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Reconciliation with Muslim Community

Dt:  29/9/22

Reconciliation with Muslim Community

( Para- 1 is the letter I  wrote to the  Indian Express  as comment for its editorial on the above subject on 26/9/22)


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


“The saintly  Mahatma Gandhi’s 30- year long  efforts  to bring about  Hindu Muslim understanding and  unity , even his involving  the secular national Congress in the   Muslim community’s  khilafat movement  and even the offer of  Prime Ministership of United India   to Muslim League’s Md. Ali Jinnah could not  lead  to unity and the avoidance of the  vivisection of India  in 1947 ,although Gandhiji said  that it would be done only over his dead body  it is indeed a great and daring   effort  of  Sri Mohan Bhagawat, the   RSS Chief  to hope  that he could bring about reconciliation with the Muslim community  and keep the nation without strife.  Let all  people fondly and hopefully pray to gods that   Mohan Bhagawat ji  may succeed  where Mahatma failed  and despaired to the extent that  he did not wish to live any longer” .


2. The well- intentioned Bhagawat ji  often mentions that Hindus and Muslims have the same  DNA and so  Hindu-Muslim reconciliation and unity and brother-hood should be possible.  Don’t we witness  sons of the same  parents  fighting murderously over property and other  affairs ? Did  the  same DNA  and  even the same religion prevent the war between Bengali people of East Pakistan and  Pakistan   in 1971.


3. The roots of strife  between Muslims  and non-Muslims   are in the  theology of Islam which divides humanity into  momins  (believers) and kafirs  (non-Muslims) and calls upon believers to strive (jihad) to covert non-Muslims to Islam.  Discerning persons  cannot but recall the famous pronouncement  of England’s Prime Minister, William Edward Gladstone  in the  House of



Commons ;  waving  the  Holy  Koran he said, “so long as  there is this book , there will be no peace in the world” ( quote from page 51  of Dr Rafiq Zakaria’s book, “Mohammad and the Koran”, Penguin books 1991  ) . Gladstone was Prime Minister of England for 12 years in 4 consecutive  terms between 1861 & 1894.


4. To know about the  theological basis that there could be no friendship, no brotherhood or no peace between Muslims and non-Muslims,  especially Hindu dharmis , one can read the book, “Calcutta Koran Case” by Sri Sitaram Goel ,  a Voice of India  Publication in which about  80 Ayats  which incite and promote  intolerance , hatred, and violence against  non-Muslims are listed.


5. Unless Hindus and other non-Muslims , especially their intellectuals and leaders read these Ayats ( as well as  Hadiths)   there could be no worthwhile defences against Hindu-Muslim strife or for Hindu-Muslim unity. The  activities  of  Popular Front of India (PFI) , All India Majlis Ittehad Muslameen (AIMIM),  All Indian United Democratic Front (AIUDF), Socialist Democratic Party (SDP),  Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) etc., are all inspired by the theology of  Islam. Of these the PFI has been clandestinely  indoctrinating  the Muslim youth and training them  for unleashing violence on Hindus.



Maulana Md.Ali  a leader of the khilafat movement called Mahatma Gandhi  a brother when Indian National Congress became a partner of the khilafat movement in the hope that it would lead to Hindu-Muslim unity in the fight for freedom of India. When khilafat movement came to naught as the Sultan of Turkey  was deposed and expelled, speaking at  Aligarh and Ajmere (1924) Maulana Md. Ali  said:

“However pure Mr. Gandhi’s character may be, he must appear to be from the point of view of religion inferior to any Musalaman, even though he be without character”.


The Statement created a great stir. Many did not believe that Mr. Mohamed Ali, who testified to so much veneration for Mr. Gandhi was capable of entertaining such ungenerous and contemptuous sentiments about him.  When Mr. Mohamed Ali was speaking in a meeting held at Amina Baug  Park in Lucknow, he was asked whether the sentiments attributed to him were true.  Mr. Mohamed Ali without any hesitation or compunction replied.


Yes! According to my religion and creed, I do hold an adulterous and a fallen Musalman to be  better than Mr. Gandhi”


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