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Warnings of History


Warnings of  History

Dr T H Chowdary*


Kulapati of  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the late  K M Munshiji wrote  a book with the above  title in 1959 and its  second and updated version was published in 1963. “For some considerable time   feeling that India is drifting towards  situation which while becoming  dangerous any day,  if the  lessons of history have   any meaning”, he wrote in the preface.


2.The drift  Munshiji  discerned 60 years ago is now  a speeding flow as can be noticed  in the  strident  slogans, “ Bharat ko tukade tukade karenge”, in the narratives of “ left, liberal, progressive secular” and Marxist intellectuals  (in journalism, arts and letters); and statements -signing  ex-bureaucrats  and  expressions of insecurity  by former  minority persons who were Vice Presidents  and  Ambassadors , Governors and Chief Ministers , Home Ministers and Vice Chancellors .


3. The commanding heights in intellectual bodies like the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR), Indian Council for  Cultural Relations ( ICCR) , Indian Council for  Social  Science  Research (ICSSR), the Sahitya  Academy and even Gnanpeet were occupied by Macaulayan and Marx puthras courtesy, the Nehru Dynasty which ruled India for decades immediately after  freedom from the   imperialist British rule.


4. In the  title  chapter Munshiji demonstrated that ,  “ Dominant Intellectual Minority” who nurture the “ will to be a nation”  among the people  inhabiting in a country , speaking different languages, holding different individuals beliefs ,  professing different religions, and  claiming different  ethnicities.  India’s freedom movement was led by the dominant intellectual  patriotic personalities -  Dadabhai Nauroji, Lokamanya Balagangadhar Tilak,  Vinayak  Damodar Savarkar, Arabindo Ghosh, Lalal Lajapati Rai, Madanmohan  Malavya, Chittaranjan Das, Mahatma Gandhi,  Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Sardar Patel, Dr Annie Besant…They were inspired by the Hindu dharma and  the glorious centuries -long   prosperity and might ( till it was destroyed during the  British conquest and  colonial rule). The freedom movement and its  war cries vande mataram and jai hind pave the  way for transformation  of the  cultural ( dharmic) nation into   a political  and administrative  nation state.  Sardar Patel  was the  architect and  engineer of the   transformation.


5. Parties  AIMIM, PFI, IUML, ISF, AIUDF, SDF,… leaders of some of whom assert that by 2049 Muslims will rule India , swear by “secularism”.  These leaders  speak of  what divides  us – different  languages, religions , ethnicities,  castes, cultures , climates, even food and dress and   not what unites our people. They propagate that we are not one  nation  but a country inhabited by different nations and  races; that India is not a Union but “a federation”.  Further division of India into Khalistan, Mughalistan, Dravidastan and Moplahstan and  Christian states (Nagaland, Mijoram, Meghalaya…) may be  effected as demography and “peoples  will” change. The discourse and narratives of the divisionists undermine and slander  Indian’s will to be a nation by denigrating and denouncing anything relating to  Bharat , Hindu, Hindutva, nationalism and even the  inspiring  words  Vande Mataram, Jai Sri Ram  and Jai Hind.


6. Instead of nurturing the people’s will to be a nation  by frequently recalling the  deeds of our national  heroes  - Rama, Krishna, Chandra Gupta, Ashoka, Samudra Gupta , Chola and Vijayanagar kings, Chatrapati Shivaji, Rana Pratap and  Subhash Chandra Bose  by inculcating  dharmic knowledge bequeathed to us  by Valmeeki , Vyasa, Kalidasa and scientific  inquires and discoveries of  Kanada , Bhaskara’s, Varahamihira,  Sushruta,  the discourses and narratives of  power seekers and vote-mongering politicians  especially  a nation and country “splitters” communists, Islamists, evangelists and their  dupes describing themselves  as  “ left, liberal, secular, progressives, activists”   have become  the “dominant minority” in the academia, print and electronic media.  Under the patronage of the  Nehru Dynasty’s  rule  a singularly Indian brand of  peculiar “secularism” has come  to be propagated and practiced by the  rulers. It is essentially pro-minorities and apathetic if not hostile to Hindus. The word “secularism” was smuggled into the Constitution during the Emergency  (1975-77) .  The old Islamist parties  like the IUML and the MIM are revived and  extended to different states  and new ones are  founded under  beguiling names like, Secular Front of India (West Bengal),  AIUDF  (Assam), Popular Front Of India (Kerala, UP, Karnataka) and Socialist Front of India in different states.  They are militantly demonstrating their separatist, diversionist, minortyism that is the old  two-nation theory is minority  that is  Muslim parties are wooed by all regional  parties and even the  Sonia family led Congress.  Thus the chorus of political narratives is not  for promoting “ the will to be a nation” but a desire to disintegrate the  nation state of Bharat; the idea so assiduously  built up during our freedom struggle and actualized by Sardar Patel integrating  the  565 princedoms and Indian provinces into  the strong and powerful  Union of India.


7.  The Constitution of India so ably and  sagaciously drafted, debated and adopted by great  statesmen like Dr B R Ambedkar , Dr Rajendra Prsasad, Dr K.M. Munshi describes  India  as a Union and not a Federation. In none of the  395 Article and   12 Schedules of the Constitution   the words  federation or federal is used. Articles - 3,352,356 and 360  amply declare that the Union and not the States are supreme . In the words of  K.M.Munshi , “ the states are  merely subordinate political bodies which  juristically speaking  act as agents of the Union without any right to  perpetual existence”. Their formation on boundaries depend upon the  will of  the Parliament (Article-3) . Their powers and action under certain circumstances ( Articles-  248,249 250, 251 and 252) and in emergencies suspended under part - XVIII.  To court Dr Alladi, “ though the  country and  people may be divided into different states for convenience of administration the country is  one integral whole , its people a single people living  under  single imperium derived from a  single  source”. Articles 248,249,250, 251 & 252  make the Parliament of the Union supreme to legislate even on subjects listed  for the States.


8. The Indian Nation and the  Indian Union as structured in our Constitution  must not be allowed  to be disintegrated. History’s warning to India is that  the absence of a strong Central Government facilitated  the conquest of the country  piece by piece by  foreign  hordes  from the 12th century onwards. The heroic resistance  of  the parts after parts lasted for 700 years. The Maratha resistance and rise was inspired by Bharat as a nation.   A freedom movement during the British rule  promoted  our will  to be a nation and to have a very strong  centrally administering Union  of India. It is the sacred duty of every  Bharatiya  to promote this will to be a nation  by  drawing upon  the fountains of  invigorating and inspiring heritage of   Bharat.  (1,109 words)