Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Memo to His Excellency, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh


Dt:  26/5/20


Memo to His Excellency, the Governor of Andhra Pradesh




His Excellency Sri Biswabhusan Harichandan

Governor of Andhra Pradesh

Raj Bhavan

Vijayawada Rd, Buckinghampeta,


Andhra Pradesh 520002




Sub: Government of AP –Payment of salaries to priests of certain religions  Subversion of constitutionally obligated secularism.


Beginning in the time of the undivided state of Andhra Pradesh and now continuing in Telangana and in an enhanced form in the post-2014 AP, the tax and debt revenues of the  governments  are being used for  support and promotion of Islam and Christianity while not spending a single rupee of the government for  support, promotion and defence of Hinduism, which is under subversion by  programs of conversion undertaken by  Christian and Islamic missions. In this  petition we are  bringing to your kind notice some  measures in support of this submission . Here are these:


2. Government of AP in its GORT No: 38 dt 20-5-20 (copy sent herewith)  is proceeding to pay 29,841 Pastors, 7000 Imams & Muezzins and 31,017 Archakas, a total sum of Rs. 33, 92, 90,000/ as one time scale of assistance from government describing the pays as “ religious service renderers”.


3. a) The Christian population in the undivided AP has been declining both in absolute numbers and as a proportion of the total   population in census after census as given in the table below.



Decade ending






Christian population






% of Christian population








3 b) An overwhelming majority of MLAs, MLCs  and PMs; members of Zilla  and Mandal Parishad and Panchayats elected from  constituencies reserved for Hindu SCs are in fact converts to Christianity.  They managed to get false caste certificates as SCs . This must be investigated to establish truth.


3 e) That there are 29,841 Pastors in AP alone for a Christian population  of 1.34 mln in the  combined state of AP as per census 2011 (see para 3(a) , while there are only 31,017 Archakas for about 45 mln Hindus in 2020 in AP shows  the magnitude of fraud  - the converted  not disclosing the fact of conversion for government records ( we pray to Jesus Christ and Yahweh to pardon the sin of the  fraudsters and request the government to prosecute them)



3 b) However, it is seen that in village after village churches of several denominations have come up. In the last 20 years;  it appears that not less than 50,000 churches and Christian prayer halls in the nature of churches had been  planted  . The  overwhelming majority of them are in what is now AP. Several denominations of Christians  have planted their   churches in the same  village. For example:  in  village Angaluru, in Gudlavalleru Mandal in Krishna   district while the  2011 census  shows no Christians in the village, there are 12 churches of different denominations.  These churches are understood to have  been planted under the international  missionary plan  going by the name  Project Joshua of planting churches first within every10 kmts  that is, cycling distance in the targeted territory; next  within 5 kmts that is within walking distance an finally within  hearing  distance that is, among the residences of  people themselves in a village or town.


3 c) It appears that the converted  mostly SCs are being instructed  not to disclose the  fact of conversion in the census or  in any record of any government or educational institution. As this instruction became more and more widespread and intensive,  the Christian  population  enumerated  has been diminishing in numbers. The  converted go to the churches  they retain Hindu/ Indian language names . They  manage to get SC caste certificate to avail of reservations and other  benefits that the Indian state gives to SC people ( and to ST). This fraud has resulted  in the diminishing  population of  Christians as recorded in the census .


3 d) Inquiries  reveal that almost all the  churches  planted in the  villages  have no approval from the designated organs of   government which have to give approval for any construction. It is also not known how much  and where from the money has come. So most of these churches or  Christian prayer halls of different denomination are all illegal   structures which according to laws are to  be demolished. Persons or  bodies in whose name  they are  standing are to be prosecuted for illegal  construction .


4. Governments of Telangana & AP have been giving a gift of Rs. 3 lakhs for the construction of churches . It is  raised to Rs. 5 lakhs by the Government of AP after 2014. Hundreds  of churches  have been thus helped to be constructed  from the  funds of the   governments. 


5. Imams and muezzins are  paid  monthly salaries ; and now in AP  Pastors  also are paid  monthly salaries .  The GOAP donated Rs. 10 cr to the   Tablighi conference in Kurnool in December 2018.  The Chief Minister laid the  foundation for a government funded 8-storeyed Haj House in Vijayawada.


6. According to the   Constitution of India, we are a secular state. The governments of the Union of India  and  States are not  to promote  any religion by use of  state funds. However,  in the two Telugu states for the last few years  Christians  are given a subsidy for their pilgrimage to  Jerusalem.  This is Rs. 25,000 per person in  Telangana and it has been enhanced from Rs. 25,000 to s. 50,000and just before the elections in 2019, to Rs. 75,000 !


