Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Inter-State Man-hunt For Seer Over Gandhi Speech



Inter-State Man-hunt For Seer Over Gandhi Speech

Dr T H Chowdary*

Sant Kalicharan is being hunted  by the  Chhattisgarh police  in pursuance of an FIR  filed by  a Congress leader Promod Dubey  that “Kalicharan had insulted the “Father of the Nation”  with  slanderous remarks”.   It is surprising why  some should be so sensitive  about adverse opinions expressed by some  about Mahatma Gandhi or some such great person.  

2. When Mahatma Gandhi was shot dead Dr. Ambedkar visited the dead body  twice in the day. 

Dr B.R. Ambedkar wrote to Sharada alias Laxmi Kabir who later became his wife, following Gandhiji’s assassination. In that letter, dated 8 February 1948, Dr B R Ambedkar said that Gandhiji should have not met his death at the  hand of a Maharashtrian.  Then he went  on:


"Mr. Gandhi had become a positive danger to his country.  He had choked all the thoughts.  He was holding together the Congress which is a combination of all the bad and self-seeking elements in society who agreed on no social or moral principle governing the life of society except the one of praising and  flattering Mr Gandhi.  Such a body is unfit to govern the country".



And the Bible says that something good comes  out of evil, so also I think that good will come out of the  death of Mr. Gandhi.  He will release  people from bondage to superman, It will make them think for themselves and it will compel them to stand on their own merits.


And to that, he added: “My real enemy has gone, thank goodness, the eclipse is over


(Source: A Reporter At Large ( page 238/239) by M V Kamat)


Can we say that Dr. Ambedkar’s  view about Mahatma Gandhi should have been  taken  as an insult to Gandhiji and he prosecuted , as Sant Kalicharan is now sought to be  prosecuted?



3. After the termination  of  the  khilafat movement  Maulana  Md Ali  a leader in the company of Mahatma  Gandhi had this to say about Mahatma Gandhi . Mr. Mohamed Ali speaking at Aligarh and Ajmere (1924) said:


“However pure Mr. Gandhi’s character may be, he must appear to be from the point of view of religion inferior to any Musalaman, even though he be without character”.


The Statement created a great stir. Many did not believe that Mr. Mohamed Ali, who testified to so much veneration for Mr. Gandhi was capable of entertaining such ungenerous and contemptuous sentiments about him.  When Mr. Mohamed Ali was speaking in a meeting held at Amina Baug  Park in Lucknow, he was asked whether the sentiments attributed to him were true.  Mr. Mohamed Ali without any hesitation or compunction replied.


Yes! According to my religion and creed, I do hold an adulterous and a fallen Musalman to be  better than Mr. Gandhi”



And this just after the  Khilafat movement Of  India’s Moslems into which Gandhiji involved the  national, secular Congress! Gandhiji called Mohammed Ali, his brother!



Did anybody dare to demand  that Maulana Md Ali maybe  prosecuted for insulting  Mahatma  Gandhi.


4. One Akbaruddin Oweisi an AIMIM  MLA in the   Telangana State Legislature addressing a public meeting said that, “if the police  kept themselves aloof without interfering for 25 minutes  no Hindu would survive in India” that is  his Muslims would put an end to all Hindus in India. This was years ago and the case is still going on without any conclusion but  with numerous adjournments. Did any secular, liberal, progressive intellectual or ex-IAS, IPS officers or eminent lawyers, human rights activists call for  Akbaruddin’s prosecution  for his hart speech?


5. 76 eminent lawyers of the Supreme Court , secular  warriors, have written to the  Chief  Justice of India  calling for  judicial  intervention in what they call hate speeches ? These eminent lawyers are concerned  only if any Hindu allegedly makes  a statement or a speech which “ hurts” minorities that is, Muslims? On this  attitude of   seculars the late eminent  lawyer  Kulapati K M Munshi had this to say:


The word secularism in India has no bearing on the attitude and conduct of individuals nor of  religious groups. However, it has been used as a slogan of varying significance. In its name, anti -religious forces sponsored by secular humanism or communism condemn religious piety, particularly in the majority community. In its name minorities (Muslims) are immune from such attention  and have succeeded in getting their  demands however unreasonable accepted. In its name,  again, politicians in power adopt a strange  attitude which while it condones the susceptibilities religious and  social  of the minority communities, is too ready to brand similar susceptibilities in the  majority  community as communalistic and reactionary. How secularism sometimes becomes allergic to Hinduism will be apparent  from certain episodes relating to the reconstruction of Somnath temple ( and Ayodhya Ram temple). These unfortunate  postures have been creating a sense of frustration  in the majority community.  If, however, the misuse of this word,  “secularism” continues ; ………..if every time there is an inter-communal conflict , the majority is blamed regardless of the merits of the question; if our holy places of pilgrimage like Varanasi, Mathura and Rishikesh continue  to be converted  into industrial slums……the springs  of traditional (Hindu) tolerance  will dry up. While the majority  (Hindu) exercises  patience and tolerance ; the minorities should learn  to adjust themselves to the  majority; otherwise the  future is uncertain and an explosion cannot be avoided. (p 311, 312 Munshiji’s book, “Pilgrimage to Freedom”).


6. The patience of the Hindus  certainly seems to be  under great trial. During the  rule of the  Nehru  dynasty and  regional and secular parties’  coalitions  at the Center   the insulted and trifled  Hindus could not  speak up. Since  a government which is not anti-Hindu and which is in the  Bharatiya tradition, tolerant to and even respectful  to religions which are  patently  intolerant ( that is why  they convert people of  other religions and dharma to their  own  allegedly god given religion). Hindus are  becoming articulate in defence of their   dharma and Bharat from the evil combination of  Resident  Non-Indians (RNIs),  self -alienated secularists, communists people of intolerant religions engaged in  converting Hindus  by foul and fraudulent means. (1,015 words)