Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


One More Division of India ?

 Dt:  8/12/20

                                               One More Division of  India ?     

Dr T H Chowdary*


The MIM ( Majlis Itthehadul Muslameen)  of the notorious Khasim Razvi with   Head Quarters in Darul Shifa in the old city of Hyderabad was banned after the Police Action by  the Union of India in Sept 1948.  It was revived by Abdul Wahab Owaisi  in 1958 by courtesy and patronage of the  Congress government.  Sallahuddin Owaisi the present Chief  of MIM is the son of  the late Abdul  Wahab Owaisi. The MIM first contested in the Municipal elections in Hyderabad  in 1960. Since then  in all elections to the  Hyderabad Municipal Corporation and  the State Legislative Assembly  and  the Lok Sabha, almost all seats in the Muslim majority  old city of  Hyderabad  are won continuously by the MIM. The Congress allowed  it to grow. The Congress government even  created  the separate  Quli Qutubshah Development Authority for the Muslim majority  area of  Hyderabad   ( like separate Pakistan) .  This is  one of the several measures of appeasement of Muslims in the old city of  Hyderabad for their votes and keep peace in the city.


2. The MIM ( of Hyderabad) has become the  all India  party as AIMIM  spreading  its divisive communal agenda to Maharashtra, Karnataka, Bihar, West Bengal  etc to grow into the like of  Md. Ali Jinnah’s pre-1948.  All India Muslim League.   It looks after the Rohingyas and other  Muslim  infiltrators from Bangladesh and  integrates them into  the local Muslim community by marriages  and fowl means of documentation  -      ration cards, aadhar cards, birth certificates, school records and so on.



 3. The powerful Home Ministry   in Dr Chennareddy’s Congress cabinet ( late 1970s) in the  undivided AP was held by one Md Hashim and now in Sri  K Chandrasekhara Rao cabinet ( since 2014)  by another Muslim , Md. Mohamood Ali . Some 80% of gun licenses in the  GHMC  area  are understood to be   with Muslims.  


4. A case for one more  division of India to create a Muslim majority  sovereign  (3rd ) state in the Indian sub-continent by name Mughalistan   was made  by one Prof . Samar Abbas and  published in the Marxist journal Economic and Political Weekly of  (Vol. 35, Issue No. 49, 02 Dec, 2000. 


5. In  2014  Akbaruddin Owaisi, the younger brother of  Sallahuddin Owaisi and MLA and Leader of the Opposition in the Telangana  State Legislature  said in a  speech that if the  police kept off  for 15 mnts, all Hindus  would be wiped out. Now in 2020 another  AIMIM  MLA   Mumtaz Khan  speaking in Hyderabad  on 22 Nov 2020 said that, “ if they  (MIM Muslims )wish they could bring down  the Telangana government within two  months and  that the  AIMIM knows  whom to put in power  and   whom to pull down  .  Politics  is our slave;  in our community  none is  afraid of anybody. Sri K.T.Rama Rao the working president of the  Telangana Rashtra Samiti  and Minister  is just like a parrot. He opened his eyes only the  other day”, he added . Such is the  talk of  the  AIMIM  functionaries.  This reminds us of Qasim Razvi’s  speeches before Sept 1948  when the Nizam’s Hyderabad state was liberated from MIM-directed Islamist rule by India’s Police Action by Sardar Patel and the  State was integrated with the  Indian Union. Here are  some rants of Razvi, from whom the MIM has passed to the  Oweisis.

·         Khasim Razvi  laid down in a public speech that “ to object to the  Nizam’s firman on  11/6/1947 declaring Nizam’s intention to be independent  is against loyalty.   “It is the natural right of Hyderabad to declare  independence. Paramountcy rests with the Muslims”.

·         After the rally at the  end of the weapons  week was over Razvi  ranted  : “Hyderabad is an Islamic state . The Indian Union is trying to wipe out the Muslim rule from the Deccan . Remember that there are  four and half crores of Muslims   in the Indian dominion looking to us to raise the banner of this Islamic state.

·         The time is not far off  when we have to throw our entire  weight  to maintain the integrity of this  Islamic  state. We have been ruling  the Deccan for the last 800 years. And we shall rule it  whether the Indian Union likes it or not”.

·         “When once the Indian Union makes any aggression on us,  remember the 4.5cr of Muslims  will raise the banner of revolt.

·         “I know the helplessness of our Muslim brothers  in the Indian Union. Let us  by our example of  unsurpassed heroism  , courage and vision  extend  the  much needed succour to them … they will be our 5th columnist in the union

·         A Hindu who is a kafir, a worshiper  of stone and monkey , who drinks cow ‘s urine  and eats cow dung in the name of religion  and who is  a barbarian  in every sense of the word  wants to rule us. What an ambition and what  a day dream.

·         Hyderabad will shortly  recover  the ceded districts (Rayala Seema ) and the day is not far off when the waves of the Bay of Bengal  will be washing the feet of our sovereign who will not be called  the Nizam of  Hyderabad and Bearar,  but also of the northern  Sarkars (of AP).

·         “Muslims  have always created new geography for themselves.  Very soon the boundaries of Hyderabad  will expand far beyond Delhi and the Asafia flag will flyover Delhi.  Yes , I am seeing the Nizam marching towards Delhi.

·         We are the grandsons of Mahmood Ghaznavid and sons of Babur . When determined  we shall fly   the Asaf Zahi flag on the  Red Fort.

·         My Hindu brethren ! The Muslims have ruled over you for 900  years; therefore I  have sympathy with you . If I had wished , I could have exterminated you .

Razvi had distributed arms to his followers and given orders for indiscriminate  massacre when Indian army  entered Hyderabad .


6. Not all Muslim intellectuals were Razakarists. Shoebullah Khan was  an intrepid , nationalist , journalist and editor of Imroze who was boldly and  persistently urging the  Nizam to accede  to the Indian Union. On 22 Aug 1948, he was shot dead and his hands were cut off as ordered by  Khasim Razvi.(1029 words)