Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Moral Turpitude to Public Life



 Dt:  27/12/18


Moral Turpitude to Public Life


Dr T H Chowdary*


Sri Naidu used to declare that his government is committed to SMART – Simple  Moral  Accountable Responsive & Transparent in its working .  He used to talk about ethical  government, responsive to people and free of corruption .  But  come to year 2014 and weight his actions in the light of SMART.  Here are most immoral acts, spending  public money for self as well as squandering.


·         His own private house in Jubilee Hills is declared as the Camp Residence of the C.M of A.P!  This is just like say, Mamata  Banerjee, C.M of West Bengal having a camp residence in Bhuvaneswar !  All the expenses on security  and maintenance , electricity and telephones etc., are all paid by the  Government of Andhra Pradesh

·         When his former house was broken up  to construct the new present house, during the  period of  construction, a private house was hired at a huge  monthly rent.  It was  equipped for security and other essentials for the residence and office of the CM  while on camp. He could have stayed in the Lake Vies  Guest House.  The fact is that his family was (and is) staying the C.M’s camp residence  then and now. That is another misuse of public money for self.

·         The Lake View Guest House in Hyderabad was allotted to A.P as Hyderabad was to serve as the joint capital of A.P and Telangana for 10 years.  This is vacant and is  hardly used but the expenditure on its maintenance  and security arrangements are  incurred by GOAP.

·         In Delhi, the  CM of AP was allotted a Bunglow on Janpath Road, Rs.  Cr were reported to have been spent upon its one-time fitment to the Chief Minister’s stay while in Delhi.

·         In 2014-15, in the common Secretariat in Hyderabad the A.P C.Ms rooms did incur an expense of between Rs. 5 to 10 cr re-orienting and refurnishing them.

·         60% of the accommodation in the combined A.P Secretariat  in Hyderabad is still in the possession of A.P with all rooms locked up . The C.M AP and the Secretariat  had moved to Guntur- Vijayawada – Mangalagiri  are in A.P. Precious  accommodation in Hyderabad is thus locked  up without being used by  anybody.


2.  Sri Naidu did not give any explanation as to why while the capital could be  in Hyderabad  for 10 years, himself and the Secretariat of A.P and the Commissionerate etc, had all been moved to Guntur-Vijayawada -Amaravati region within 3 years.


In the 10 year period allowed, the buildings required for the ministries,  Commissionerate and directorates and the  Secretariat could have been gradually built up in the new capital city Amaravati.


While the Sivaramakrishnan Committee for selectin  the location for the capital of  A.P recommended Dona Konda area (Kurnool Dist) , which is all government  property, Sri  Naidu decided on the green field agricultural ra in Guntur district  .  What is acquired is not small  but more than 30,000 acres of agricultural land


When new states of Gujarat, Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand were created, none of  their capital extended over 30,000 acres.  No new state received thousands of crores of rupees for capital construction.  The Chief Minister is estimating the cost of constructing the capital to be between Rs. 40,000 crores and one lakh crores for the capital city  and is demanding that all that money  should come from the Center !


People know that development of a city,  its business houses, residences for  citizens and shopping complexes are not built by the government but by the  pubic themselves over a period of time.


A dream city of Sri Naidu’s imagination was never built anywhere in the world, within 5 to 10 years.



The Center should pour money to build up his (Naidu’s) glory and to  under-write his  electoral victories and his and  his dynasty’s  (His son is an MLC and cabinet minister, his brother-in-law and Sambadhi is MLA)


3. Personal aggrandisement:  A number of welfare measures as well as some development programs are named after himself as Chandranna Kanukalu (gifts) .  No Prime Minister , nt even Indira Gandhi, ever named any welfare measure after his/her own name.


Various kanukalu on the occasion of marriage, pregnancy, festivals  are all named  after Sri Chandrababu himself.


4. Bribing Muslims & Christians: A big conclave of Muslims was got with the slogans : Nara hamara TDP hamara”.  Nara is the intiperu ( special to Telugu, illustrious persons are commonly referred  to by their intiperu like nara varu, kodali varu etc ).  Nara also means slogan.   One can see that  the convention was facilitated at government expense and the  Chief Minister told Muslims that his  government would bring in a special law to prevent atrocities (!) against Muslims (by Hindus).


Many reformers were born in Bharat who among others, campaigned for abolition of caste.  Dr B r Ambedkar’s life long campaign was for annihilation of caste.  Naidu’s Chie Ministership pf AP, since 2014 is seeing the “permanentification” of caste.  He  has created state owned welfare corporations for several castes – Kapu, Brahmins, Vysyas…  there is strife among these caste associations saying that  justice is not  done to their  caste in proportion to its (self-claimed) population. If the population  of different castes  claimed by their associations is to be taken to be true the population of A.P is 9 crs and not 5 crs as it is according to the census.