Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


The Christian Missionary Onslaught On Hindu Dharma and Society (in Telugu States, especially in Andhra Pradesh)




The Christian Missionary Onslaught

On Hindu Dharma and Society

(in Telugu States, especially in Andhra Pradesh)


Dr T H Chowdary*


For the past few weeks and ,  vandals had been   desecrating  Hindu temples by acts like disfiguring and  breaking idols , setting fire to temple  chariots ,  stealing bells and precious ornaments etc.  During the times of Islamic invasions and during their  rule such  things  used to happen extensively.    Conversion    or enslavement  of defeated soldiers and their  families used to  take place. 


2.  After the death at the  cross of Jesus Christ  in Jerusalem,  the successive Roman emperors    persecuted the  followers of Jesus. Saul,  who later became Paul and embraced   Christ’s   moved to Rome, the imperial capital of the  Roman Empire . For over 300 years  he and  many  persons following the faith  of Jesus  propagated what came to be  called Christianity in  all the   territories of the  Roman expire. They were desecrating and destroying  the temples  of  people whom they called pagans,  people  who were   not following either Judaism or Christianity, propagated  by  several self-proclaimed  Pastors and  Bishops and   preachers. In all the territories  where the  preachers of Christianity spread themselves to preach and convert, there were   conflicts, clashes   and even  deadly fights  between the pagans  and  the evangelists and their  militant followers .  There was general unrest  and disturbance to peace  in the empire’s territories. The Roman rulers were hard put to keep  order and peace and restrain the evangelists.


3.  By the  4th century the disturbance was so widespread and  severe that  emperor Constantine  decided  to impose a solution. He called for a  convention of  hundreds of Bishops and evangelists propagating Christianity in their own  ways and in their  interpretation of the message of Jesus Christ ( who  wanted to reform  Judaism as  edicted and implemented  by the high priests of the



Temple in Jerusalem). The convention was  in  Nicaea (modern Turkey)  in the year 325 AD . They passed resolution by vote and in a way  standardized  a few fundamental concepts  like the Trinity and a few versions of the gospel . There were of course dissidents also . These gospels  finally  were compiled as they exist now  by   Luke, John, Mathew  and Mark . In AD 384 emperor  Constantine, while on his death bed, converted to Christianity.  Before that,  he made a pact with the Christians.   According to that,  ( Pope  would be   the head of   the church and he would rule  what is right and  authentic in Christianity.  The emperor would be acclaimed as the appointee of God, ruling over the  people and promoting and   protecting  Christianity.  So,  Christianity and  imperialism of  Rome became  bed- fellows. Since then   it was the  duty of all the Christian  kings and emperors to facilitate  propagation of  Christian faith  and conversion of the conquered peoples to Christianity.  Every European empire  - British, French,  Dutch, Portuguese , Spanish,  Belgium and Italy  facilitated the propagation and evangelization and conversion of  the   people  in countries  and continents  where  they  established their imperial rule.  


4. When Islam arose  in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th  century AD and  spread by conquest and conversion all over the Middle East and north Africa, Spain  and eastern parts of Europe, there was conflict between Christianity and  Islam. What are called Crusades were wars undertaken  by   consortia of Christian rulers  of Europe  against  Islam  to take control  of the  Holy Land around Jerusalem in  Palestine which  was conquered  by Islam  in the  7th century . The crusades  went on for over 300 years.  The Christians could not  prevail over the Muslim rulers excepting for a brief period. The   conquests by  Islamic rulers  resulted   in the  wiping out of  Christianity  in the whole of  North  Africa,  Middle East and Central Asia and also in Spain.


5. Both Christianity and Islam marched to conquer and convert the rest of the world.  Christianity has not been able to make any   inroads into  countries ruled  or dominated by Islam  as such  efforts   would be  violently  put down. In Christianity there are   scores of sects like Catholic, Lutheran, 7th Day Adventists, Baptists,  Methodists, Anglicans  and so on.  All of them  are united in a common endeavor to evangelize and  convert people  of other faiths and dharma to Christianity.  There are organizations at the   global level. They raise  finances for various  christianising   missions operating in several parts of the world.   An extensive description of the global evangelizing   efforts  is given in the book, “Armies of  God by Iain Buchanan  .


6. At the turn of the  20th  century   an International Council of all  evangelical  missions noted that in the first millennium,  Europe was conquered for  Christ; in the  second millennium   America  and Australia   and New Zealand  and the Pacific and   Atlantic Island   peoples were   conquered and  converted to Christianity. So, in the third  millennium, that is from the  year  2000 onwards  Asia must be  conquered  for Jesus Christ .  China does not  allow missionaries   to propagate the faith; neither  do  Islamic  countries . Therefore  what is left  are   the Hindu and  Buddhist  countries  -  India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar,  Vietnam,  Kampuchea,  Thailand and  Laos. In all these countries  hundreds of thousands of missionaries  belonging to  various Christian countries are  operating   with finances raised from  several  countries and pumped into the targeted countries;  that is, Hindu and non-Chinese  Buddhist countries .  They made  a plan  called  “Joshua”. According to that, in India   churches must be  planted   firstly, at a  cycling  distance  that is, every  10 kmts; in the next stage, within walking distance that is every  5 kmts  and in the  3rd stage within  hearing distance;  that is,  within the  residential  and commercial  areas  themselves.   Money  has been pouring  into  India   in several  ways  circumventing the regulations   for NGOS linked with the  evangelizing missions .  Andhra Pradesh   and Tamil Nadu  are   targeted  for  early  conquest by Christianity.  In AP,  in the last  15 to 20 years over 50,000 churches had been  planted, almost all of them without  any permission  from  local bodies and    without  anybody’s knowledge   as to where from  the money has come   and how many are converted. Curiously, despite mammoth planting  of churches, the census of India records  decline in the  number of Christians and their proportion to the total  population as given in the table  below:


Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh (undivided)









Total population  mln






Christians  mln






% of Christian population







Source:  Census of India

7. The explanations for this decline is ;  if  the SCs are  converted  to Christianity   and  if that  fact goes into   government  record, they cannot  get the benefit of  reservations  meant for  Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain SCs. So, the converted are instructed not to  disclose the   fact of   conversion   but   go to the church and   imbibe the Christian  faith . The fraud  has been going on with increasing intensity and hence the continuous decline in numbers in the census.


