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Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Are Assam, West Bengal and Kerala lost to Bharat?




Are Assam, West Bengal and Kerala lost to Bharat?

Dr T H Chowdary*


In the 1940s leading to the division of the country and creation of the  Islamic state of  Pakistan   the war cry of the  Muslim residents of India was,

ladke lenge   Pakistan

haske  lenge Hindusthan

It appears that  their second wish is on the way to be realized .   As long ago as in Dec 2000  one Prof .Samar Abbas wrote in the leftist  journal, Economic and Political Weekly  (EPW)  that India should be partitioned again to create  Mughalistan  comprising of the  western areas of Assam northern areas of  West Bengal, Bihar and UP and Punjab so that  this belt will be  third  Islamic state in the Indian  subcontinent . He wrote that the  insecurity of the Muslim residents of India  can be ended only by creating a third Islamic state which will be contiguous with  Bangladesh  in the East  and on the  West Pakistan .  The communists in India since  the party was born in 1920s have always been solicitous of the Muslims’ demand  for separate state (s) on the Stalin’s theory of the Right of Nationalities   for Self-Determination.  It is  this ideological  position of the communists  that has been facilitating the  infiltration of  Bangladeshi  Muslims  into Bengal, Assam  and now -a-days into  Kerala also.


2. Lets look at the changes of the demography. Immediately  after partition with the movement of   minorities  across the eastern borders of India that is from West Bengal into east Pakistan ( Bangladesh now)  the   Muslim population in West Bengal  was  18% . It increase 25.20% by 2001 and to 38% by 2021.  It was 28%  before  partition . By now they are  about 38%.  This huge  increase happened both by furious proliferation  (large number  of children per family)   of native Muslims and  facilitated infiltration  of   east Pakistan /Bangladeshi  Muslims into  West Bengal.  The Congress government between 1947 and 64 in West Bengal was complacent about the  infiltration. The communist rule in West Bengal for 34 years between 1967 and  2011 was  the period when  the infiltration of the  Bangladeshi  Muslims  was viewed with approval because these were constituted into   vote banks for the  communist parties.   The communists were  ousted from power by the  fire breathing  Mamata  Banerjee.  She adopted the  same means that is , violence and intimidation  to snatch power from the communists in 2011 . To increase her vote bank   she patronaged the Muslims local as well as infiltrating ones and constituted them into assured vote banks so there was competition between communists  and Trinamul Congress  for the Muslim vote. This contributed for the  proliferation of the Muslim population with a  number of  districts turning into Muslim majority even.  With 38% assured  Muslim vote the  remaining 62% are the  addressable voters by the contending parties. With the communist parties and the Congress getting decimated, the contest is between the  TMC and the BJP. The Muslim/ communists votes are going to the TMC, because of the intense hatred of these two sections of people for the BJP which is held by them to be  Hindu party.  If the BJP is to come to power  it must get 51% of the total vote. That means 51 out of 62  over 82% of the  Hindu vote. This seem to be almost impossible . In aversion to the BJP, the communists and the  Congress men   voted for  their lesser enemy the Trinamul Congress in 2021 elections.  The BJP is left with  38.13% of the votes polled . It appear that the majority of the  BJP MLAs in West Bengal are   from  the  SCs in considerable  number . Most of  these  people are  who  had fled   from   East Pakistan  /Bangladesh .   It appears that   is impossible for the BJP  to oust the Trinamul Congress, Communists, Congress combine as has happened now unless over  80% of Hindus’  vote for the BJP. Can it become  possible?


3. Assam had always been the target of the  Muslim League before 1947 to get included  in East Pakistan. In the 1940s  there was  a Muslim League Chief Minister  Sadullah in Assam . Both  his  regime and British  facilitated the infiltration of   East Bengal Muslims into Assam . That   was Sylhet  became a Muslim majority district .   While no referendum was held in Hindu majority Thar Parkar district of Sindh Province  whether    they would like  to be in Pakistan or  India, a referendum was held in Sylhet whether the people would  remain in India or go to East Pakistan. In effect it bent the betrayal of   Thar Parkar Hindus and favouring  of the Muslims in Sylhet  district. The Muslim  majority  of Sylhet voted for  to  go to  Pakistani .   Then during the congress regime in Assam  Fakhreddin Ali Ahmed  who was a Minister in Assam’s cabinet facilitated the  infiltration of  East Pakistani   Muslims into Assam.  Successive Congress governments also   turned a blind eye to this infiltration . The Muslim population in Assam swelled to  about 35% now from under 24% in 1951 . If  the BJP led government  in Assam can weed out  the illegal Muslim entrants by strict application of CAA and  NPR the illegals could be  got rid off  and Assam saved. But it is going to be a very difficult task. The  Muslims in Assam are  openly  organized  into a Islamist party   -  All India  United Democratic  Front (AIUDF) under Maulana  Badruddin Azmal.   Assam is now precariously situated as  regards  non-Muslims remaining  a majority.


4. In Kerala Hindus used to be  nearly 65% in the   early 1950s. They are now reduced to   about 52%. The Bangladeshi  Muslim infiltration  has been going on to  Kerala unobstructed by the UDF  of  Congress and Muslim League and  also   by the    LDF of the   communist parties.  The Rohingyas of Bengal  speaking Muslims  fleeing Myanmar did not  go  to Delhi and   Jammu  only but they are making their way   into Kerala also. It appears that   within a few years the  Hindu population will be less than 50%. And of them about 20% are SCs; half of  them are perhaps  already   out of  the Hindu fold by conversion but not  disclosing that fact. Therefore   the addressable  Hindu voters   constitute   30%; of them how many would be for BJP and for communist parties. Therefore even Kerala is going to be a non-Hindu majority  state. 


5. This hard  and bitter facts must make   Hindus  and nationalists of Bharat  as to how    the political parties  in India should be shaped inorder to     avoid the disaster of    three more Islamic  states of India (Assam, Bengal, Kerala )  becoming   non-Hindu majority  and    be itching for  secession .(1022 words)