Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.




Dt:  26/4/22


Dr T.H.Chowdary*


1)      Comrades and America

Com. Narayana is the General Secretary of  the Communist  Party  of India.  He had a bereavement in April 2022 in the passing away of  his wife, Smt.Vasumathi Devi also a communist.  Communists  on almost all occasions denounce America as an imperialist exploitative power. It is also accused of  indulging in “regime changes” and controlling the  World Bank and such institutions  bearing aloft  the banner capitalism and private enterprises.


2. The surprise, not so hidden is that communist  leaders’  children are sent to the US, not only for studies but for settling them in that  accursed capitalist, imperialist, interventionist country. Com. Narayana’s son and daughter  had  not only gone for studies and  employment to the  USA but they are   settled there!


3. Com Narayana (and many of his likes communists)  who  habitually and routinely denounces  America, has not sent  his children  to  communist  North Korea or communist  China  for studies or settlement but to the accursed America . This  shows  that  their  commitment  to communist  ideology and  sincerity in denouncing  the USA  are  for  public consumption and for misleading and misinforming the public . This is one of the  reasons why   the communist parties in India founded nearly 100 years ago in 1925 have being shrinking and shrinking and splitting and are reduced to “statement parties of India”. In the recent general elections to the UP  Legislative Assembly CPI got 0.07%  and CPM got ------%  of the votes. With a dismal performance  the communist parties  exhort the non-BJP parties to  unite  to   dethrone the BJP and  make India the BJP-free country.   


2)  Bhaktas or Hindus

The President & Vice Presidents of India, the Chief Justice  and  other Judges  of the Supreme Court & High Courts  are often going to  Tirumala and offer  pujas to Lord Venkateswara and   feel blessed by Him.


2.  Has any one of them, these  great constitutional luminarias ever asked the question  to himself as to why  the temples of Hindus alone are under the management & administration  of the  government of AP ( and other states) ? Are they not aware that  the churches of Christians and  the  mosques of Muslims are  left to be managed and administered by  the  societies of those  people following those  religions? Why is it that  in respect of Hindus  this discrimination is shown that governments  which  are required to be secular according to our Constitutions are  keeping Hindus temples under their  iron grip? Is it not known to them that the trustees of these  temples  are  changed every time a new party  forms the government in the state and  the trustees picked up are not known to have done good  for Hindu dharma ? In fact, some Chief Ministers of AP happen ( ed) to be practising Christians  and they have   nominated   SC people who have converted to Christianity  as  trustees of Hindus temples.


3. Well-known Hindu temples  including Lord  Venkateswara’s in Tirumala. The  present Chief Minister who  is  a publicly practising Christian has created  a  jumbo Trust Board . As if the number is not  sufficient he also  put a panel of  about “50 special invitees”. All of these assemble for the trust boards’ meetings . It is known that    practising and publicly asserting that they are Christians  and are church goers, are even  in executive positions in the Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam.


4. It is  inconceivable that the  Justices of Supreme Court and High Courts  are not aware of    this  blasphemous   administration and management  of the  TTD.


5. The Tirumala   Lord Venkareswara gets over Rs. 3100 cr  of revenues  every year  as kanukalu from the devotees and otherwise . It has   quintals of gold  in the vaults of banks. It can take a loan gold loan and use that as well as the annual  revenues  for doing  manava seva which is  Madhava seva by way of establishing and running  Hindu  Schools and hospitals, all in the  name of  Lord Venkateswara.  Secular as well as dharmic education  can be imparted  to the students in the schools through vidya and vaidyam  their Hindu faith  can be  strengthened  .


6. Most importantly, the judges of  the  High Courts and Supreme Court can  suo motto   take up for  consideration  and  direct  governments to   disinvest themselves from Hindus temples and through an appropriate law entrust them to  societies of Hindu devotees. The example of   Sikh Gurudwaras  can be taken. In 1935 the Sikh Gurudwara Prabhandhak Act was enacted and all the Gurudwaras   are managed by the societies of  Sikh devotees. This example should  serve  to bring  legislation for the    management and  administration of Hindus temples through  appropriate  bodies of Hindus themselves.


3) Kshudra pujas?  And  Yagnas! 


The Director of health services, Dr Krishna Rao of Telangana State   was  disparaged for participating a  puja organized by Scheduled Tribe  (ST) people in a village in Khammam district in April 2022. The ST people conducted the puja in their  traditional way and that was called most objectionably, kshudra puja.


2. The Chief Minister of Telangana and Sri Chinna Jiyar Swamy have been conducting  yagnas. Performance of  yagnas by such persons are not  only commended  but  are also given wide publicity  approvingly and admiringly.


3. Does it mean that  if  the Chief Ministers and Swamis conduct yagnas in their traditional way, it is alright but if the simple ST people conduct their pujas in their traditional way, should  they be called kshudra  (bare / mean / vulgar) pujas? This characterization is  ill-motivated and is most disrespectful to a section of our people, namely the STs.  The pujas that they do with the means  they have  like burning  mirchi  but  not  Chandan  is to be denounced and derogated whereas, if  quintals of pure  cow ghee  is used  in the yagnas, they are to be extolled ? The criticism levelled against the Director of   Health Service  is  ill- motivated . Calling the pujas offered by  ST people as  kshudra puja  is an insult to our own traditions. People in different geographies of India belonging  to  different  castes and communities  have different ways of pujas. All of them must be respected as the doers themselves  do. In Bhagawad Gia Lord Krishna says:

ye ’pyanya-devat?-bhakt? yajante ?hraddhay?nvit??

te ’pi m?m eva kaunteya yajantyavidhi-p?rvakam

-          B.G 9.23

Meaning that  the prayers and  pujas offered by people with  sraddha, devotion and firm faith  though may not be  according to  vidhis that are prescribed  procedures,  they are worshiping me  only. 


Hindu Dharma is not exclusive, it says, “ekam sat, vipraah bahudha vadanti -  truth is one; the wise propound it in many ways / names.


Patram, pushpam, phala, thoyam yo may bhaktyaa prayacati

Tadaham bhaktypahritam asnaami prayatatmanah

-          BG 9.26

I accept a leaf, a flower, a fruit or water offered with great devotion (as of equal value)  by a saadhak.


Let us value sraddha, sincerity, true faith and selfless prayer and puja and not desire-motivated ostentatious costly yagnas. (1,148 words)