8. As the  fight between the regional  parties  and  the national parties  intensified,  for getting votes of people and  power,  both of them have  been competing  for the  Christian and  also Muslim votes,  subverting  secularism and   funding  the construction  of churches  and providing  subsidy for   Christian  pilgrimage to Jerusalem ( also construction of Urdu Ghars, Shadi Khanas and     funding   Tablighi conversions,  Haj Houses) and subsidizing the Haj pilgrimage .


9. The churches and mosques of Christians and Muslims respectively are not  under the  management and  administration    of the    State governments .  ( AP, Telangana  Karnataka, Kerala). Only the  Hindus  temples   are   administered and managed by  the state governments  through  Endowment Departments  and also   Trust Boards   for bigger temples.  For eg:  in AP  there is an Endowment Department with a Minister  at the head.  It  controls  and administers of    all temples whose annual income is above  a certain amount, leaving   the temples with  less  finance   fund for themselves. AP also constitutes the TTD Board  which administers the  temples centered around  Tirumala and Tirupati . Financiers and party  unawarded leaders of the ruling party are appointed trustees.  Such Trust Boards and  Endowment Department ignore the  offensive activities of the  evangelists.  Encouraged  by the state subsidies to missionary activity like grants for  construction of  churches and subsidy to  pilgrimage to Jerusalem and now payment to  pastors  Christianizing  propagation goes on  . That  Christian converts  carry their caste along with them into the new religion. They are  now stridently operating in AP. The  government  has gone to the  YSRC party, the chief of  which  himself  is and his family are   practising , professing and propagating  Christians . The name of  Prabhu   popular word for  Jesus Christ, is invoked  for every  welfare   scheme and  Prabhu’s name is mentioned   for the achievements  of  the   government headed by the  Christian Chief Minister.


10. Those who had been  crypto -Christians  in and outside government are  now openly and stridently practicing and propagating Christianity and  evangelization. The  propagators   take over under the Atrocities  Act while  propagating  Christianity as  in government  records they are Hindu  SCs . When they are confronted by Hindu activists,  they register police cases under the Atrocities Act. Conversions have gone so extensively in certain areas like  East Godavari  district  that  a leading Christian  even claimed  that a  separate  Christian  majority   district should be carved out. They are   encouraged in their  demand by  the  examples of communist  government   carving out a Muslim   district,  of Malappuram in Kerala  and Congress government  carved out a Muslim majority district,  Mewat by splitting Gurgaon district in Haryana.   If Muslim majority districts can be  carved out, why cannot  Christian-majority district  be   carving  out, is the argument .


11.  Hindu society which resisted Muslimification for eight hundred years and remained Hindu including Dalits to the  extent of 75% in undivided India, and  Christianization for 190 years (since 1757) till 1947, (Christian population  2.3% and Muslim 9.9% in 1951) and was 87.9% Indic (Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and Jain) in 1951, is now reduced to less than 82% (2011) officially, but possibly 75% (if illegals from Bangladesh / Myanmar /Pakistan and crypto-Christians are  also counted).  Free India is seeing depletion of Hindus,  The reasons are :  peculiar “secularism”  propagated by Nehru Dynasty, communists, and Macaulayan (mentally  anglicized resident un-Indians/ non-Indian(RNI), “liberal”  intellectuals of Jawaharlal Nehru University)  calumniating Hinduism  as communal.


12. While Muslims increase by producing  large number of children and love-jihad; and infiltration from Bangla Desh Christians are increasing by “secular” and  regional parties  assisting the evangelists, by giving government money to construct churches, subsidizing their  pilgrimage to Jerusalem, paying pastors, turning a blind (sometimes, patronizing) to the planting of thousands of churches without permission from  local authorities and not inquiring as to sources of  many and  giving false certificates (as SCs) so that they get benefits of reservation ( for Hindu, SCs) to become MLAs, MPs get government jobs and admissions to educational institutions and  use of “Atrocities Act” to intrusively , aggressively evangelize.



13. Measurers to prevent fraudulent conversions:


13.1  Government to appoint a “Niyogi”-like commission to inquire into fraudulent conversions (planting churches, false enumeration as SCs, source  of funds, illegal church constructions, invocation of atrocities  etc.)


13.2 Governments should take a census  count of all churches to  record when built, cost of construction , source  of funds,  when and from whom the site was acquired as what cost, its area, whether the sanction of the local authority (Panchayat/ Mandal/ District) was obtained  for the sitting and construction ; in whose name is the  church & property is registered; how many are in the  baptism, register, what s the Christian population  as per the  latest  count ( census of India or otherwise) ; how many churches in the village/ town/ city and their  designation etc., property and  assets of the church; how many  employees, income and expenditure .


13.3 Study as t  how to establish fact of  conversion. By whom are the  pastors paid and sources of income of the charities


13.4 Whether any organisation(s) exists  to supervise and direct their functioning.


Whether all members in a family are converts  are there are  religious divided families; is so  any strife in the family  (Luke: CH: 12: 51 to 53).


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