Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Message from Dr T.H.Chowdary To Christian Brothers and Sisters in the Telugu States


Dt: 21/12/21


Message from Dr T.H.Chowdary


Christian Brothers and  Sisters in the Telugu States




On this happy occasion of Christmas festivities (2021) it gives me great pleasure to greet my fellow Christian brothers and sisters and wish them peace harmony and prosperity.  I also acknowledge and appreciate the excellent education and health services some Christian societies and organisations are rendering in our Telugu States and elsewhere in Bharat .


2. Article-25 of India’s Constitution confers fundamental right for every citizen to  profess, practise  and propagate one’s faith; that is religion. Hindus  do not  propagate and convert others whereas Christians (and Muslims) do so. When the draft of this  Article  was  discussed in the  Constituent Assembly, there were serious objections from eminent Members of the  (Consembly) against  the third element, namely propagate.   Several Christian Church associations even from 1944 onwards have been proclaiming that no Constitution  of India would be acceptable to them if it does not  guarantee the fundamental  right for Christians to evangelise and  convert as that is  their essential duty in the nature of an injunction from Jesus Christ himself. The Christian members of the Consembly vehemently stridently  demanded for the inclusion of the  word,  “propagate”.  


3. I  however like to highlight some dubious  and unChrist- like actions and practices of proselytizers and the harm they are doing to the targeted for  conversion sections of our people, especially Dalits. I invoke the much eulogized charity and love professed by Christianity to bear with me as I point out the unethical practices the  propagator -“converters” are indulging in.


4. First I refer to the Christian population as reported to and recorded by the Census of India since 1971. At the All India level, it has been remaining at 2.3%, with insignificant variation. Can this be believed, what with extensive proselytization campaigns as a mission and tens of thousands of churches, prayer halls /houses coming up /planted all over as Project Joshua and another Project  to convert boatman at Ganges ghats, fishermen and the sea-coasts, artisans /sculptors who are traditionally engaged for building temples; nurses , lab assistants in  hospitals, house-maids  diagnostic centers and teachers.

Christians as a share  of the total population in India between 1951-2011










Pop of Christians









Source: Statista Research Department


5. Second, I refer to Christian population in the two Telugu States up to 2011 census and a recent revelation in post 2019 in Andhra Pradesh.


Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh (undivided)










Total population  mln






Christians  mln






% of Christian population







Source:  Census of India


From the tables it can be seen that census after census the   proportion of Christians  to the total population in the Telugu  states  has been  coming down and  was as low as 1.38% in 2011.  Can we believe  these figures  in the light of  innumerable churches, as many as about 50,000  in the  last few years.   I give a specific example of the  fraud. The village Angaluru in Krishna District of AP where  since history  Hindu temples had been only 3,  in the recent past 12 churches had been planted and according  to census 2011,  there are no Christians  in the  village .



6. Further during  the COVID period the  GOAP invited applications  from Priests working in places of worship.   29,841 Pastors, 31,017 Archakas  and 7000 Imams/Muezzins applied  for this welfare payout.  This shows   that there are nearly  as many Pastors  as Archakas !     It works out to  one Pastor for 37 Christians  and one Archaka for 3686 Hindus.



7. It is common knowledge that  over 80% of MLAs and MPs  from constituencies  reserved for SCs  are   converts and practising Christians . So the  converted  both for purposes of  census and for  election to legislature and the parliament  are  falsely declaring  that they are Hindu SCs .  I addressed a letter to every   MLA and MP  elected as a SC in AP to  bring this fraud to their notice and  requesting them to respond. None answered.  It is obvious that  the  Dalits  who are  not yet converted are being cheated by those who are converted but are  having false  SC certificates. I is also clear that without  instruction  and help   of the proselytizers  this fraud  cannot  happen. Is it not a slur on the  great name of Jesus Christ that this fraud is committed on a such  a large scale? It is  not only for the   elective posts; even for jobs that are  reserved for  Dalits  in government and its  organs like Public Sector Underakings the same  fraud is going on.



