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Political Dynasties and Rise and Rise of Muslim Parties


Dt:  9/3/21

Political Dynasties and Rise and Rise of

Muslim Parties


-Dr T H Chowdary*


In 1928, Motilal Nehru was the Congress President. All the Pradesh Congress Committees wanted Sardar Patel  to succeed him.  Motilal requested Gandhiji that  he should in his life time itself   see his son Jawaharlal Nehru   become the Congress President. He wanted his son to succeed him and establish himself  as a Congress leader. Gandhiji asked Sardar Patel to withdraw. Thus Nehru became the successor to his father as Congress President.

2. In 1959 the Congress High Command  decided  that  Nijalingappa should be the next Congress president. Govind Vallabh Pant sensed that Nehru wished to make his daughter  Indira Gandhi, the president . Govind Vallabh Pant told Nehru, “  Indira  has  frail health. We did not therefore  want to burden her  with the Congress Presidentship . So, we have fixed up on Nijalingappa”.  Nehru grew wild and said, “  Indira is not  in good health  because  she has not adequate work”. That was the signal to  Govind Vallabh Pant   that Nehru wanted  Indira to be the Congress president . Just as Jawaharlal  Nehru succeeded his father, Indiraji became the  Congress President by her father’s gift.

3. When Indiraji was assassinated, Rajiv Gandhi  who was anointed as General Secretary  of the Congress after the demise of the wily Sanjay Gandhi  on the flight from Calcutta to Delhi itself Rajiv mentioned to  Pranab Mukherji, the number two in the  Indira  cabinet, “I am afraid I will have to take over  Prime Ministership”.  Mukherji was dumb- founded . Rajiv got himself sworn as  the Prime Minister . His assumption of the  high office was ratified by a dutiful  Congress


parliamentary party. Pranab Mukherji was incensed. He left the Congress and started another party which lasted only for a short while  leading to Pranab Mukherji walking back to the  Congress.


4.  In 1998 Sitaram Kesari, the Nehru dynasty  loyalist and  an almost non -entity as far as public was concerned, was the  Congress president.  The chelas of the dynasty brought Sonia Gandhi into the party office and when the chair of Sitaram Kesari was vacant (he  was in the bathroom). Sonia was put in the  chair of the Congress President . Thus was Sitaram Kesari pushed out and  like her husband before, she simply grabbed the Presidentship of the Congress. Ever since the presidentship is alternating between the mother and the son. It appears that when the  mother ceases to be active and Rahul chooses  to be a non-responsible power wielder, Sonia’s position will be taken  up by her daughter, Priyanka who is already  inducted as one of the General Secretaries


5. The example  set by the Nehru  Dynasty  is now the norm among all  political parties  barring the communists and the BJP.   Every regional party  has  become the property of  a person from the dominant caste in the region and each one of them has built up his son or daughter as a successor. In Tamilnadu, Stalin succeeded Karunanidhi;  in AP Jagan Reddy of YSRCP  succeeded his father ; Chandra Babu is building up his son, Lokesh   to be his successor ; in Karnataka Deve Gouda has built up his son  Kumar Swamy as his successor; in Maharashtra Sarad Pawar has built up his   daughter Supriya Sule  as his successor; in UP Mulayam Singh is succeeded   by his  son, Akhilesh Yadav and in Bihar Lallo Prasad’s son Tejeswi has succeeded ; in West Bengal  Mamata  the sinister has her nephew as the next in command of her Trinamul Congress.


6. At the  time of partition of India and creation of Pakistan, the Muslims  of what remained as  India were the  most militant rioters and voters of the Muslim League  . While not all Muslims in  what is  now  Pakistan  or Bangla Desh  voted for the Muslim League , it was Muslims of what is now India,  who created  Pakistan . While  the Hindus and Sikhs,  minorities in Pakistan  were decimated (  from 18% to 1.5%) and  the Hindus in East Pakistan  ( Bangladesh  since 1971) are reduced from 35%  to less than 7% , the Muslims of India,  the creators of  Pakistan, did not  go to Pakistan .  Jawaharlal  Nehru and of course Mahatma Gandhi and Abul Kalam Azad  counselled and  abetted them for staying  put  in India . The  intention of Nehru and Azad was  that they could be used as  an unfailing  voting block for  Congress.


