Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


“Modi ! Tasmaat Jaagratah!” (Headline in Eenadu of 28-04-2022)




“Modi ! Tasmaat Jaagratah!”

(Headline in Eenadu of 28-04-2022)

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


While addressing the 21st Plenary session of the  Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Sri K. Chandrasekhara Rao garu (Chief Minister of Telangana State) challenged the Union government, denounced all its policies, and warned Sri Narendra Modi. He dared Sri Modi to show a single achievement of which India ca be proud; called for new economic policy, new development policy,  new agricultural policy, new social welfare and justice policies, new everything (but significantly not for a new government  in Telangana) . His tone, challenges, and defiances  make us recall Kasim Razvi’s speeches all derogatory to India and defamatory Hindus, especially Sardar Patel. Razvi determined  and bent the Nizam  to rule  Hyderabad state as a Muslims’ sovereign Islamic state. He declared that  sovereignty  vested in Muslims and the Islamic Nizam’s armies would fly the   Nizam’s flag on the  Red Fort in Delhi.  He asserted that soon the waters of Bay of Bengal would wash the feet or Nizam ! and the  Rayalaseema districts once ceded to the British, would be repossessed  by the  Nizam.


2. In November 1947, Razvi met Sardar Patel  in Delhi . Here is part of the conversation .

‘Why don’t you let Hyderabad remain independent?’ asked Razvi.


‘I have gone beyond all possible  limits. I have conceded to Hyderabad what I did not  concede to any other State,’ returned Sardar.




‘But I want you to  understand the difficulties  of Hyderabad, ‘ pursued Razvi.

‘I don’t see any difficulty, unless you have come to  some understanding with  Pakistan, was Sardar’s reply.


“If you do not see our  difficulties, we will not yield,’ cried Razvi working himself up to a state of excitement.  We shall fight and die to the  last man for  Hyderabad.


“How can I stop you from committing suicide if you want to? Sardar blandly replied.

‘You do not know the  Muslims of Hyderabad; repeated Razvi. ‘We shall sacrifice everything for our  independence.”


3. On 31st March 1948, at the end of “Weapons Weak, addressing a rally of  his Razaakars, Razvi  ranted:

Hyderabad is an Islamic State.  the Indian Union is trying to wipe out this Muslim rule from the  Deccan. Remember that there are  four-and-a-half crores of  Muslims in the   Dominion, looking to us to raise the banner of this  Islamic  State...

“Power has come to the  hands of  the  Indian  Union after one thousand years They are not capable of  ruling. that is the reason why they lost it to the  Muslims .  Now, when that power has come to them, they think they can browbeat us and  terrorise us by bullying  and blustering...


“When once the Indian Union makes any aggression on us, remember the  41/2 crores of Muslims will raise the  banner of  revolt. We will give back in the  same coin and speak to them in the   same  language that they will understand...


( In addition to Muslims all over India, “federalists” led by DMK’s Stain, TMC’s Mamata, RJD’s Lalloo and son Tejasvi, Samajwadi’s Akhilesh Yadav, (renegade) Shiv Sena’s Uddhav Thackeray .Tukde-tukde Marxists Yechuri, Brinda Karat, D. Raja and Narayana, AAP’s Kejriwal, AIMIM’s Owaisi will raise the banner of revolt…)

4. On June 10, 1948, Razvi raved,

Following the example of Muslims of early days they should not remain content  with the  small piece of  Pakistan ... . We are re-writing the  map of  India  by bringing  together a union of Jumna and Musi ( the river which flows through  by Hyderabad).  We are the  grandsons of  Mahmood Ghaznavi and the  sons of  Babar (were they Indians or foreigners).  When determined, we shall fly the  Asaf Jahi flag on the Red Fort.


‘They (the Muslims ) would not be  content with one  Pakistan in the  Deccan, ‘‘ They would knit India and the  world  into Pakistan .  Did not their  forebears do the same thing 1,300 years ago?’ he concluded”.


All the words in quotes are from the book “End of Era” by K.M. Munshi published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.


5. Sri KCR’s speech on 27 April 2022, and its tone  of defiance to the serried ranks of TRS men and women challenge very much resemble that of the  Razakar’s  salar, Kasim Razvi, The contempt for and contest with Narendra Modi  was heralded on 27 April 2022.


6. Sri KCR  has been performing a number of yagnas  and also  built magnificent  temples  in Yadadri for   Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy and  Lord Shiva.   He is befriending the  rabidly anti-Hindu Islamist   All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslameen (AIMIM) and its supremo  Sri Asaduddin Owaisi in order to secure   the votes of the Muslims  enblock for his party.  In the company of the   successor to the Razakars, it is not   surprising  that he is speaking the language of  Kasim Razvi who challenged the might of the Indian Union  in general and  Sardar Patel, the Home Minister and the Iron Man of  India in particular .  We will see where  his contestation  and  confrontation with the Indian Union  and Sri Modi in the name of  federalism  will lead him,  hopefully not unlike  Kasim Razvi and Rajakars.  (837 words)