Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Chasm Between Profession And Practice


Dt:  21/3/22

Chasm  Between Profession And Practice

Dr T.H.Chowdary*


Ministers gloriously and pompously declare  that  the government schools will be so improved that  they would be better than corporate schools.  The facilities and the quality  in teaching would be so improved that nobody would think of sending their children to costly private corporate schools. By these statements they are conceding that the government schools have been inferior to the corporate schools. Inspite of claiming and asserting that the government schools would be better than corporate  schools , they don’t send their own  children to government schools or colleges; they send them to  very costly private schools  in Indi and some times  abroad too.


2. Ministers declare  that government  hospitals would be so improved and are working so well that they would be  better than corporate hospitals. There by they are conceding that government hospitals have been inferior  to  private corporate hospitals.  The government  hospitals  are equipped / will be equipped with the latest  medical machines and facilities . Yet, we see the Chief Minister and the Ministers patronizing and getting treated only in the corporate private  hospitals at enormous cost reimbursed by the government. We see their pictures entering into and exiting  from corporate  hospitals with news and photographs published  in   newspapers and displayed over  TV channels.


3. Is this  not cheating by the ministers and  government officers who also patronize corporate schools as well as corporate  hospitals while at the same time and all the time singing sympathy and assistance to the poor, social justice and equality  .


4. In order to prove the  sincerity in  their  profession the following should be required to be followed by them.


A.    Improvement in government schools : 

·         Government teachers appointed by  the government   should admit their children only in government schools especially in the schools where they are posted to. They must  also live only in  the village /town  where the  school in which they work. For this purpose  every Panchayat & Municipality should be required to build residential accommodation, may be as a  hotel for these teachers /doctors family . It should not be an ownership basis but allotted for the period for which the teachers / doctors work in that Panchayat / village or Municipal town.


·         Those who send their children  teachers or government  servants to  private schools shall  not be entitled to certain allowances.  Condition of service  in government  that all government servants should  send their children  only to government  schools and  any medical reimbursement  or educational assistance shall not be admissible if the treatment is taken in private  hospitals unless exception is granted case by case by the competent medical authority of the government  that the treatment is not possible in the government hospital and therefore the person may  be allowed to be treated in an authorized corporate hospital. 


·         Teachers should not be allowed to form Trade Unions like Democratic Teachers Association,  Progressive Teachers Association, National Teachers Association  ….there can be only subject -wise societies like   a history society,  a  science society,  a literary society etc.  Similarly the students should not be  drawn into politically  motivated  unions  like  Progressive Democratic Students Union,   Revolutionary   Students  Union , All India Students  Federation, Students  Federation of India, SIMI etc. The purpose of education upto SSLC level and  arguably at higher level even  should  be for character formation.  The teachers should act like   sculptors to sculpt the character and personality of the young.  Beyond the SSLC stage students can be  expected to  think   and learn on their own and also  inquire into various  social  problems and institutions.  Upto the SSLC level the teachers should be Gurus who instil and inquiring spirit and moral and ethical  values   for human beings irrespective of the   religious  faiths and creeds and ideologies. (616 words)


B.      Improvement in government Hospitals  : 

·         Reimbursement of expenses incurred  by MLAs, MLCs, MPs for hospitalisation  and medical treatment  in private hospitals should not be allowed from government funds .

·         All government servants  should take medical treatment and hospitalisation  in government hospitals. If they take these in private hospitals  expenses incurred by them should not be reimbursed by government.  (678 words)