Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Defamation Charges

Dt:  14/7/21

Defamation Charges

Dr T H Chowdary*


Sri Manickam Tagore  Congress High Command’s person in charge of Telangana Congress gave legal  notice  to  Sri Padi Kaushik Reddy, till recently Congress- man who has alleged that Sri Tagore was paid Rs.50 cr by Sri Revant Reddy to get the Presidentship of  Telangana Congress. He  claimed  Rs.  1 cr from  Kaushik Reddy as damages . This reminds me of  a similar incident in the Videsh Sanchar Nigam (VSNL).


2. Sri B K Syngal who succeeded me as Chairman and Managing Director  VSNL  was to retire in 1998.  He wanted an extension.   He was reported to have  approached a friend of Sri L  K Advani, the then  Home Minister in the  GOI  to get him an extension on promise of paying him  some huge amount. Similarly he was reported to have  approached   the husband of Smt Sushma Swaraj who was the Minister  in Vajpayee’s Cabinet, promising some huge amount if  he could manage  his extension.


3. His work in the VSNL was  unsatisfactory as he was  offending many  foreign companies  out of  arrogance. Staff too were not quite happy. Apart from  this,  I was opposed  all along my life to civil servants   seeking extension of  1 or 2 years after having put in  more than  30 hears of service.  If they could not do in 30 years  what was excellent  why and how  do they  think that they  can accomplish some great things  during the  extension period in their old age. That was the basis of my conviction  that no government  servant  should seek  and get extension.



4.   I spoke  to Sushma Swaraj about  Sri B.K. Syngal ‘s immoral ways to get his extension.  She made inquiries . She came to the conclusion  not to give  extension.  Sri Syngal came to know that his extension was in jeopardy because of my intervention. He told pressmen that I was coming in the way of his extension .  He would crush me under the feet of an element and so on. He was not  going to get the extension and therefore he gave me  legal notice demanding that I pay him Rs. 1 cr  for causing  damage to  his reputation.


5. I consulted  Sri  Parvatha Rao,  retired justice of the High Court of  AP . He gave me a wonderful suggestion. He said that,  I should write to Mr Syngal to lend me Rs.1 cr so that I can pay him. That was the reply I gave  to the lawyers notice that Syngal  served upon me.  That silenced him. If  he gave  Rs.1 cr  I would  ask   how he made one crore while being a civil servant. 


6. The duel between Kausik Reddy  and  Manickam Tagore   and Revanth Reddy  reminded me of this incident in my career.