Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Justices these….

Dt:  30/8/22


Justices these….


Dr T.H.Chowdary*




Susri  Jayalalitha the  once  colorful Chief Minister  of  Tamilnadu  died  (5 Dec 2016) after a long illness while under treatment  in a corporate hospital in Chennai.  There were doubts as to whether the  death was the  result of a conspiracy  by a confidant of hers. To probe the causes of death a Commission  headed by a retired Judge,  Sri A Arumugasamy  was appointed. The venerable judge submitted a 500 page report   on 27 Aug 2022 to  Thiru M K Stalin , Chief Minkster  of Tamilnadu.   The five  year long inquiry  saw  14 extensions !  During its  long  period the Hon’ble  Judge has several perks all at government expense.


2.  Sri Manmohan Singh Liberhan the former Chief Justice of Andhra Pradesh   High Court  who was appointed as a Commission   of  Inquiry on 16/12/1992 to inquire into   who were responsible,  who conspired  to demolish the Babri structure in Ayodhya on 6 Dec 1992.   After several extensions   Js. Liberhan submitted  the 1029 page report in Nov 2009 (that is after  17 years labour). This was debated in the Lok Sabha on the 22 Dec 2009.


 3. During these long yeas ( 17 for Liberahan and  5 for Arumugasamy)  the  retired Hon’ble Judges  received  salary and  other perks.



4. And now following Chief Justice of  India  Sri N V Ramana’s retirement (26-08-22) government  has made life after retirement for the judges  more comfortable.   The retired CJI will get a rent free  6 months  accommodation in Delhi ; round the  clock security   cover at home and  a personal guard for 5 years for  retired  CJI and 3 years for retired  Supreme Court  judges.  Further the government will bear  upto  Rs. 42,000 plus taxes per month as expenses incurred by retired Supreme Court  judges including  CJIs as charges  for use of  residential  telephone mobile phones, broad band, mobile data  …. That is not all. If they are travelling by air a retired  CJI or Judge  of the  Supreme Court   can make use of the ceremonial lounge   facilities  offered by airports across the country  free of cost. If  a retired  CJI  of  the  Supreme Court is already provided a higher grade security  on the basis of   threat perception, the higher grade security already provided would continue.  These  amended rules are made and  promulgated on 23 Aug 2022,  3 days  before Sri Ramana’s retirement.  Rules were also amended to provide  office and  domestic aids  and  secretary assistance to the retired Supreme Court  Judges for one year from the date of  retirement.

5.  These judges  while in office   made eloquent and authoritative statements in favour of the poor   and deprived. They said right to life guaranteed in the constitution is right to decent life.  Eloquent  expression of  kindness to the poor  and authoritative pronouncement that the government  shall look after the poor is  the characteristic of these  worthies while in office.  But  their entitlement  after  retirement to facilities  is  compensation for their “poverty” and austerity while in service.


6. The moral is: talk about the poor, sympathise and  elevate them to  God-hood as Daridra Narayan;  after retirement enjoy the princes’ privileges.  We will see more and more elevation of the poor,  dalits and minorities to narayanhood and also more post-retirement perks to the Lordships – just as for MPs, MLAs….. (539 words)