Memoranda for Submission to the Chief Ministers of the Two Telugu States.


Matter for Man Ki Baat



Matter for Man Ki Baat


Dr T H Chowdary*




In the spirit of  Jan Ki Baat, I am submitting the following points  for  eliciting your opinion announcing your conviction and commitment to  action in  right  time.


1)      Population: India cannot afford limitless growth in population. This growth is   adding about 15mln people per year that many mouths to be fed and housed to the existing 135 crores. The question is  with increasing population will it be mouths to  feed and bodies to house  or so many brains that  will create  wealth out of natural resources through education and health .


 The fact is, the growth in the population is in the welfare consumers namely,  our SC, ST  and  Muslim   sections of the population. The  so called FCs were earlier content  with  two children but now with only one child. They  are giving  them the best education  at unaffordable costs even and exporting them to America .


 The Article -51A of the Constitution  may be amended to make two -child norm as the fundamental  duty of  the every family. Any  parents having the third child should be  disqualified from every type  of welfare including reservations and  even  voting. This maybe propagated first; made a national issue  followed by amendment  to the Constitution and enforcement of it later like the Right to  Education Act,   not limiting it to the Directive Principles.


2)      National River Grid: The dispute over the waters of Krishna is  leading to the break- up of   bon homie between K Chandra Sekhar Rao, the Chief Minister  of Telangana and Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Chief Minister of AP.


There is dispute on interstate revers not only in the Telugu  states but between several  other states. We must amend the Constitution and make law  that all  inter- state rivers  are the  property of the nation and not that of any state in which it flows for some length . There must be a National  Water Grid just like National  Telecom Grid,  National Electrical  Grid,  National High Ways. They Union government should construct  dams and  the  reservoirs and   from them,  distribute water  through national canals to  state  reservoirs and the states should construct state  canals and distribute the water to  districts  and so on. Appropriate legislation to make the inter-state rivers, the asset of the  Union government   and the Union government  to have the responsibility to distribute the water in  equitable  quantities to different  states must be enacted.


3)      Dis-engage governments from Temples: Hindus are  adversely discriminated in this country. Their places of  worship, namely temples  and their assets  (which were bestowed  to them by great rulers of this country, are now  managed and administered by  several state governments. Parties in power are using them for patronage, power and pelf, caring little to strengthen Hindu  polity to withstand and repulse the war Hinduism  by the tolerant, exclusivist religions.


4)      The churches of  Christians  and mosques of   Muslims  and the  Gurudwaras of Sikhs are left to be  managed and administered by bodies of people of the respective religions.


Even the  BJP governments ( eg: in Karnataka) are exploiting temples for political advantage.  Union government should intervene to disengage all state governments  from the  administration  and management of temples  for which purpose  the Union government may issue  a directive or legislative in this regard .


Let the  State governments  first publish their intention to disengage and  invite   suggestions from Hindus, individually  and  through their societies. State governments can even constitute  a committee to suggest how  to disengage and bring about orderly transfer and  civilized  administration of   temples by  the societies of devotees of  Hindu gods and goddesses.


5)      Sectarian Universities:  Alighar Muslim University, Jamia Millia, Maulana Azad National Urdu University ( MANUU) and such  sectarian universities  although funded  by the Union government  are   having  Muslims only as  Vice Chancellors . While  the secular  universities  like Osmania University in Telangana and Andhra University in Andhra Pradesh have been having Muslims and Christians  having  Muslims as  Vice Chancellors.

That  Urdu is nor a religious language but  Islamists are trying to make it into the religious  language of all the Muslims in India and thereby  exacerbate  divisionism among  our citizens. One measure is to appoint preferably Urdu -knowing  eminent Hindus as the Vice Chancellors of these  universities. 


Enough damage has been done  to the culture and heritage of the country which is essentially dharmic (sanatan dharma , Hindu …) by the  pseudo seculars  profession and activities of the rulers especially from the  Nehru Dynasty and now competed by the cattiest  regional parties. It is therefore essential  that none of our  Universities  should  become sectarian and this  is the fest step should be to appoint Hindus also as Vice Chancellors of  MANUU,  AMU, Jamia Millia such  in states like Telangana  & Andhra Pradesh there are  minority Gurukulas that is ,  residential schools for Muslims. In this schools Vandemataram is prohibited . 


6)      Finish the Civil War: The Naxalites,  Peoples War Guerilla armies abetted by their above-ground civil formations in   universities and professions  have been waging the endless civil war, since the late 1970s, the longest in any country’s history. In the world. We cannot understand why the Union government will not, perhaps cannot end  the jihadi battles  in Kashmir, as it may mean all out war with China- abetted and even collaborated  Pakistan.  But cannot the world’s third largest Armed force of India win over the PWG?


Please end this civil war with a resounding triumphs for the Bharatiya state. Stop sacrificing.