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Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


National Universities

Dt:  13/7/21


National  Universities

Dr T H Chowdary*


With decline of  130 year old  Indian National Congress due to its proprieterisation  by Nehru-Indira-Sonia family and its  transformation into a Front for Christian, Muslim, anti-Hindu , Macaulayan and  Marxist, communist interest, regional parties  are becoming  numerous and  stronger by  pandering  to casteist; Muslim and Christian  communal demands.  These  are disintegrative  of the National State of Bharat.  Under seemingly innocuous  and seductive  phrases, like  “liberal, secular, tolerant, inclusive, progressive; social justice , federal “ these regional  parties, which are almost proprietary  and hereditary  (like Sonia Congress)  are competitively courting and appeasing Islamists, missionary Christians  and even PWG -Maoists (calling them as  misguided patriots)  who are for disintegration  of Bharat i.e  India,  the civilizational state  (like China)  into the  likes of post-Mogul  Sultans  and Princedoms  ( of Rajas, Maharajas, Nawabs). The creation of  Muslim majority  districts  (Malappuram in Kerala, Mewat in Haryana, Malerkotla in Punjab and 80 more Sachar Committee districts in the offing  is prelude to the demand for  an Association Federation of the Muslim districts, to eventually become a “Mogulistan”, a third Islamic state out of pre-1947 India.  This prospective disaster in the making  must be preempted. Historically, through out the world it is the dominant intellectual minority that   promoted  change, forms and nurtures a nation and eventually  a Nation-State.  Thus were created  the nation states of UK in 1707, USA in 1776, Germany in 1871, Italy in 1861 .


2. The present Nation-State of India ( as distinct from  cultural Bharat Varsha of Bharateeyas) is the creation of our  national movement for freedom from  British imperialist rule.  The great Sardar Vallabhai Patel integrated the  whole of remnant post-partition  India into  one single  nation-state, the Union of India, Dr B R Ambedkar, K M Munshi  and such great statesmen  wrote a Constitution which gave over-riding  powers to the  Union  government thro’ the Parliament of India  to preserve the integrity of the  nation state. 


3. The regional parties are repeatedly but wrongly ( and mischievously in the result) calling India as federal.  In the 395 Articles of  our Constitution Not even once  is there the word Federation  or Federal.  The intention of the  regional parties their proprietary -heirs  is clear -weak union and so regional party’s family rule.  That this could happen  and was incipient in the 1960s  itself  was foreseen  by the  scholar-legal luminary, statesman  fearless patriot, Kulapati K M Munshi, the  founder of the  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan  . He wrote an  illuminating  book, Warnings of History. The  Bhavan published it.   There he wrote of the  dominant intellectual  minority that should be  fostering   nationalism/ patriotism  and the instruct ability  of eh nation state .


4. The purpose of  National University(ies) should be to sculpt / from such intellectually  equipped leaders  of thought  and illiterate and speech for infusing nationalism consistent with the wisdom conveyed by :

·         Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ( The whole world is one family)

·         Aanoh bhadraaah ritavo yantu viswatah ( Let noble thoughts come from all quarters)

·         Ekamsat, viprah bahudhaa vadanti (Truth is one, the learned describe it in  many ways)

·         Sreyascha preyascha manushya

Metastam samparitya vivinakte dheerah

Sreyohi dheerohabhipreyase

Vrinite preyoh  mandoh

Yogakshemaath vrinite

(Both the good and the pleasant approach the mortal, the intelligent man examines and distinguishes them, for the intelligent man prefers the good to the pleasant. The ignorant man choses the pleasant for the  sake of his body.)


5. The students must imbibe the ideals, wisdom and  practices expounded in our  classical literature  - Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana,  Mahabharata, Bhagawata,  Artha Sastra, mathematics, astronomy and other sciences, …How krinvato viswamaryam” was implemented in Bharat; the ideas that  inspired Lokamanya Tilak, Annie Besant,  Lajpat Rai,  Madan Mohan Malavya, Subhash Chandra Bose,  Damodar Vinayak Savarkar…


6. The history of India must be taught from the  nation’s point of view and not as written by foreigners  low of invaders , plunderers, iconoclasts, foreign-origin, settler rulers  and imperialists.


7. The National University(ies) should be for history, philosophy,  literature, arts  and culture; economics, political theories  and practices, comparative religions  and comprehensive plans  for building a prosperous , powerful  intellectual and  ethical India to be a Jagadguru once again . History of science  and technology  in pre-Mogul India, causes of their  decline shall be in the course content.  These National Universities  could be four- East, South , West and North.  National Universities are the greatest need in the context  of the  activities of  dis-integrative groups  propagating federalism, autonomy and harping on  differences in religion, race, culture, caste, language and never mentioning what unites us as Bharateeyas in Bharata Varsha. ( 789 words)