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Sonia Maino - Narendra Modi Congress - BJP: A Contrast

Dt:  26/7/22

Sonia Maino - Narendra Modi

Congress - BJP: A Contrast


-Dr T H Chowdary*


When the Js.Shah Commission was investigating into the  Emergency (1975-77) excesses committed by the  government , Sanjay Gandhi was called to appear before the Commission. He collected a huge crowd of  Congress- men to stand in his path to the Commission .  He said he would not be  able to appear because  of the  obstacles created by the crowd of the  Congress - men. Thus was his   interrogation for the day frustrated and the Congress- men  were used to facilitate the situation .


2. Exactly the same thing is  being done when the Enforcement Department  (ED ) called  Rahul Gandhi and latter Sonia  Gandhi to appear before it for investigation into the  thousands of crores of rupees scam involved in the  acquisition of National Herald by the  Sonia family.  The inquiry into this was started when the UPA government directed by Sonia Gandhi  itself was in power  on a complaint  from the redoubtable Subramanian Swamy.  All over the country  Congress-men are directed to demonstrate before  the ED offices.  Congress -men  are used as storm troopers  to obstruct and prevent  the inquiry by the  E D. In other  words, the Congress party is  used to protect the  properties and proprietorship of the  mother-son-daughter Congress.


3. In the  1980s there was the  Bofors scam involving Rajiv Gandhi (actually Sonia Gandhi) . At that time  whole of India   resounded with the  slogans  :


Gali gali mein shore hai

Rajiv Gandhi chore hai

At that time there was still some decency and therefore  Congress- men were not  directed  to counter the sloganeers.  But  the gali gali mein slogan and  chant did fell the Congress party from power  in the 1989 elections to the Lok Sabha.


4. Now let us contrast this affair with that involving Sri Narendra Modi.


5. In 2002 Narendra Modi was the  Chief  Minister of Gujarat. Dozens of  Ram Bhaktas returning from Ayodhya were burnt alive  in a  train in Godhra  Railway station . Consequently, there were  deadly riots in Ahmedabad where more Muslims than Hindus were at the  receiving end for some time.  Stooges  like  Teesta Sitalwad  reportedly guided  and financed by Ahmed Patel, the  Sonia loyalist  foisted cases accusing  Narendra Modi  as the person responsible for instigating the slaughter of Muslims in Ahmedabad.  In the  subsequent investigations  Narendra Modi  Chief Minister appeared before every inquiry committee  peacefully and  in obedience  to all  summons.  The  BJP neither in Gujarat nor  elsewhere  in India  called upon its cadres  to demonstrate against the inquiry into Mr Modi’s case  and thwart or frighten the  inquiring body .


6. The contract shows that the Congress has been converted into the property of the    mother-son-daughter  trio  (misleadingly having the suffix    Gandhi ) and the  Congress- men into  servants of that proprietary concern.


7.  The amount involved  in the  National Herald  case is many times larger than what was involved in the  Bofors  scam. Congress -men want that  the mother -son-daughter should be above criticism and exempt from any  investigation  or criticism just as one prophet  is also above  criticism.


8. The BJP should  speak about and enlighten the public in this regard- contrast between the behavior of  the mother -son duo and  Narendra  Modi. (529 words)