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Terrorism, Religion, Nationality and Civilization


Dt:  2/11/22

Terrorism, Religion, Nationality and Civilization

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The UN’s Security Council’s Counter Terrorism  Committee consisting of 15 Member Nations  met in  Bombay and Delhi on 28 & 29 Oct.  Its Delhi Declaration  states inter alia  , “ terrorism should not be  associated with any religion, nationality, civilization or ethnic group”. These are very high  sounding and lofty words. But the reality is quite different.  This declaration  maybe politically correct but  factually incorrect, especially in relation to religion.


2. For instance   the terrorist and murderous actions of some Muslim groups in Afghanistan, Syria,  Iraq, Pakistan , Somalia   Nigeria  etc.,   pompously and proudly  assert that it is  in fulfilment of the  obligations of  every truly believing Muslim that they are carrying out  these murderous activities .  They relate their actions to jihad as proclaimed in the Holy Koran and exemplified by jihads waged by Muslim armies in history. When they are  so proudly invoking Islam in justification of their  actions never once  has the  62 Member countries of  Organization of  Islamic Co-operation (OIC) nor any famous university like Al Azhar in Cairo or  any other  intellectual or religious organization of Islam  has  condemned these actions. Is it not necessary that when  the



terrorist and murderous actions are carried out in the name of  Islam  including   the sectarian terrorism within Islam ( Sunnis against Shias Ahmadiyas…)   those who say that  the terroristic actions  are not  inspired by  or associated with Islam,  should create international  armed forces in order to  detect  and hunt down  those like  the Islamic terrorist  organization  and put an end to terrorism  ? In the absence of such  united action, assertion of  Islam  as a religion of peace, sound hollow and    misleading .  Is it not  appropriate to recall the  pronouncement of William Gladstone, three times Prime Minister of United Kingdom in the House of Commons.  Waving the  Holly Koran,  he declared “ as long as there is this Book, there will be no peace in the  world”  (P 59, Muhammed and The  Quran by Dr Rafiq Zakaria). The  UN Security Council  must not indulge in misleading  declarations .


An UNESCO declaration states,

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men

 that the defenses of peace must be constructed.”



3.  The Counter Terrorism Committee of the UN Security Council  must inspire nations by telling truths and not make  merely politically acceptable declarations.  (392 words)