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Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Rulers Corporation of India (Unlimited)


Rulers Corporation of India (Unlimited)

Dr T H Chowdary*

In 1967 or so I wrote an article with the  title, “Rulers Corporation of India”. It was published in Swarajya edited by the  great intellectual and statesmen Rajaji ( C. Rajagopalachari). Rajaji and  Prof. N G Ranga complimented me  for writing that article. Surprise was that disregarding  principles,  indulging in moral  turpitude and unethical  behavior  politicians have been changing their parties. One may be elected  for the party which is not in government.  A few  weeks or months afterwards he joins the  party which has  formed the government. 1967 was famous for the  Ayaramas and Gayarams. Samyukta Vihyak Dals also were formed in a number of northern states to  keep Congress out of power but they fell very soon as the  spoils of  office were not available to every aspirant.


2.  Now, the regional parties  are treading the  same path as in  the Ayaram- Gayaram era.  The main reasons are:  first ,to get the  perks of belonging to a ruling party; second, in order to save themselves from investigations  of corruptions and acquisition of wealth disproportionate to their   known means of   income.


3. Once Rajaji wrote  that many Congress- men have  no ostensible  means of livelihood. Therefore  they  could be  prosecuted under some section  of the Criminal  Procedure Code as vagabonds and put in jail. There was an uproar in the Lok Sabha.  Congress- men moved a  privilege motion  and  wanted to prosecute  Rajaji. Spirited  speeches were made denouncing Rajaji.  He should be called before the  BAR on the Lok Sabha to  be reprimanded or punished, they insisted. Nehru  rose and replied,  “Rajaji’s remarks at this stage  are only  allegations but if he is  brought before the BAR of the Lok Sabha, he is going to prove  what he said , “Many of you  will be in trouble”. The motion was dropped.


4.   In the years  2012 & 14  I wrote another  article “ Feudalization of Indian Politics”. In that I showed  how prominent politicians are establishing dynasties : firstly the  Nehru - Gandhis; following them Karuna Nidhi and  several others . Now they are joined by Sri Chandra Babu Naidu, Sri K.Chandra Sekhar Rao, Mulayam Singh Yadav , Lalloo Prasad Yadav and  Mamata Banerji, not to  speak of   Sarad Pawar and lesser people. The Indian National Congress has now become proprietarised by Sonia  family as an inheritance of the Nehru’s .The mother is the President, the daughter is the  General Secretary and  the son is the   prime leader of the party. In AP,  the  glorious TDP founded by the late legendary N.T.Rama Rao  (NTR) has  now become the  property  of Sri Chandra Babu  Naidu who deposed NTR  in 1995 from Chief Ministership. He is now styling himself  as “National”  President of the TDP and his son, Lokesh  is the  “National” General Secretary of the TDP. How it a national is left to be guessed because it does not  exist in any state  excepting AP and  nominally in Telangana. Even in Telangana  its tall leader, Sri Revantha Reddy defected to Sonia Congress and  its President,  Sri Ramana has now defected to the   TRS,  the Rulers  Corporation in Telangana. Mamata Banerjee is the  “National”  President of  the  Trinamul  Congress and her   nephew, Abhishek Banerjee is now  designated as the “National” Secretary of the TMC.  TMC has hardly  any presence in any state other  than West Bengal. The Islamist party, AIMIM has the third  generation  successor  of an Oweisi as its President. In Tamilnadu, the DMK is also proprieterised- Stalin succeeded Karunanidhi and his son, Udaya Nidhi is MLA, to inherit his father’s leadership in due course.


5. Recently, in Telangana one Minister  was dropped from the  TRS.  First he  said  it is discrimination against  BCs. The charges against him are that he amassed wealth including  fraudulently acquiring assigned  lands ( government  lands given to  Dalits  with a condition  that they cannot be  sold to any) . He now  joined  the BJP, the ruling party in the Central government which  has  weapons for investigation and prosecution.  To save  from  their  actions, persons  out of power are  defecting from their  parties and joining the  ruling  parties whether  at state level  or at  the all India level.


6. The reason is  governments  have become obstreperous. They  cover every aspect  of  life of people  and their  businesses.  If you are a Minister or an MLA of the  ruling   party, you have advantages  for acquiring wealth and  avoid investigation and prosecution. The more the government, the more the opportunity for making wealth by joining the  ruling party. If you are a  person  non-grata in  the state’s ruling party, you join the party that is ruling at the Union level in Delhi  which  is different  from the one that is ruling  in the state.


7. Unlimited ever expanding government  feudalization of politics, propriterisation  of  political parties  and Rulers  Corporations are the  outcomes of politics becoming profitable business with government money distributed as charity, for the welfare of the poor and for “ social justice” .  The  initiators of this process   were  none other than Sri Jawaharlal  Nehru and his father. Motilal Nehru  who pleaded with Gandhiji to make  Jawaharlal Nehru the President  of the  Congress to succeed him (Motilal in 1929).  The Congress was wanting Sardar Patel to be the President but  in deference to the old man Motilal Nehru’s entreaties Gandhiji  asked Patel to withdraw and  Jawaharlal Nehru became the President. Jawaharlal Nehru saw that his  daughter, Indira  became the  President of  Indian National Congress during his life time. And Indira Gandhi   took Rajiv Gandhi  as  the General Secretary of the Congress by  withdrawing him from  Indian Airlines  where he was  working as  a pilot.  After the  death of  Rajiv Gandhi ,Sonia Gandhi  went into  hibernation for  some time but in 1998 she  grabbed the Presidentship of the Congress  party by  pushing out the simple Sitaram Kesari. Since  then,  that is from 1998, the Presidentship of the Congress is her   family’s possession . This example of   “familification of parties”  is now the accepted practice of  almost all regional parties besides the Sonia Congress.  The exceptions are the BJP and several communist parties. (1,016 words)