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Sar Sangh Sanchalak Mohan Bhagawatji’s Outreach to Muslims

Dt:  10/10/22

Sar  Sangh Sanchalak Mohan Bhagawatji’s Outreach  to Muslims

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


The Sangh Chief  deserves  our admiration and thanks for  very  graciously and boldly  reaching out  to some  Muslim intellectuals  with a view  to bring about  reconciliation  between Muslims and Hindus and thereby bring about Hindu Muslim unity which has been a mirage  after which  so many India’s Mahatmas  tried to reach.  This outreach attempt  has been dismissed by Sri Asaduddin Owaisi  whose All India  Majlis Ittehadul Muslameen (AIMIM)  is the successor   to the  MIM  of  Nizam’s  Hyderabad  state.  The MIM  founded in the year 1928 ( converted into All India  MIM in 1958) became most  Islamist and militant under the leadership of  Kasim Razvi  in the period 1946-48 .  Kasim Razvi converted the MIM through its  staunch  followers  into a  fanatically Islamist  fascist organization   which wanted  to realize  the substance of the 1938 amendment  to its constitution in:


“The person and the throne  of the  king of this  country, Hyderabad are   emanations of the political sovereignty and  social  supremacy of their community and  shall be maintained forever”.


2. Kasim Razvi raised   about 300,000  militant  Muslims  known as  Razakars ( volanteers) to realize  the aspiration of   flying the  Ashaf jhahi flags on the  Redfort  of Delhi .    Here are some Kasim Razvi’s  fulminations and rants in the 1946 – Sept 1948 period.


·         After the rally at the  end of the “Weapons Weak” on 31-03-1948 was over, Razvi ranted: Hyderabad is an Islamic State.  the Indian Union is trying to wipe out this Muslim rule from the  Deccan. Remember that there are  four-and-a-half crores of  Muslims in the   Dominion, looking to us to raise the banner of this  Islamic  State...


·         On another occasion Kasim Rajvi roared,A Hindu who is a kafir, a worshipper of stone and  monkey (laughter), who drinks cow’s urine and  eats cow dung in the  name of  religion (renewed laughter) , and who is a barbarian, in every sense of  the word, wants to rule us!  What an ambition and  what a day-dream!...”

·         On May 3, 1948,  he roared, “Muslims have always created a new geography for themselves .  very soon the  boundaries of Hyderabad  will expand for beyond Delhi, and the Asafia Flag will fly over Delhi. Yes, I am seeing the  Nizam (Asafe-Sabia) marching towards Delhi”.) ( Sri K Chandrasekhara Rao ha snow the same ambition to  capture power  of the  Indian Union government in Delhi)

·         On June 10, 1948  he said, “Following the example of Muslims of early days they should not remain content  with the  small piece of  Pakistan ... . We are re-writing the  map of  India  by bringing  together a union of Jumna and Musi ( the river which flows through  by Hyderabad).  We are the  grandsons of  Mahmood Ghaznavi and the  sons of  Babar (were they Indians or foreigners).  When determined, we shall fly the  Asaf Jahi flag on the Red Fort”.

·         In another  speech on June 12, raved, “ My Hindu brethren, the  Muslims have  ruled  over you (Hindus ) for 900 years; therefore, I have sympathy with you. If I  had  wished, I could  have exterminated you. ( A Muslim leader of Hyderabad declared in 2014 that if the  Indian Army did not intervene for 15 mnts, his men could wipe out all this not inspired by Razvi).”



3. Hindu -Muslim unity   became the mission of  Mahatma Mohandas  (Karamchand) Gandhi . In Sept 1944 after his release  from prison  Mahatma Mohandas  walked to Muslim League’s supremo  Md Ali Jinnah’s mansion  in Malbar Hill  of  Mumbai  on 17 occasions in the month . He humiliated himself inorder to    persuade and convince Quaid -e- Azam that  partition of India  to create  Pakistan  was  wrong and should not be  pursued by Md. Aali  Jinnah . Jinnah Sahib dismissed Gandhi once even  asking whom he was representing to which  Gandhiji had answered that he did not represent    the Congress or any other  organization  but as a  humble Indian  citizen he was trying to prevent the partition  of the common mother land.  


4. After partition, independent India  in the fond  hope   to   change the mindset of the  Muslims living in India post-1947 Aug (who had overwhelmingly voted for the partition and Pakistan demanding  Muslim League in the 1946 general elections and even staged deadly riots (Direct Action, 16 Aug 1946 and thereafter)  that   they should integrate with the   rest of India  citizens and  foster and promote  and strengthen a common Indian nation hood, in Sept 1961  Prime Minister Nehru    created  the National  Integration Council (NIC) to address communalism , casteism, regionalism and linguism .  It had 147 members including Chief Ministers and  some eminent intellectuals .  The unfortunate fact is  that the much sought - after Hindu- Muslim unity is  still proving  illusive and  is in fact becoming more and more divisive,  with some militant  Muslim organisations  taking to terrorism,  inspired   by some Mullahs  and other religious  clerics  through fiery speeches,  instilling  the spirit of   us as believers  and others  as kafirs to be converted or exterminated.  A number  of  Muslim parties have come up in different parts of the country   extending from  Kerala  (IUML,  PFI, SDP…) to Assam (AIUDF) each one  becoming more   stridently separatist  and Islamist, picking up issues like  hijab and citizenship amendment act  as triggers. (865 words)