Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Muslim Representation in State Legislatures, Parliament and Other Selected Bodies and Governments’ Offices



Muslim Representation in State Legislatures, Parliament and

Other Selected Bodies and Governments’ Offices

Dr T H Chowdary*


In a report on the op-ed  page of Indian Express, Hyderabad Edition of 3 Nov 2020  one Sri Sana Shakil, made out that the number of Muslim MLAs goes down when there is BJP upsurge and recovers and increases when Congress bounces back.  He also referred to eh  2006 Sachar Committee’s findings that Muslims ae  under- represented in police and  government departments  in the states and  the Center (Union) in consequence of which the  Sonia-directed UPA government or Sardar Manmohan Singh government launched “Muslim First” (not SC or ST) programs for advancement of Muslims. The remarkable  obsession with  Muslim grievances in India is not now.  It began in 1905 when under the leaderships  of Agakhan, a delegation of prominent Muslims submitted a Memorandum to the  then Vice Roy and  Governor General  urging that Muslim community’s interests in the governance of India must be  separately taken care, especially in view of their  centuries-long role of rulers in the country but its diminution as a minority in representative ( i.e by election) governments getting  gradually introduced.  The colonial British government’s acceptance of communal representation and that too a weighted one in favor of religious minorities, the Congress Party’s  Gandhiji-dictated Muslim demands (eg:  participation in Muslims’ khilafat movement (1919-22) in the hope of  forging Hindu- Muslim unity in the struggle for freedom from British rule, the rioting and  voting  of Muslims for partition of the country  and creation of the Islamic  state of Pakistan, the non-emigration of Muslim Indians to the state(s) of their creation, the ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs from Pakistan and Bangladesh 17% reduced  to 1.5% and 33% reduced to 7% in the two states respectively) and the growth of Muslims from 9.8% in 1951 to over 16% by 2019 in India are history.


2. Now the history is repeating Muslims in  India are again exercised about their  communal representation.  The Constituent Assembly of India in terms of the Britain’s Cabinet Mission Report (1946) met towards the end of 1946 (before independence on 15-08-47).  The  Muslim League Members boycotted it.   India was partitioned; Pakistan came into being on the 14th August’47  in fulfillment of  Muslims’ demand, “SPLIT and QUIT” . The Consembly ( short form for Constituent) continued to draft  the Constitution.  A few Muslim League Members, some of  whom soon migrated to Pakistan, attended some sessions.


3. The most  important committee of the Condemnably  was about “ minorities”, Chaired by Sardar Patel. During its deliberation so called nationalist  Muslims tutored by the tallest of them Abul Kalam Azad pleaded for separate electorate ( for Muslims) and reserved seats for them.   H.C Mukherji and Rajkumari Amrit Kaur on behalf of Indian Christians opposed separate electorate and  reservations  for Indian Christians. Begum Aizaz Rasul, a former Muslim League Member of UP Legislative Assembly was  nudged by K M Munshi to speak .  She with some fear took to the microphone and  emphatically rejected and denounced separate communal  electorate and reserved representation.  Sardar closed the discussion declaring that it was the  unanimous recommendation of the Minorities  Committee not to have  separate  electorate, weighted and reserved representation for minorities; the two evils  that led to the two-nation theory, partition and the  birth of the  nongenetically inimical ( to India) Islamic State of Pakistan.


4. Free India’s Constitution gives fundamental rights to individuals as citizens of India not to  Communities such as  Hindu, Muslim, Sikh or Christian.  India’s for long dominant party, Congress with its hopeless and  tragically magnificent obsession of “Hindu-Muslim” unity continues to cultivate Muslims, before 1947 for their participation in freedom struggle and since hen, for their votes.  Frightened by Congress’ propaganda that RSS and Jana Sangh / BJP are from Hindu Raj, Moslems were block-voting for Congress but when the  regional partis  started eroding  Congress’ strength , they started swinging to the  regional parties ( Samajwadi and Bahujan in UP, RJD & JDU in Bihar; JD(U)  in Karnataka, TRS in Telangana, NCP in Maharashtra, Communities TMC in West Bengal, DMK in Tamilnadu, Lok Dal in Haryana.  So the Muslim vote swings between Congress and regional parties, which has  a greater chance of defeating the  so labelled Hindutva, BJP and till recently Shiva Sena.