7.  While  the functionaries of Islam and Christianity  are thus being  given funds of the states  for the preservation and   promotion of their religions ,  GOAP  does not spend any of its money on Hindus’ temples  Archakas and  other functionaries in the  temples  under  management and administration  of GOAP through  its Endowment  Department and TTD Trust Board are paid from contributions of Hindus to their temples.


8. It is therefore clear that the secular character of the  state is subverted  by :


a)  spending govt money for the preservation and promotion of  Christianity  and Islam


b) not spending any  government amount for similar purposes of the Hindu dharma. This amounts to discrimination against the Hindu dharma and favour to Christianity and Islam . What is worse;  while the churches and mosques  are left to be managed by  bodies of the people professing those  religions, the places  of worship of Hindus  namely temples alone  are  under the  management and administration of government . In these bodies that is, the Endowment  Department and in the  Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD)  Board , many persons  who are not Hindus are employed ; some openly that is, if their religion  is known to be  other than Hindu and some fraudulently by submission of  false certificate  as SCs.


c) The monies of the  government are  funneled into  the construction  of churches,  Urdu Ghars, Shadi Khanas,  mosques,  Haj Houses,  payments to  Imams and muezzins and the Pastors are  done sometimes through   the allocation made in Budgets to Minority Welfare Department , to the  State Christian Minority Finance Corporations , to the State Minority (Muslim) Finance Corporation  and sometimes the Wakf Board . These are some dubious ways in which  the minority religions are helped by the secular state in contraversion of the Constitution which requires the governments to be secular – that is  not help and promote some  religions and control and  disadvantage  some other religion/faith. The injustice and adverse discrimination  meted out to Hindu Dharma; the favours shown to Islam and Christianity are subversive of the secular (ideal) of  government . The government of  AP  has already been paying since several years. Imams and Muezzins from the revenues of the government .  That is support to Islam. The archakas in temples are paid by the TTD and Endowment Department from the funds they et, in the form of Hindu devotees’ offerings  to the temples; in other words Achakas are paid by Hindu devotees.


d) Imams and Muezzins of Islam and Pastors of Christianity are paid from taxes and  loans - raised funds of the government budget. The TTD and Endowment Dept officers and staff including Archakas are  paid from monies Hindu devotees offered to their  temples. This is   discrimination against  Hindus and favour to the proselytizing Christians and Muslims.


 e) There is already provision in the budget 2020-‘21of the Government of AP  for monthly payment to Pastors .  A PIL against this unsecular actions of the GOAP is pending in the High Court of AP.


9. There appears to be undeclared  but prompted support from certain organs of  government to promote Christian interests and  discriminate against people of  Hindu dharma. The situation is becoming more and more acute leading to disquiet among the people of the majority community and an atmosphere of strife  is arising .



10. We therefore request the His Excellency, Governor  of AP  to cause the  following :


a)      Stop payment of   government funds  either as gifts or as salaries  or by  other name to Pastors Imams and muezzins

b)      Not give any subsidies for Christians’  pilgrimages  to the Holy Land or construction of  churches, Urdu  Ghars, Shadi Khanas and mosques

c)      Enumerate / take a census of  churches, mosques  and  Christian prayer halls as well as  temples in the entire  state and find out  as to which of them are  constructed with permission, /without permission  where from the  money has come  and who  are the owners of them and what is the income of each and everyone of them and take steps to demolish the unauthorized churches, mosques, prayer halls and temples .

d)     Take steps  to  disengage the government from administration and  management of  Hindus  temples  just as   it is not engaged in similar function in respect of churches and mosques.

e)      Do justice and end  adverse discrimination  meted out to Hindu Dharma; end  favours shown to Islam and Christianity  .



Yours Sincerely,





Sri I Y R Krishna Rao , IAS (Retd)

Former Chief Secretary, GOAP

M: 9494369595



Sri Aravinda Rao, IPS (Retd)

Former DG Police, GOAP ( undivided)

M: 9441552555



Dr T H Chowdary

Former Dy Dir General,  DOT &

Chairman & Managing Director of VSNL

I.T Advisor, GOAP




Sri Sudheesh Rambhotla

 M: 9849028222



Copy to:

1) Hon’ble Chief Justice of High Court of AP

2) Hon’ble Chief Minister,  GOAP