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Why We Celebrate Satha Jayanthi of Sri Sitaram Goel ( b. 16-10-1921)




Why We Celebrate Satha Jayanthi of Sri Sitaram Goel ( b. 16-10-1921)

Dr T H Chowdary*

About Sri Sita Ram Goel


Born in 1921 Sita Ram Goel  took his M.A  in history in 1944, from the University of Delhi. He won scholarships and distinctions in school as well as college.


Well- versed in several languages, he has studied the literature, philosophy, religion, history and sociology of several cultures   -  ancient, medieval and modern. For  his judgments and evaluations, however ,he draws his inspiration from the Mahabharata, Suttapitaka, Plato and Sri Aurobindo.


He has written several documented studies on communism, Soviet Russia, Red China, Christianity and Islam . Author of eight novels, he has translated into Hindi quite a few books from English including some dialogues of Plato and a biography of Shivaji. His other works include compilations  from the Mahabharata and the Suttapitaka.


Having become a convinced communist by the time he came out of college, he turned against this criminal ideology in 1949 when he came to know what was happening inside Soviet Russia.


He also turned  his studies and researches to Christianity and Islam and found them to be bereft of spirituality and universal brotherhood which are the core of Sanatan Dharma. He found them to be instruments of imperialisms. He inquired into their despicable record of plunder, iconoclasm, extensive temple destruction, and conversion of some into mosques, forced/ fraudulent conversions  and enslavement of women and children of the defeated soldiers and their sale in the  slave markets of Baghdad.  He chronicled the centuries -long Hindu resistance  to Islam’s aggressions, correcting the Marxist “eminent” historians false and biased narrations . Through his publishing enterprise Voice Of India he brought out scores of books written by him and researchers and scholars unalienated  from Bharat  by Marxism, Macaulay’s  de-Indianising education and Nehruvian  secularism”.


Western scholars especially  of Christian Missionary variety,  Islam’s propagandists  and anti-Hindu  Marxists  and historians and  communists extensively inquired into  Hinduism ( name given by them to  Sanatan Dharma) , Hindu society,  their past,  present and future  and theorized that Hindus  must be saved from consignment to  eternal hell and poverty and misery by   converting them to their religion ( ideology)  preached and practised by their  Prophets and rulers and  their  warriors.   Unfortunately, no Hindu saint,  scholar or ruler studied  their scriptures  - the Old and New Testaments of the   Bible  and Koran and the  history of  conquests and  conversions achieved by those religions ; centuries- long Hindu resistance to Islamic conquerors, their bestial treatment of the conquered, slaughter of defeated soldiers and citizens, forced conversions, loot of properties and wealth, destruction of temples, mass  rape of women, sale of  women and children in the slave markets of Baghdad and the rationalization /denial of the Islam’s atrocities in India by Muslim and Marxist  historians in India.


2. The inspiration and fervor for this demonical, bestial practices was not inquired into and so in modern times /overtime Islam and Christianity came to be  equated as dharmna (religions) like Sanatan Dharma of different schools. Hence came the propaganda Sarva Dharma Sambhava as the content of India’s “secularism”, propagated chiefly by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Swami Dayananda  and  Vivekananda read the scriptures -  Bible and Koran and found them wanting in spirituality ; sanctioning conquests to convert ; intolerance and division of humanity into believers in a God and his Prophet  on the one hand and Kafirs, non-believers on the other ;  the history of 300 -year long war between the armies of Christianity and Islam (called crusades ). The Swamis Dayananda and Vivekananda  . They  established the distinction between religions and difference among themselves  in contrast to   Bharatiya concept of Dharma.


3. Sri Sitaram Goel, in association with another scholar, the late Sri Ramswarup both students of history and  communists for some time, spent their lifetime to study Christian and Islamic doctrines as in the Old and  New Testament of the Bible and the Koran and the deeds of the propagators and patrons of these religions, especially in India


4. The findings of  their researches and studies are published in over 40 books ,for which Sri Goel launched the publishing house Voice of India. These explain

·         Why Hindu- Muslim unity and brother-hood and mutual respect are inadmissible as per Koran and Hadiths and the teaching of these in Madrassas and mosques; why a saint like Gandhiji failed in his life’s mission to achieve  Hindu- Muslim unity.


·         Why partition and creation of the Islamic states of Pakistan and Bangladesh and the exit  of imperial Britain has not resulted in end to communal (Hindu -Muslim) riots.


·         How pre-1947 Muslim League and its ideology are being revived through the emergence of half  a dozen Muslim parties (IUML, AIMIM, AIUDF, PFI, SPI etc ) and  why Islands of Muslim majority districts are being created ( Kerala, Haryana, Punjab) and  how Bengal and Assam are being “invaded” by Muslims from Bangla Desh.


·         How  the European concept of secularism is perversely implemented in India, facilitating conversions by “right to propagate” religion (Art-25) ; privileges to “minorities” (Christians and Muslims; Article 30) not available to majority Hindus, subsidies to minorities’ pilgrimages to their Holy lands  (outside India) government money for construction of churches, mosques, shaadi khanas, Urdu ghars; exemption to “minority” schools from implementing “Right To Education”, freedom to minorities to manage their places of worship and its denial to Hindus.


·          How  the Nehruvian secular policies of governments have promoted  the writings of distorted version of history rationalizing Muslim invasions, conquests, loot, rapine, temple destruction and change of names of towns, cities, rivers; foreigners (Arabs, Turks, Mangol rule is passed off as Indian  and not foreign rule.


·         How Muslim militancy and separatism are ignored during the rule of Nehru dynasty  and  the regional parties.


5. Celebrating the Sata Jayanti of  Sitaram Goel,  we recall and understand the significance of his intellectual inquiries and conclusions as narrated by him (and other  kindred scholars) in his books, we  may clearly recognize the perils that (Hindu) Sanatan Dharma, Bharateeyas  and Bharat face and how we can prevent them from overwhelming us and the conquest and rule of Bharat by intolerant , imperial faiths.


6. The talks  and seminars and papers arranged during the centenary programmes should lead to:

·         Establishing a Truth And Reconciliation Commission (South Africa and Peru did so).

·         Liberating Hindu temples from government control and management

·         Purging history books (schools, colleges.,  institutes)  of false and rationalizing narrations.

·         Political containment of revival of separatism /divisionism.

·         Corrections to our Constitution to remove disabilities on Hindus and exclusive privileges to predatory minorities.

·         Educating the public why Dr.Ambedkar advised Dalits not to convert to Islam or Christianity but only to India’s Buddhism.