Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Some More Freebies


Dt:  15/3/22

Some More Freebies

Dr T H Chowdary*


All political parties while in the arena of elections are promising more and more   freebies /give aways  /gifts   from government  sources ( taxation and borrowings)   to the electors. Totally ignoring   they increase in  public debt and interest payment; ignoring development of infrastructure that enables  people and families  to have gainful employment  and creation of  wealth for themselves and the nation. Conspicuously not yet promised  are :


·         State Marriages Corporation : A state-owned corporation   for facilitating and performing the marriage of the  unmarried. It may be called   State Marriages Corporation .   Employment exchanges by the government were designed to provide  and facilitate employment   for the unemployed seekers.  Similarly to stop exploitation and malpractices  in private marriage bureaus   government itself may establish and operate state  marriage  corporation with which  unmarried young can register their names and the state  facilitates  interviews, intersessions  and finally  betrothal  and even perform the marriage at rates commensurate with  the pomp with which the marriage is to be celebrated.


·         State Surrogacy Corporation:  Increasing number of  women   are engaged at work in corporations , government  and  self-employment . Pregnancy should not  interfere with their work.  With this  view   working women  and  are availing of costly privately- run surrogate  mothers facilities.  The state itself as  a welfare measures for ladies may start such  corporation and provide the  services  .



·         State Fertility  Corporation:   Many women   unable to conceive are  spending huge amounts at private fertility hospitals . The  state itself  may establish  fertility corporation   with operation in different cities. This would  prevent the  high cost which private facilities  are  charging.


Some States like AP have established dozens of corporations  serving welfare  to different castes / communities . The above three corporations  will be shining example of the  State’s welfare services to people from  cradle to grave . ( 296 words)