8. Mahatma Gandhi  who is universally   respected   was  clearly opposed   to  proselytization especially of the innocent Dalits. As early as on  21 March  1931   in a pubic interview  to the  press in Delhi  on this question of conversions, asked if  you would  favour  the retention of foreign missionaries  when India  secures self- government, Gandhiji said, “ if instead of  confining themselves  to purely humanitarian work such as education,  medical services to the poor the like, they use these  activities of theirs for the purpose of  proselytizing , I would certainly like them to withdraw. Every nation considers its  own faith  to be as good as that of  any other.  Certainly   the great faiths  held by the people of India  are adequate  for her people . India stands in no need of conversion  from one faith to another . (Page 157 , History of Hindu-Christian   Encounters : AD304 to 1996 by Sri Sitaram Goel, a Voice of India Publication) . On another occasion Gandhiji said, “that  after independence if he had the power, he would    expel all missionaries  and stop  proselytization  and conversion”.



9. Christian proselytizers are invoking Article-25  which  gives them freedom to profess, practice and propagate  religion.  This was  very hotly debated when the constitution  was being  written.   Prof. K T Shah had this opposed the right to  propagate.



10.  While speaking on this provision,  Sri Loknath Misra, an eminent  parliamentarian and scholar observed, “….to my mind  article 19 (which became Art-25 in the   final version  of the   constitution) is a Charter for Hindu enslavement. I do really feel that this is the   most disgraceful article the blackest part of the draft constitution. I beg to submit that I  have considered and studied all the constitutional precedents and have not  found anywhere,  any mention of the  word propaganda as a fundamental right relating to religions…propagation of religion brought India into this  unfortunate state and India  had to be divided into Pakistan and  India. If  Islam  had not come to impose its will on this land, India would have been  a perfectly secular  state and a homogeneous state. …if you accept  religion, you must accept  Hinduism as it is practised by an overwhelming   majority of the  people of India….”



11. Prof  K T Shah was another  eminent member of the Consembly. He too was opposed to have this fundamental right to propagate  religion  put in our constitution.   While opposing this  provision,  he moved an amendment  which  ran, “ provided that no propaganda in favour of any one religion which is calculated to  result in change of  faith by the individual  affected shall be allowed in any schools or colleges  or other  educational institutions;  in any hospital or asylum or in any other place or institution where persons  of a tender age or of unsound mind or body are eligible to be exposed to  undue influence from their teachers, nurses or physicians, keepers or guardian or any other person set in authority above them and which is  maintained fully or partially from public revenues or is  in any way aided or protected by the  government of the  Union or of any state or public authority  therein”.



12. However,  the Christian lobby in India  prevailed  to get this  right to  propagate  included in the Constitution as a fundamental right. Dr Ambedkar said  in  no Constitution  of any country in the world is propagation of religion a fundamental right. His compromise that it maybe  included in the Directive Principles  was not accepted,   all  under the  influence of Jawaharlal Nehru. The Christian lobbies in India finding that Gandhiji and Hindus were opposed  to conversion, cultivated Jawaharlal Nehru  and  his  unexpressed   antipathy to Hindu dharma and  Hindu society   was exploited  by the missionaries to get this  right to  propagate   into the Constitution. They argued that   it  is  a fundamental  tenet of their  religion propounded by  Jesus Christ himself that the message of Christianity should be  propagated all over the world.  The pronouncement of the Supreme Court of India  that the  right to propagate does not mean  the right to conversion,  has been totally ineffective in practice.



13. It is common knowledge that wherever conversions  had taken place  on a large scale the people there are engaged in  secessionist activities. Examples are : Kashmir Valley of J&K, Nagaland and  Mizoram .



14.  The great patriot, statesman and social reformer Dr B R Ambedkar had therefore advised and exhorted Dalits not to convert to foreign-origin religions, Christianity and Islam but only to the Indian religion, Buddhism and thus preserve and secure India’s integrity and nationhood.



15. The Christian propagandists are invoking secularism   as a fundamental principle of our Constitution. But    several state governments  are   financing  the pilgrimages of Christians   to their Holy land, Jerusalem. They are  giving money for construction  of churches. Similarly  the  government of  India and  some states   are financing   the Haj pilgrimage of Muslims and construction of  Haj Houses. Such facilities,  pilgrimages of Hindus , construction of temples   are not financed by any government.  On the other hand, the temples  unlike churches and mosques are  administered  and managed by governments. All these are  non-secular   actions of the governments . Secularism in India has come  to mean promotion of and support  to   Abrahamic religions ( Christianity and Islam) and indifference, if not exploitation of   Hindu assets and taxes.  ( 1,557 words)