7. In the 1952 general elections to the State Legislatures and the Lok Sabha, Nehru -led Congress was in alliance with the Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) in Kerala. IUML  was the successor to the Muslim League of  Md Ali Jinnah. Inf act , the IUML  was born in Karachi with the blessings of  Jinnah . The Muslim Leaguers of  India   more than fulfilled Nehru’s’ expectations. In the 1952, 57 and 62 general elections Muslims  solidly  voted for the  Congress.  Bin the 1967 (Nehru died in 1964 and in elections,  regional parties in especially in  Uttar Pradesh and Bihar competed with the  Congress to get the Muslim votes, by promising what Muslims demanded. That was the beginning of  Muslims  become  vote banks for the regional parties and of  the communists in West Bengal. The communists in India were  staunch ideological supporters of  the two-nation theory and   supported the  Muslim Leagues’  Direct Action for the  division of India.


8. With the  patronage of the regional  parties and  the  communist parties, the Muslim  population of in India (not counting the infiltration of the  Bangla Desh and   Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar)  9.8%  in 1951 has grown to  about 16% officially and actually  to over 20% as per the claims  of their leaders. In West Bengal while the 1951  census (immediately after partition) put the Muslim population  at 18% now in the same state they are 35%  more than before partition.  In Murshidabad  they are  50% and in Malda 48%. In one third of the  districts of West Bengal,  their votes  decide the  winner. In Assam, some  districts  have become Muslim majority. Muslims   only can win  as MLAs and MPs in those areas.   Muslims boldly formed their own party, All India United Democratic Front ( AIUDF) .  Its leader Ajmal  is an MP.  Sonia Congress, in the  Nehruvian tradition  has formed alliance with AIDUF to fight the 2021 elections to Assam’s  state legislature. Several districts  in Kerala, Gujarat and Haryana are  already  Muslim majority and are  getting separate  districts  carved out, courtesy the regional party governments . Before 1947 there  were  slogans,  ladake lenge Pakistan, haske lenge Hindustan”  . The later slogan is now being realized  by  their furious population growth,  aided infiltration from across  borders,  love jihad  and    intensified appeasement of   regional parties desperate to preserve their vote bank as in West Bengal .  


9. Hindus who by and large ignored Nehru’s intentions  of keeping Muslims in India and the selfishness of the    proprietarised  regional parties  are now waking  up to the reality of “haske lenge Hindustan”. The Razakarist MIM’s successor AIMIM  is now spreading its  poisonous Islamist divisive politics  into rest of India,  particularly  into Maharashtra , Bihar , UP and Bengal. Its likes, the AIUDF in Assam  SFI in Bengal, the  Welfare Party In Kerala,  in addition  to IUML, Campus  Front of India  and the Popular Front of India are all the  likes of the  pre-independence  Muslim League, They would all act  in concert to get  maximum political support from  regional parties, communist parties  and Sonia Congress  to  frustrate the  BJP  in it s efforts to save India for Hindus.  Hindus should do well to recall and remember  Prof. Samar Abbas’s seminal  proposition published in the communist-leaning  Economic and Political Weekly  of 2-8 Dec 2000 that India should  be partitioned against to create Mughalistan, comprising of  Western districts of Assam and northern districts of Bengal, Bihar and UP as another safe homeland for Muslims. The UPA government (2004-’14) led by Sonia launched  “Muslim First” (not SC or ST) programs in 80 Sachar Committee-identified districts  across India for the  all-round  prosperity of Muslims.  We may recall that the Nawab of Bhopal attempted to forge a third State, Princesstan in India by federating the 560 plus  for their non-accession to India.  Sardar  Patel put an end to the Muslim Nawab’s  machinations.

10. The desire of Islamists and their traditional  allies, communists is to   tuckdafy ( break up) India. They are assisted by the greed  of dynasty- building politicians.  Hinds must bestir themselves to frustrate these tukdewalas. (1,395).