslim  country or as an Islamic Republic, it would not be admitted into their OIC. So the  efforts to please Muslims  initiated  by Jawaharlal  Nehru by the Haj pilgrimage  subsidy  Act in 1959, has been   growing in scope  and intensity.  By now, this country has come to be ruled  by  people  not of this country’s’ origin. Actions for re- subjugation of   Hindus  to  alien  rule  intensified and since Hindus are  de-Indainised by secular  education, initiated by the Nehru’s Dynasty, the onslaught of aliens  is increasing,  in a creeping manner.  It is facilitated by secularists, Marxists, leftists, progressives, Maoists, conversion  enterprises and vote -hungry regional parties whose proprietary leaders are  casteists, establishing Dynastic leadership/ownership of their own like that of India’s oldest party, now taken over by the I-Command. 





The  UPA -II government has proudly advised the following special  benefits and  privileges  conferred on the Muslim minority during the  11th five -year plan period

·         The  plan is the  15 point special programme  of the   Prime Minister  for  the benefit of  minorities

·         14.1 mln Muslim students had been given  scholarships.

·         For  Muslims  upto year 2011 Rs. 1,54,799 cr of  loans  had been given in the priority sector.

·         The % of Muslim employees in the central government has gone up  from 6.93% to 11.99%

·         Under the  special loan giving scheme Rs. 877.21 cr   had been distributed  to 4,67,909 Muslims 

·         The equity of the  National Minority  Development  Finance Corporation had been increased from Rs. 375 cr to Rs. 875 cr

·         The Corpus Fund of Mualana Azad Education Foundation  had been  increased from Rs. 200cr to Rs. 750cr

·         Government resolved to give 4.5% reservation to  Muslims within the   27% meant for BCs.

·         To develop  Muslim villages, Rs. 3,734 cr had been sanctioned.   Rs. 3,01,556 Indiramma Avas Yojana Houses, 27,797 Anganwadi centers , 686 madrasa  schools ; 13,825 additional  class rooms; 332 hostels ; 34,553 drinking in water facilities; 2,624 health centers; 71  and 31 polytechnics had been opened in 90 districts where Muslims are  in great  numbers. 

·         To give  post-metric  scholarships  online  scholarship for  85 lakh Muslim students management system has been opened

·         Special  programs to develop Muslim women as leaders  are launched.

·         Special schemes to develop skills among Muslims are launched .

·         All the wakf records are being computerized

(In A.P, government budget monies are  given for repair and construction of Mosques, Haj House, Urdu Ghars, Shadi Khanas all for Muslims )


2. With all these, the 90 districts will soon become  Muslim majority districts. Hindus would be made to flee from there just as from Kashmir Valley. They are being developed  so that they will ask  for  autonomy like in Kashmir and afterwards,   ask for secession from India to form a Federation of Indian Pakistans. All the money meant for this development is being taken from Hindu tax payers. This is undeclared  zezia which used to be imposed by Muslim rulers in India in medieval times and strictly enforced by Aurangzeb.  It was this  discriminatory treatment severely enforced by Aurangzeb  that   led to the resurgence  of Hindu resistance to   Islamic rule  under the leadership of Chatrapati Sivaji. The Marathas  established  Hindu Pada Padashahi. The Muslim rule in  India  was wiped out, not  Muslims. It is a historic  fact that the  rulership of India  passed to the British not from any Muslim ruler but from the Marathas and Sikhs. The Marathas were  beaten by the British because the latter had superior arms and  there were enough Hindu traitors to collaborate with them. Even now there are  many  traitors like a former Chief Minister of a large state, who are  collaborating for the  restoration of the  minority rule in the country.


3. Js.Rajendra Sachar committee report is  an updated and inflated  version of the   Raja Pirpur report

·         During the rule of the  Congress in seven  Provinces  in 1937-39, the  Muslim League appointed three committees  headed by Raja of Pirpur, U.P Fazlul Hucq of Bengal and Shareef of Bihar. They produced  reports that the Congress was Hinduising India  and   suppressing  Muslims.  Their main chargers were:

·         Vandemataram is  being sung in schools and in public meetings. This is offensive to Islam.

·         These governments are talking  of cow protection. Beef, the food of Muslims  is being  denied to them.

·         They are using  Hindi instead  of Urdu

·         In  schools, there is Saraswathi vandana which  is offensive  to Muslims

·         There was the Vidya Mandir scheme. The Hindu Congress  governments are trying to make  Muslims idol-worshippers and  temple  goers

·         The Congress flag is being flown everywhere, which is  offensive to  Muslims.

·         Processions are  going in front of  mosques

·         The   call, Aazan of the Muezzin is being  obstructed

·         Muslim  culture and religion  are being suppressed. Muslims  are harassed and humiliated

·         Muslim are being discriminated adversely for recruitment to  government jobs and  admissions to schools.

·         There is a concerted move to make India  a Hindu Rashtra.

·         The Js. Sachar Report has more or less reiterated all these and goes beyond by suggesting what should be done.  The  Prime Minister’s Muslim First program of converting 90 districts in India into  Muslim districts with special grants and facilities and privileges for development of  Muslims is the outcome of Js. Sachar (Pirpur) Report.