Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Christian Upsurge in AP



Christian Upsurge in AP

 Dr T H Chowdary*


Government of Andhra Pradesh(GOAP) though an advertisement in the Indian Express informed the public that the following categories of persons in places of worship /prayer were given Rs. 5000 each as relief during  COVId-19 pandemic.













2.  The population of Christians and Muslims in undivided AP as per successive censuses was:

Christian Population in Andhra Pradesh (undivided)









Total population  mln






Christians  mln






% of Christian population






Source:  Census of India


3.  What is surprising is that the  Christian population as a % of total ( as well as in absolute numbers) has been continuously decreasing  decade after decade as enumerated in the  census.


4. But  demonstratively,  the number of  churches has been increasing phenomenally.  In several  villages in AP ( and in Telangana too) there are many churches of several denominations  (Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican, Baptist,, Pentecostal,  etc)  even in villages  which have recorded nil or insignificant  number of Christians in the census.  One example  village Angaluru in Gudlavalleru Mandal of Krishna district.  There are  twelve (12) churches / places of Christian  worship while no  Christian population  is recorded in census 2011.


 5. The divergence between the  increasing number  as churches  and diminishing  Christian  population suggests deliberate fraud by  evangelist missions  who seem to instruct he  converted not to disclose  their conversion to any  government record like census and caste certificate, affidavits (for eg: while contesting  for elective  posts to Panchayat, Mandal, Zilla Parishad , State Assembly  (MLA/MLC), Parliament (MP), seeking admission to educational institutions etc  to avail of  reservations  and other benefits for people of certain castes  .


6. Churches are planted under  operation  Joshua  planned and  executed by an international  Council of  Missionaries  - first within cycling distance i.e every 10 kmts; next within walking   distance i.e 5 kmts and finally within hearing  distance  ie. within residential  areas; among houses  in flats; in  housing colonies.


7. In Andhra Pradesh  the third phase is  on.  In the last two decades  over 50,000churches were thus planted. Information as to where from has the  money come; in whose name are  they registered, whether the location and plan of the church building had the obligatory  approval/sanction  of the concerned local authority, has not been  forthcoming.  Oral inquiries reveal that few have permissions; most are funded  in cash, none pay  property tax etc.; in short , these are  unauthorized, illegal structures .


8.  Construction of some churches  received grants of Rs. 3/5 lakhs from AP government’s  Christian Minority  Finance Corporation,   a patently unsecular  practice of  GOAP ( which  does not finance the construction  of temples from  its budgets)


9.  Who is a Pastor? What are his qualifications to be  a Pastor?  What education and training does he undergo, where and who gives him the certificate, to be a Pastor; who appoints him; who pays him;  how much and for what purposes?


·         What are the conditions of  his service?  Is his appointing  authority recognized by  the Government?  Why should a  Pastor, a  functionary of a religion , be paid by  a secular government?

·         The same questions  relate to Imams  and Muezzins, functionaries of Islam , another religion like Christianity , also with different sects like Sunnis, Shias, Ahmedias, Ismailis etc.


10. In contrast to Pastors, Imams and Muezzins  GOAP has authentic  information about Archakas  (and other persons) serving in temples  as these are  under management of TTD, the government administered  and the Endowment Departments.


11.  As the GOAP does not manage or administer churches and mosques , w hat instrument  has it  to ascertain the bonafides of applicants as  Pastors  and Imams and Muezzins  and their certifiers? Has GOAP registered their  certifier bodies  and what verification ha sit done, on what  criteria for holding their certificates as qualifying for government payment     -      these must be made public.


12. Most importantly , did Archakas receive this gift from the  tax/debt revenues of the GOAP like Pastors , Imams and Muezzins  or from the funds of TTD and the  Endowment Department?


·         If the Archakas were paid from TTD/  Endowment Dept ie. Hindu devotees money and the  Pastors, Imams and Muezzins from government  ( tax and loan receipts and GOI grants); it is discrimination against Hindus; a type of zezia levied by some  Muslim rulers on non-converting  (to Islam) Hindus. 


13. An honest, transparent and  secular government  should


·          Investigate  the divergence between declining Christian  population and  furiously  proliferating churches; sources and amounts of funds and existence of  prescribed  approvals for church buildings

·         Let the public  know answers to the questions raised regarding  the criteria  for pastors, Imams and  Muezzins to receive  gift of  money  from the state

·         Treat all religions  their places of worship and their ecclesiastical persons in  uniform manner.


14. We must take note of the alarming findings of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights( NCPCR) that Shelter Homes  surveyed run by  NGOs in Andhra Pradesh  housed 6202 children, received Rs. 409.52 cr  in 2018-19 from foreign sources, working out to Rs.  6.6 lakhs per child  sheltered  per year and that  this is the highest in the states surveyed.  Almost all these  Shelter Homes are run  by Christian Missions directly or their  surrogates.


15.   A spend of Rs. 6.6 lakhs per year per child is a  princely sum  and is obviously  not needed. Huge amount appears to be diverted  for missionary  activity like gifts to gain the indigent for Christ, planting of churches  (project Joshua) and organizing  “Assemblies” .


16. GOAP has also been funding  the construction of hundreds of churches,  funneling the  amount through AP State Christian Minority  Finance  Corporation established  during the  Christian Chief Ministership (2004-‘09) of the late Dr Y S Rajasekhara Reddy.  His successor Sri Chandra Babu Naidu(2014-’19) enhanced government’s contribution for church construction  from Rs. 3 lakhs to Rs. 5 lakhs and subsidy for Christians ‘ pilgrimage  to Jerusalem from Rs.  25,000 during YSR’s regime to Rs. 50,000and just before 2019 Assembly elections to Rs. 75,000 . These are give- aways to Christians  while Hindus  have to buy Rs. 300/- tickets to have Balaji’s darshan. 


17. The present  government of AP is seem to be verily of Prabhu (Yesu) as proclaimed  by the Chief Minister’s activist mother and  brother-in-law  ( a Pastor). Evangelists  in AP claim that Christians are 25% of AP (  that  is why there are  nearly as  many Pastors  as Hindu Archakas). Hindu temples are  being increasingly desecrated  and idols are  vandalized freely; police explain  these acts as  those of mentally  deranged where is the  fact is these are acts of militant evangelist groups .


18.  The general belief that AP is having a Christianizing government is gaining further credibility by the government’ resolve to replace Telugu as medium of instruction in Anganwadis and  government schools form KG onwards and choice of  25 December 020 as the day when lakhs of government-built houses for the  poor will be registered for a fee of one rupee, all by grace of Prabhu (Jesus Christ).   AP is going to witness Christian-Hindu riots , as I predicted in  an article in 2008. ( 1,142 words)