5. As long as Islamic faith endures, Moslems by and large will, as before 1947 (and sine the 11th century) will not be truly fraternizing with  kafirs, the Hindus. Dr B R Ambedkar fearlessly asserted in his  magnum opus work  in regard to Muslims in India, namely,” Pakistan or India  Divided” and  Thoughts on Pakistan”. In that book he argued for partition and exchange of minority populations  between Pakistan and  Hindustan as lasting settlement of the Muslims problem in India.  While partition was accepted by Gandhiji and Congress .      


6. While at the same deceptively  asserting that they did not  accept the  two-nation theory of Muslims, the exchange of minority populations, though at one stage it was acceptable to Md Ali Jinnah-led Muslim League, did not take place. Ethnic cleansing of minorities is a continuing fact in Pakistan and Bangla Desh.  It is  a fact even in Muslim-majority India’s Kashmir from where almost all Hindus had to flee under the  majority Islamists  threat of conversion or death.  Inspite of partition, ethnic cleansing of Hindus and Sikhs, Hindu-majority has not been unfair to Muslims is borne out  by several facts such as Muslims becoming Chief Ministers in overwhelmingly Hindu states  of Maharashtra,  Rajasthan, Bihar, Delhi and Assam while not once could a Hindu become Chief  Minister of J&K, where Hindus were not less than 33%. Muslims in India had become Chief Justices of the Supreme and High Courts; Hoe Ministers in Central  and State governments, Vice-Chancellors (while no Hindu could become Vice-Chancellors of AMU, Jamia Millia, MANUU, all funded by the   secular government of India); Generals. Air Marshals and c Commanders of India’s armed forces, Directors-General of Police, Ambassadors, Governors and Presidents of India  - all by merit and not reservation or  communal  representation. 


7. Besides the grievance that Muslims are not in legislatures in accordance with their  proportion in population of the  states and the  country, they and their vote-seeking “secular”, progressive, liberal, Marxist” intellectuals often say that they should be in the  “backward class” list and get a share in the reservations for B.Cs.  Were the backward when they were the ruling class for centuries? Hindus were the  under class during their  rule and for another 150years under the  British.  Did they become backward because they lost the rulers’ exploitative power?  During the last decades of the  British rule, Muslims had reservation for admission to professional courses (engineering, medicine etc) and government jobs, 30% to 50% more than their  proportion in population.  ( I am sure about this in the   Madras Presidency comprising Tamilnadu, AP and some districts in Kerala and  Karnataka) why could they not quit  backwardness?  It appears that their  religion and society ad  life styes condition them to backwardness as understood in non-Muslim societies. No self-ruling Moslem country in the  world eg: Turkey is as advanced  (science, technology, literature, income, military-wise) as any European power.  Instead of self-criticism and reform ascribing  backwardness to the  Hindu  majority rule in India  amounts to   calumniating Hindus.  As 98%, self-ruling majority are Muslims better of and not backward in Pakistan than Muslims or Hindus in India ?  Indian Communists  and their  fellow-travelling academicians have been and are  always in support of Muslims’ grievances, like inadequate representation. Never once did a Muslim become the Gen. Secretary of the  Communist parties in India ( and also no a lady).  In no Muslim country is there a living communist party Faiz md Faiz an eminent Urdu poet and prominent communist migrated to Pakistan; he could organize no communist party there; ignored ,shunned and persecuted perhaps, he migrated to India .


8.  Muslims like the  Swisis of Hyderabad talk of united front of  “SCs, STs, BCs and minorities’ fight “Hindutva forces”. They don’t ever  mention why Jogindranath Mondal of  East Pakistan, as SC leader in alliance with Muslim League and first Law Minister  in Pakistan, had to flee from  Pakistan  and died as a refugee in India.  The lot of SCs did not  improve under centuries long Moslem rule in India including Nizam was Hyderabad State.

9.  As long as  Muslim residents of India  don’t confront the  reality of their  divisiveness and  destruction of Hindus temples, and get conditioned by Madrasa instruction, so long will they blame Hindu majority for their elf-imposed backwardness  and would often indulge in our-bursts like


10. “Akbaruddin Owaisi, MLA and Leader of Opposition Telangana Legislative  Assembly boasted that, “if the police keep off for 30 mnts, all Hindus would be wiped off”.